Wednesday, December 24, 2008

No sleep . . . . .

Family can be so inconsiderate at times. I have always had them not call me when something is going on as they are afraid to wake me. Today, they weren't afraid to wake me!!! I lost it when they came over to my house and started tapping on my window!!!!

On Christmas Eve, we always have gotten together at my Grandma's. I seem to have to work which I do again this year. I really wanted Dec. 23 off but didn't get it so I could at least spend the afternoon at my Grandma's and then go to work. It wasn't going to happen that way this year as my family was getting together at noon. We had drew names this year and I had my cousin's name. I wasn't able to deliver the gift but just thought I would mail it. No big deal to me but my family thought they needed it . . . . . . so here are the events leading up to no sleep!

I worked all night last night and got off about 0715. I came home and let the pup play and got ready for bed. I also needed to give Chloe her meds but she was hiding. In the meantime, I finally got lights on my tree. Then she finally resurfaced and I could give her antibiotics and head to bed. By this time it was 1030. Way past my bedtime for having to return to work that night!!

Then around noon I was sleeping and the phone rang. I hadn't been alseep that long and didn't realize it was the phone, just an annoying ring!! It stopped. I got up and put my phone upstairs so I couldn't hear it anymore. I had a message but went back to bed not listening to it. About an hour later, I had barely fallen asleep and my doorbell is ringing. I wasn't going to answer it since I was trying to sleep. Then there was tapping on my window!!! I lost it . . . . I opened the door and it was my sister and just went off on how I have to work again that night and that I didn't appreciate being woke up like this. She was coming over to pick up the gift for the person's name I had. I hadn't wrapped it yet since I wasn't going to be able to make it to the gathering. It really made me mad that no one could have talked to me about picking up the gift before hand. I had talked to my Mom a few times the night before and no mention of trying to pick up the gift. They wait till I am asleep and decide to call and then stop by my house.

In the process of all this, the puppy was awake and wanted out of her crate.

I have had 1 1/2 hours of sleep and have to get up in one hour and 10 minutes to get ready for work. This is going to be a long 12 hour shift tonight!


Sunday, December 21, 2008

It isn't nice to steal things that aren't yours!!

I have a rude awaking today. It is Sunday and my bank is calling me to verify a charge on my debit card. It was for a large amount through a paypal account. Someone was using my debit card number in a paypal account to make purchases. I was lucky that my bank caught all this before it went through. Everything has been cancelled now. I just wish people wouldn't be mean and do things like this. This had happened to my sister a while back with her credit card. She was lucky also as her bank caught it before they went through. I hope they are able to trace who did this and get them.

Anyways, I am at the Mudhouse and a back door is open when we are having negative wind chills which is making it FREEZING in here!!! They are closing early today so they can have there annual Christmas party. I wish we could close the hospital to have a Christmas party with everyone! That will never happen! :-)

I took my furbabies to see santa at Petsmart this afternoon. It isn't easy to get 3 cats and 1 puppy loaded up and into the pet store! I did it! I got two pictures done this year. One with the cats and one with my pup. I would love to have them all together but didn't think that would work out very well. I saved santa from getting smacked by a cat!


Phoebe enjoyed santa! She instantly gave santa lots of puppy kisses! It took her a while to get calmed down to finally get the pic we got. Then she was finally sitting on santa's lap when they were printing the picture I choose!

After her picture, I took her to the grooming department and had her nails trimmed. I really didn't think she would let them but was going to try. The last time she had her nails trimmed, she acted up quite badly! I was surprised that when I got back to the grooming department after paying for the nail trim, she was done! Her nails are so much better! I need to get me the pedipaw system to learn to do this myself to help save money.


The cats weren't to thrilled about this experience. Chloe is on santa's lap and was just being calm. Pandora (the blonde kitty) was doing pretty good but could tell she wasn't to sure about this. Felix is always the one to act up which he did good but was making these low meow's to let us know he wasn't happy! He kept slipping out of santa's arm and I would have to reposition him. We finally got a pic with all of them looking! That was a task!


Friday, December 05, 2008

I am in love with the art of photography!

I have really been enjoying my photography classes that I have taken so far. I am sad that next week is my last portrait photography class. I have learned so much and looking forward to taking intermediate photography and then the lighting class to learn even more!

I have also started reading Popular Photography & Shutterbug to pick up on other tips. I picked up a Digital PhotoPro magazine today as it was the masters special of great photographers. I have also been saving lots of photographers blogs to watch and learn what they are doing in poses and composition. I got some fun ideas today in class watching a video of a photographer doing a senior portrait session. I wrote down some ideas and want to take my nieces on a photo shoot now! I just wish the weather was warmer. I can't wait for Spring!

After tonights class, I came home and started to google ways to make your own lights. I ended finding not only that but how to make a ghetto photography studio from things you would find at the hardware store. I even added some of this to my Christmas list and looking forward to making my own affordable photography studio. I even have a perfect spot in my living room to set this up. WOOHOO!!!

I learned recently about bokeh. I have the perfect lens to make bokeh and learned something tonight on how be more creative with this. I have a great idea on the use of Bokeh and my puppy! I need to get all my Christmas stuff out and I can give this a try.

Diana Memorial Fountain

Today before class, I finally took time to merge three photos I took of the Diana Memorial Fountain in London, England. It turned out pretty good. I thought one part was to dark but my instructor told me that it actually matched the trees and didn't notice it till I pointed it out. Yeah!! I am glad that I thought about doing this while I was there!! I had found panorama photo paper for $3 at an office supply store just recently! I hope to print out some of my Eiffel Tower photos as panorama's! If you click on the photo, it will take you to my flickr photostream and you can see this pic in panorama. I made the photo fit my post and it is squished now!

I am going to finish watching Grey's Anatomy and then head to bed.


Monday, December 01, 2008

Tagged . . . . .

I have been tagged by a couple of people for the same thing. I am going to be a rebel and just link to something a did a couple of years ago! Instead of 6 interesting facts about me you will get 100!!!!

100 things about me