Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th!!

I Love America

I hope that everyone had a happy 4th!! I was excited this year because I had the 3rd and 4th off so I could be awake for doing things during the day. I actually didn't do much as I was sleepy but I still had a good day!!

I Love America

My sister, nieces and I went out to the city's big celebration. We got out there about 1900 to stake out our spot. Alot of the people had tents up and we were having a hard time finding a spot that we were happy with. Then shortly after we got settled, they announced for everyone to take there tents down. :-) I didn't remember that many tents from the previous times but the people that did have tents must have been there all day. That would be a good idea to help with the sun.

I Love America

I had gotten instructions from my photography class on how to take pictures of fireworks. I had brought my tripod and was ready to go!!! To start the evening off, I broke a very important piece on my tripod that holds the camera in place. I was able to get this piece to stay so I could attach my camera. I need to figure out if I can get a new part or how to fix this. I had about 100 photos left on my card. I did end up taking about that many as I had 8 pictures left when the night was over!

I Love America

I was quite happy with the results of my photos! This photography class has been worth it! I am much more comfortable using the manual setting on my camera. I have posted the pics I tooks tonight of the fireworks. Some are just so many fireworks going off that they kinda blurred. I started using the bulb setting on my camera instead of leaving it open for 8 seconds and I liked the results a little better! This one is my fave:

I Love America

I just love the red, white and blue in these fireworks!

I Love America

I am about to fall asleep! I am going to head for bed! :-)



kris said...

AWESOME PICS!!! I didn't have time to get my tripod out and set it up, so no pics for me. Mine have never been that good though! Have a great weekend!

Musicmom-Amy said...

Those are some amazing photos Jana! You are doing such a wonderful job in learning your new camera.