Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Photography fun!

I have a very short time here on the computer. I am enjoying after my photography class to hang out at the library to use the internet without having to worry about what my puppy is doing!! She is quite adorable put she gets in lots of trouble!!! The library was a little full today and I only get 22 minutes which I actually am down to 11 minutes!

I think I need to start blogging some of my photos and what I am learning in my photography class. I want to be able to look back at documentation of the pics plus what I learned from those pics. I will have to start that tonight!!!

Class was lots of fun tonight and we had a different instructor just for tonight. He is the guy who used to teach this class. Our instructor had a death in the family and had to miss. The last two classes we have went outside and today I feel like I understand some things a little better.

I am also excited as a that I am getting a wireless remote for my camera!!! I was told by the photography store here that it would be around $500 for my camera. At that point, I just stopped looking. I didn't see I needed it for $500. Sooo, the other day on the SJ MB I enjoy, I had mentioned that I wanted a wireless remote. One girl knew how I could get one off ebay for about $30!! I will hopefully have it in a couple of weeks!!

I only have 5 minutes and will have to start a new post once I get home and upload my photos!


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Photography overload

I had a good first day back to work, busy, but good. I got to work and I was told that a patient asked who was working and ask if she could have me as her nurse. That made me feel good!! She was excited to see me when I went into her room. :-) She has been on our floor a few times and remembered me from when I had her last. She told me that I knew what I was doing and she felt confident when I was her nurse.

I still am not really like e-mar. It just feel like it takes too much time to pass meds. I need to start organizing myself differently. That all depends on how the night starts out. Last night I had a new admit and finishing up chemo on a patient. I need to try to start making sure I have all my meds for the evening and get everything in order so my med pass will hopefully go easier. Last night I was just to busy to try this so I hope the next time I work, it will be calmer and I can do that!!

I am at the public library using the computer and they are getting ready to close. I have been enjoying hanging out using the internet at the library. I have a hard time concentrating at home when I am watching my new pup and keeping her out of trouble!! I have three minutes so I will have to finish this up at home!


Monday, June 16, 2008

No more vacation. :-(

I have to return back to work tonight. I never look forward to going back after being off for a while!! I have had a fun time being off from work but could have done without all the rain!!


I have been taking a few pics this week for my photography class. Last night as I was loading all of them and looking at the metadata that was loaded, I noticed something. I forgot that I had my white balance set to fluorescent lighting!! That might be why the pics I took under manual mode outside looks a little funny in color! Oops!!! I have set it back to auto white balance. I need to take a few pics with the right white balance to see the difference.

Phoebe and I had out puppy class again on Sunday. This week I feel like she has made some progress!! The pet trainer was helping me in getting Phoebe to lie down. Her tips really help me! I finally was able to get Phoebe to lay down for me. Then tonight I tried it at home and she has done it quite a few times for me. She kept wagging her little tail after she would lie down and get her treat!! I am also trying to work with her on loose leash walking which is a challenge. I am able to get her to sit and stay. She will also come to me when I call for her! I am proud of my little girl! :-) I just keep working with her a little bit everyday so hopefully by next week she will be doing everything without any hesitation!

Phoebe gets so excited when she sees people!!! Petsmart is doing construction and I guess they are making it bigger? I am not really sure what they are doing. One of the construction workers was walking near the training area and wanted to see Phoebe. He said that she needed some puppy Ritalin! He He!!!! I have been trying to get her to stay calm when she sees people but I haven't been able to accomplish that yet.

It is getting late and I need to get some sleep before Phoebe wakes me up in a few hours!!


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Rockin' B-day!!

Yesterday was my birthday and I ended up having a great time!!! The day was quite rainy though. I woke up to t-storms and down pours of rain. This went on all day till about 4 pm. Then it was cloudy. I have added a pic below of Phoebe and her bling bling collar! She is getting soo big! She was 4 lbs and 10 oz last Wednesday!


My plan was to wake up somewhat early and fix the flat on my bicycle and go riding. I was disappointed that I wasn't able to do that. I thought I would do it today but I was to tired this morning. Maybe this evening when it cools off.

On my birthday I normally go see a movie. I am out of sync of what movies are out and didn't really recognize the titles. I searched on the internet and decided to go to the $2.50 movie theater. I got soaking wet by running in and I got there when the movie was about to start. I forgot that they didn't take debit cards, only cash. The lady told me that they have and ATM but it would charge me $2 to get money out. I opted to leave and not see the movie and once again I was running in the rain getting soaking wet!! I wanted to tell the lady it was my birthday and I was soaking wet. She could see that I was soaking wet . . . . but I left.

