Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Photography fun!

I have a very short time here on the computer. I am enjoying after my photography class to hang out at the library to use the internet without having to worry about what my puppy is doing!! She is quite adorable put she gets in lots of trouble!!! The library was a little full today and I only get 22 minutes which I actually am down to 11 minutes!

I think I need to start blogging some of my photos and what I am learning in my photography class. I want to be able to look back at documentation of the pics plus what I learned from those pics. I will have to start that tonight!!!

Class was lots of fun tonight and we had a different instructor just for tonight. He is the guy who used to teach this class. Our instructor had a death in the family and had to miss. The last two classes we have went outside and today I feel like I understand some things a little better.

I am also excited as a that I am getting a wireless remote for my camera!!! I was told by the photography store here that it would be around $500 for my camera. At that point, I just stopped looking. I didn't see I needed it for $500. Sooo, the other day on the SJ MB I enjoy, I had mentioned that I wanted a wireless remote. One girl knew how I could get one off ebay for about $30!! I will hopefully have it in a couple of weeks!!

I only have 5 minutes and will have to start a new post once I get home and upload my photos!


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