Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Puppy Drama!

Sunday I had dropped my car off to get repaired and my Mom brought me back to my house. I was doing some things upstairs and Phoebe was playing downstairs. I came downstairs and found a chewed Clorox pen on my bed!!! Why does she have to do stuff like this when I don't have a car??!?!?! By this time, it was 2330. She had chewed a whole in the pen but it was still pretty full. I didn't think she had gotten to much but didn't know how much was too much for my little dog. I read the back of the pen and it said to push fluids. She didn't want to drink. I decided to just watch her for any abnormal activity.

The evidence:

November 23, 2009

I went to bed and let Phoebe sleep with me. She seemed to be acting fine. Then about 0500 she woke me up vomiting on my bed! She thought she was in trouble for making a mess on my bed and started running from me. Poor pup!

November 23, 2009

She finally let me get near her and she just gave me puppy dog eyes. I started to get a worried and started googling about dogs and clorox bleach. I didn't really find anything but found a ASPCA phone number. They wanted $65 just to consult. I thought that was too much so I didn't continue. When the vets opened, I called them and they suggested I call the number on the back of the Clorox pen. I did and they transferred me to a toxicology vet and paid the fees associated with the phone call. They told me since she was acting better since vomiting to just watch her. She never did have any more vomiting episodes and has done fine since. Phew!

I think the cats were blotting to kill the dog! :-) I had the Clorox Pen on my kitchen table so they had to have knocked it on the floor and the dog found it. I no longer own a Clorox Pen and if I do, I need to hide it better!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

A day off, but only one!

I worked last night and it ended up being a good night to charge. I wonder if the hospital is slowing down a bit for the holiday next week. Whatever it is, I am liking it.

I didn't feel like I got adequate sleep today. Mainly it is because I have been letting my pup stay out of her crate and play while I sleep. She wants to be near me so she was bouncing around me while I try to sleep. I kept catching her doing stuff that she shouldn't be doing. Then after I relocated whatever she had her eye one, she decided that she would curl up next to me for a while. That didn't last long! I finally woke up and noticed that I had "legs" at the foot of my bed. I later learned that they were cricket legs. The body was not to far under a cover. Oh my! So I disposed of the body.

Since she kept bouncing on me, I finally got up and was able to cook dinner, take a shower and leave the house in time for my Camera Club meeting! I was quite impressed that I did all this in a 2 hour time frame. A phone call from my Mom was in the middle of all this. Know if I could have that kind of initiative everyday!

I have been enjoying chinese box dinner kits. My two favorites is Cashew Chicken & Garlic Chicken. So yummy! I just wish it came with brown rice instead just to be a little healthier.

November 19, 2009

I arrived at the Camera Club meeting and it was packed! I was glad that I arrived a bit early. The meeting was a slide show of a trip that some of the members took in about 4 canyon national parks. It made me want to just travel and take pictures! If I could only find me a job that would let me do that. I need to plan me a photography trip but a tropical one! :-)

I am hoping to stay up and get a few things accomplished tonight but I am sure I will fizzle out early. I hope that means that Phoebe will be tired tonight since she pounced on me all day! :-)

I am at Borders using the free wifi and have a few photography magazines I want to look at. I also want to do a little work on my Project 365 pictures. I am behind on posting them and need to get up-to-date! Later!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Car issues . . . .

I have had my car for about 9 years. It has actually been the best car I have owned compared to all the repairs I have had in previous cars. That is one reason I have kept it for so long. The second, I love not having a car payment.


Last week I had gotten off work only to find that my car wouldn't start. When I got in my car to head to work it didn't want to start but finally did. I even said at work that my car was going to die on my soon. I didn't realize it was going to be that morning! I called security to jump start my car only to find out that my battery had a crack in it. He said he could attempt to jump start my car but there was a risk for my battery exploding. So, I opted not to have it jump started. I was going to call my Mom to come pick me up and possibly have my car towed. When I called my Dad answered the phone which I wasn't expecting. It turned out he was off work because it was a holiday. My Dad came and picked me up and we got a new battery and installed it in the parking lot. I was happy that I didn't have to have my car towed. It turned out the battery was 6 years old! It was time for a new one.

I was told about 50,000 miles ago that I should have the timing belt and water pump changed. If the timing belt broke, it could damage the engine. I sure don't want that! It is an expensive repair. So I have finally saved up enough money to get these repairs done. Then I also need to have my muffler checked as it is loud and rattles a little. Next week I am having the big repairs done and then hopefully I will be able to get my muffler checked. It will be a lot quieter driving in my car when I get that fixed!

I have been really tired today as my allergies got crazy last night! I couldn't stop sneezing. I was glad that I woke up to no more sneezing but just have difficulty breathing. I didn't want to get up and do anything today but I had to be at work for a meeting. If it wasn't for that I would have stayed in bed longer! :-)

I have been trying to learn more about the Photography Society of America that I joined. I am currently taking a course to help teach me more about photography. I have taken some non-credit courses and learned lots from them. I just want to reinforce and build on what I have learned. i can't wait to finish my first lesson!

I am actually going to see what organizing I can do in my scrap room till I am ready for bed!


Grandma's and Birthday celebrations!

I was on vacation for 11 days from work the beginning of November. The first day of my vacation, my Grandma was admitted to the hospital. She was diagnosed with lung cancer in July and it is advanced. The oncologist believe that this started from her breast cancer she had years ago. She had been doing pretty good up to then but having problems with being short of breath. She finally got to go home 10 days after she was admitted but with oxygen. She is now adjusting to having oxygen at all times.

Over the weekend we had a birthday celebration for my Aunt, my Grandma's sister that has been staying with her. It was a nice family get together.

My Aunt and her birthday cake:

My fave is a picture of my Aunt and Grandma:
Gma & Wanda

I have a page kit I bought from the LSS a week ago about sisters. I was planning on making it for my sister and I but know I think I am going to combine it with a generation of sisters. My Grandma & Aunt, my nieces and my sister and I. I need to get this kit out and start planning my other pictures. :-)

I have been trying to get my scraproom organized so I will feel like being more creative. Also being able to find things would be great! I hope to be able to slowly work on this. Tonight the allergies are starting to bother me and it will have to wait till tomorrow.


Thursday, November 05, 2009