Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Where does the time go??

I can't believe that a week has went by and I haven't blogged! I just got out of photography class and I am enjoying a frozen Mudturtle while sitting in the library using the internet. I still want to document photos from each class. I want to start that soon. I am quite tired today as I didn't get much sleep before having to get up. I really hope I can sit down soon and get this done!

Class was fun today and we have a creative assignment for next week. We are to be using a long exposure time on our camera in a dark room with using a flashlight for our light source. I need to get me a flashlight as mine won't work even after changing the batteries. Her pics are just amazing!!! She is creative with her photography and I just love it! I keep browsing through flickr.com creative photos. This can be quite addicting!!!

Today I got to pick up my new name badge with my new title!!! I am excited to be have a name tag that says RN,BSN!

Phoebe and her puppy class is going fairly good. She really needs to work on take it and leave it. Plus loose leash walking. It was quite comical as we did obstacle courses last week. One was treats all over the floor and I had to walk my dog through this and she wasn't allowed to eat a treat!! If she did, I had to dig it out of her mouth. I was (or the trainer!) was digging treats out of her mouth. This is another homework assignment I have! We have been given the test on what she needs to be able to do to graduate. The pressure is on!!

I have to say this puppy and photography homework is much more fun!!! I might have to get my tripod out tonight and see what I can do with long exposure times. I can't wait till I get my wireless remote in the mail! It might be another week but it is getting closer!!

45 minutes isn't long enough to do everything I want!! I had better scat as the library is closing in 4 minutes! Hopefully more soon!


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