Thursday, November 19, 2009

A day off, but only one!

I worked last night and it ended up being a good night to charge. I wonder if the hospital is slowing down a bit for the holiday next week. Whatever it is, I am liking it.

I didn't feel like I got adequate sleep today. Mainly it is because I have been letting my pup stay out of her crate and play while I sleep. She wants to be near me so she was bouncing around me while I try to sleep. I kept catching her doing stuff that she shouldn't be doing. Then after I relocated whatever she had her eye one, she decided that she would curl up next to me for a while. That didn't last long! I finally woke up and noticed that I had "legs" at the foot of my bed. I later learned that they were cricket legs. The body was not to far under a cover. Oh my! So I disposed of the body.

Since she kept bouncing on me, I finally got up and was able to cook dinner, take a shower and leave the house in time for my Camera Club meeting! I was quite impressed that I did all this in a 2 hour time frame. A phone call from my Mom was in the middle of all this. Know if I could have that kind of initiative everyday!

I have been enjoying chinese box dinner kits. My two favorites is Cashew Chicken & Garlic Chicken. So yummy! I just wish it came with brown rice instead just to be a little healthier.

November 19, 2009

I arrived at the Camera Club meeting and it was packed! I was glad that I arrived a bit early. The meeting was a slide show of a trip that some of the members took in about 4 canyon national parks. It made me want to just travel and take pictures! If I could only find me a job that would let me do that. I need to plan me a photography trip but a tropical one! :-)

I am hoping to stay up and get a few things accomplished tonight but I am sure I will fizzle out early. I hope that means that Phoebe will be tired tonight since she pounced on me all day! :-)

I am at Borders using the free wifi and have a few photography magazines I want to look at. I also want to do a little work on my Project 365 pictures. I am behind on posting them and need to get up-to-date! Later!


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