Wednesday, July 09, 2008

fun at sandy beach

fun at sandy beach
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I am still up, have watched a movie and was cleaning my scrap room in the process. It always seems that things look worse in the process of cleaning before they get better. My goal is to at least get things in assigned spot and then start organizing my scrap cubes so I can find things a little easier.

I went searching for a fun photo on flickr and found one called, "fun at sandy beach". I am looking at photography in a different way now in which I notice things that I have learned. Photography is making me feel happy!! :-) I have also done a few searches for photography and added some new blogs to my google reader of some sites I really enjoyed.

I had better get going. I have worn Phoebe out and she is asleep on my desk! I should be getting to bed soon as I want to wake up early and make a trip to the photography store before heading to work.



~Ane~ said...

what did you do to that picture? it's great!!

Jana said...

That isn't my picture. I hit the blog this feature in flickr when I saw this photo! Her photos have this "look" to them but I don't know how she did it! I love it too!

kris said...

love that pic! YAY for Phoebe!

Oh, BTW - you've been tagged!
Check my blog! ;)