Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Lazy and productive in the same day!

I am up trying to think of layouts for my circle journals that I have! I have been looking for quotes on the internet about dating, life, love, etc. for the circle journal "Desperate Housewives". I had to put a few of the quotes here!

There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music & cats -- Albert Schweitzer

I love my past. I love my present. I'm not ashamed of what I've had and I'm not sad because I have it no longer -- Colette

A woman of 35 thinks of having children. A man of 35 thinks of dating children. -- Murphy's Law of Sex

Anyway, I hope I get these CJ's figured out! I am at a lose of what to do for my layout's. I have some ideas in my head but nothing set in stone yet. I guess I will keep thinking of it and hopefully when I am off from work this weekend I can put them to paper! :-)

Onto my lazy and productive day! I woke up this morning to my cell phone ringing at 0830 and it was the lawn service I had called last week to give me an estimate on mowing my lawn. He told me he would be there mid-morning so that seemed early to me but he gave me a quote and I had him to go ahead and mow my lawn. I know have lawn service! I am excited about that as I have a hard time mowing with my allergies and my schedule. I hope that this doesn't get to expensive and I can afford it all summer.

The lazy part of my day was that I decided to take a nap at 10 am. It was only supposed to be for one hour and it turned into 4 hours!!! I woke up at 2 pm and took a shower. I ended up at the Mudhouse to sit in peace with a drink and learn photoshop elements. I also got to have a new drink that they have - a frozen mint chocolate chip latte and I am in love! It tasted just like a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream! YUM!!!!!! Then I went to get my allergy shots and then decided to go to Lowe's.

Here is the productive part of the day. I bought me more plants for my garden. I got me okra and cucumber plants. I had to call my dad to consult on if cucumber would work in my garden. He told me I would need another cage like my tomatoes have and I could only plant one as it gets big. I also bought me some impatients for my planter in the front yard. I got light pink and hot pink impatients and then mixed them up to have a variance of color. I also got grass seed and filler grass seed for my front yard. I have been wanting to do this for over a year and finally getting to it! I spent my evening getting all this planted and spreading grass seed. I just hope that my grass seed grows!! I need to make sure to water it at least twice a day and hope I don't slack on this!

My next project is to get my new flower bed in my backyard together. It has loose brick that I want to take out and put down some decortive type rock. I want to plant hollyhocks there. My dad told me that I might not get enough sun in that spot but I could try it to see if they would grow. Lowe's didn't have any hollyhocks so I think I need to do an online search to find them.

The rest of the evening I have been doing laundry and trying to figure out what to do for my CJ's that I have! I have also been working on some cleaning. I have a bad habit of reading the newspaper and various magazines in bed at night and then laying them on the floor when I am done and not picking it up. I have been working on recycling the newspapers tonight! It is funny to see the date on them to see how long it has been there.

I realized today that I only have about one week left till school starts back up. I am only taking one class and it is Introduction to Music so I hope it isn't to hard and that I can have time to do fun summer things!

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ti said...

good luck with your garden projects... i get the plants with good intentions but they don't always make it to the yard... sigh}
loved the quotes.