Saturday, May 06, 2006


I got my Pathophysiology test results today and I got a "B"!!!!!!! This is the best test yet!!!! I couldn't believe it! FINALLY all this studying has paid off! All I have left is my case study and then my final which is open book and open note! We do have a two hour time limit but I plan to read through all my notes and get them organized. Our teacher told us she is going to make the test in chronological order so it would be easier to look things up! I am optimistic that I am going to pass this class and but it behind me!!! YEAH!!!! I am going to treat myself to the Wacom pen tablet when I get the official word that I have passed this class! I deserve it!

Tonight my sister and I went to the artwalk and it was quite busy downtown as it was Cinco de Mayo. It has been quite rainy here lately and it was a little cool outside but not that bad. It did start to sprinkle a little but never did really rain to were you didn't want to walk around. This weekend is the artfest and we are hoping to go to that but rain is in the forecast so we are going to have to play it by ear on which day to go!!! I am going to have a fun weekend!

I had better get to bed if I plan to do anything tomorrow! :-)

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JanTGrits said...

Hey Nanner, you awesome nurse! Congrats on passing the test for pathophysiology! See you soon!