Monday, June 16, 2008

No more vacation. :-(

I have to return back to work tonight. I never look forward to going back after being off for a while!! I have had a fun time being off from work but could have done without all the rain!!


I have been taking a few pics this week for my photography class. Last night as I was loading all of them and looking at the metadata that was loaded, I noticed something. I forgot that I had my white balance set to fluorescent lighting!! That might be why the pics I took under manual mode outside looks a little funny in color! Oops!!! I have set it back to auto white balance. I need to take a few pics with the right white balance to see the difference.

Phoebe and I had out puppy class again on Sunday. This week I feel like she has made some progress!! The pet trainer was helping me in getting Phoebe to lie down. Her tips really help me! I finally was able to get Phoebe to lay down for me. Then tonight I tried it at home and she has done it quite a few times for me. She kept wagging her little tail after she would lie down and get her treat!! I am also trying to work with her on loose leash walking which is a challenge. I am able to get her to sit and stay. She will also come to me when I call for her! I am proud of my little girl! :-) I just keep working with her a little bit everyday so hopefully by next week she will be doing everything without any hesitation!

Phoebe gets so excited when she sees people!!! Petsmart is doing construction and I guess they are making it bigger? I am not really sure what they are doing. One of the construction workers was walking near the training area and wanted to see Phoebe. He said that she needed some puppy Ritalin! He He!!!! I have been trying to get her to stay calm when she sees people but I haven't been able to accomplish that yet.

It is getting late and I need to get some sleep before Phoebe wakes me up in a few hours!!


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