More flooding . . .

Then I went and got my free movie from Hollywood Video for my birthday and got Juno. I need to watch it. Then I just did a few things that I needed to do and then it was about time for me to go pick up Phoebe's pics from the photographer from the pet night!! Her pics are super cute!!!

By then it had finally stopped raining and I was driving home and the road was blocked. I thought I would go another way but it was flooded from all the rain. I finally was able to get through the other way and get home. I was shocked to see the creek in the park was overflowing and the park was flooded!! I bet that is why the road had been blocked from all the water going over the road from the creek. It must have went down since it had stopped raining. I did take a few pics of all the flooding!

More flooding . . .

Then later my sister, nieces and I went to Branson Landing to see a concert, Starship!!!! I remember them from the '80's and was excited to see them perform!!!


I kept wanting to hear "We Built this City" and just kept listening and listening for it! Then when the show was about to be over, they played a song and then said goodbye and was off the stage!!! They have to play that song!!! Then the announcer was saying, "Do you want more??" and the crowd was yelling YES!!!! Then after a while of that, they came back out and said that there was one song that they meant to play and it was that song!!!! I was excited!!!!! It was a great ending to the concert!! There was a small fireworks show afterwards! The concert was the best part of my birthday and I was so glad that the rain stopped so the concert could go on!!

Here are a few more pics of Starship:





Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Finally, Vacation!!!

This is actually day 2 of my vacation. On Sunday, I did get me a wii, guitar hero and wii fit. I just got done working out with my wii fit. It is so much fun!!! I have even gotten some new exercises to unlock today. I will have to try them out tomorrow!!! Day one of my vacation I slept quite a bit after being up for 24 hours. When I did get up I connected my wii to my TV and ended up staying up most of the night trying everything out!

Today since I stayed up most of the night playing the wii, I was quite tired!! I think I made it to bed about 6 am and I got up about 10 am I am glad that I can go to bed soon and hopefully wake up rested and be on a normal schedule the rest of my vacation. That would be great!!

Also today, I started my photography class. The instructor owns a pet photography studio! I remember getting info from somewhere about her studio but never made it there with my fur babies. I would love to get all of my fur babies in a pic but I am going to have to wait till the puppy and kitties can get along without smacking each other!!

I still need to upload my photos but I hope to do that in the morning. I have homework to do from what I learned in class today. Maybe I will take my camera with me tomorrow when I take Phoebe to get the rest of her vaccinations and take pics at the vets! The lady I sat next to in class today happens to be a scrapbooker and we even have the same camera. Fun!!

I am off to play some Guitar Hero and then get some sleep. I just hope Phoebe lets me! I might have to play with her for awhile to help with that!! :-)

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Nintendo wii!!!

I am sitting here waiting for my time limit on my allergy eye drops before putting my contacts in. Then I am getting ready quickly to go to Best Buy to get a Nintendo wii!!! I also plan to go to Toys R Us and hopefully get Mario Kart! I have been calling stores for over a week trying to find me a wii and today is hopefully the day I get one. Nice right before vacation!

I am off to get a wii!!!


Pet Night

I had no intention to being a bad blogger. I need to get myself back into the habit of updating my blog. I hope that I can start that again this week since I am off from work.

I have been quite tired since getting my puppy Phoebe. She doesn't let me sleep as long as I would like. I have her with me a lot when I am at the computer and she makes it hard to concentrate on blogging! She is sleeping in her crate right now and I should be sleeping while she is sleeping. I will do that soon!!

Friday night was Pet Night on C-Street. It was a fun evening!! Phoebe and I started the night out with her getting her picture done. I should have those photos back in a week! I can't wait to see them! She just loves all the attention and was sitting still for her picture. She is a good puppy!!

Phoebe loved meeting all the other dogs and would greet all of them! She is friendly and all the other dogs were friendly too. I was kinda afraid of some of the big dogs on how they would react to Phoebe but she just loved it! I even had one guy who would take my pup if I decided I didn't want her! He just feel in love with her! I hope that they have another pet night on C-Street!

I still need to upload the photos to my computer. My bonus room has been around 90 degrees during the day and not very fun to be on the computer. I am working on getting a spot for my laptop downstairs so I can enjoy being on the computer. For some reason, my laptop is being real slow or I should say IE on my laptop is being real slow!! I will return in a couple of days with photos!