Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Puppy Drama!

Sunday I had dropped my car off to get repaired and my Mom brought me back to my house. I was doing some things upstairs and Phoebe was playing downstairs. I came downstairs and found a chewed Clorox pen on my bed!!! Why does she have to do stuff like this when I don't have a car??!?!?! By this time, it was 2330. She had chewed a whole in the pen but it was still pretty full. I didn't think she had gotten to much but didn't know how much was too much for my little dog. I read the back of the pen and it said to push fluids. She didn't want to drink. I decided to just watch her for any abnormal activity.

The evidence:

November 23, 2009

I went to bed and let Phoebe sleep with me. She seemed to be acting fine. Then about 0500 she woke me up vomiting on my bed! She thought she was in trouble for making a mess on my bed and started running from me. Poor pup!

November 23, 2009

She finally let me get near her and she just gave me puppy dog eyes. I started to get a worried and started googling about dogs and clorox bleach. I didn't really find anything but found a ASPCA phone number. They wanted $65 just to consult. I thought that was too much so I didn't continue. When the vets opened, I called them and they suggested I call the number on the back of the Clorox pen. I did and they transferred me to a toxicology vet and paid the fees associated with the phone call. They told me since she was acting better since vomiting to just watch her. She never did have any more vomiting episodes and has done fine since. Phew!

I think the cats were blotting to kill the dog! :-) I had the Clorox Pen on my kitchen table so they had to have knocked it on the floor and the dog found it. I no longer own a Clorox Pen and if I do, I need to hide it better!


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