Monday, July 07, 2008

Unusual weekend

I had to work this weekend and with it being a weekend after the holiday, the census is normally low. It was and it must have been around the hospital. Saturday night was great, my patients were all fairly good not to busy but not to slow. Just right. I ended up getting a mandatory at 2300 and got to go home. I haven't had one of those in over a year!! It was nice. I was excited to be able to go home as I could still attend my puppy training class.


Sunday after getting about 7 hours of sleep, I woke up and Phoebe and I headed to our puppy training class. She is doing good with her training! I am proud of her! I am going to work with her a little everyday as she takes her final puppy test this Sunday and gets to graduate!! :-) After class, we went to Petland to socialize some more and then headed home.

I had a nice relaxing time at home before heading to work. I even went to one of my new fave eatery to have a nice vegetarian meal before going to work. I was all relaxed and felt good when I arrived to work. Then the patients I had last night were soo good that they got sent home. I had all new patients and they were busier and I was having a hard time keeping up but was doing alright. Then I got a new admit and she was confused and combative at times. Once we got her settled, she did fine.

Then after 2300, we had to send another nurse home. I took over being in charge and it got a little busy! We ended up sending a patient to telemetry and then getting 5 new patients which left us with 8 patients a piece. I was trying to take care of staffing and my patients needed my assistance. I was being pulled in every which direction!!! I ended having to stay over to get all caught up with everything. Phew!! I am glad to have a few days off!

I hope to accomplish getting my house cleaned and to get my yard mowed. I even have me some heavy duty gloves to do some heavy duty yard work! :-)

I have been awake for about 24 hours now. I need to try to get Phoebe to take a nap and then take one myself!


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LOVE this picture!!!!!