Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Lion kitty

I dropped Chloe off at the vets office to get groomed today and they warned me that the way her tangles were they might have to give her a "haircut". The word haircut didn't sound as bad as shaved. They called me later in the afternoon and told me that she was all groomed but that they had to shave her! She told me that she looked like a lion kitty! I was anxious to see what Chloe looked like. When I saw her I couldn't believe how skinny she looked! She was all hair! They did leave her tail all fluffy and she has boots on her paws. I get her home and the other cats kept looking at her and Felix would get closer and would get hissed at! It has been interesting! I am ready for her hair to grow back! Here are before and after pictures of Chloe.

I have to return back to work tonight. I am sad that my vacation is over but happy that I will have another in March. I didn't get caught up on my studies as I was hoping but I did get a good chunk of my Patho questions answered. I am working every other day this week because of my school schedule and it makes it hard to get any studying done because I just want to sleep on the first day I have off from work and normally the next day I am able to be somewhat functional.
Anyway, I need to get myself to bed! If I am going to up for 24+ hours, I need as much sleep I can get tonight!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Family woes

What bugs me about my family and my Mom and I actually had a dicussion about this last week because this happened again . . . . . They don't always call and let me know when things are going on in the family. One example was a few years ago at Christmas I was to be at my parents house at 5pm and we were going to have dinner and open gifts. I get there and we aren't having dinner and I hadn't eaten all day because I had gotten off from work at 0700 and slept most of the day. My Mom just said "Ohh". I asked "Ohh, what?". She went on to tell me that the family got together at my uncle's house to have dinner but they decided not to call me to let me know! WHAT?!?!?!?!?!? I remember that I got leftovers that day from my parents fridge which was shrimp chow mein. I think I should be the one to decide if I need my sleep or not! It was Christmas and your supposed to spend it with your family! This still makes me mad! Anyway, I have a cousin that lives in Seattle and she tends to hear things before me and will call me cause she knows that I won't get told. Just because I work night shift doesn't mean that you can't call me or let me know what is going on. My Mom now throws in the fact that "you might be sleeping or studying and I don't want to bother you" - I have told her to bother me I still get left out of the loop. There are my frustrations! Phew!!!!!

Anyway, yesterday I got up and worked out to a Billy Blank DVD "Cardio Curcuit I" and I couldn't keep up! I got a good workout even though! This morning I am sore!!!! My cats all was looking at me funny when I was working out in my living room and Felix, the youngest cat, kept batting at my feet when I was doing the kicks! I guess he thought I was going to kick him and he was defending hisself! What a cutie! I saw Billy Blanks Boot Camp at Sam's the other day and I am tempted to get it but wondering how hard it is!

I only have today and tomorrow left of my vacation. Worked called me yesterday to see if I wanted to come in and nights last night. I could work 24/7 if they allowed it! I didn't go in so I could enjoy the rest of my vacation or at least what is left of it! Tomorrow I take Chloe to get groomed and she is has too many knots in her hair and I am afraid they might have to shave her. I will have to have a talk with the groomer when I drop her off so I don't get a SHOCK when I pick up a cat with no hair! :-)

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Bad dates . . . .

I used to speed date and hurry date in my area. One hurry date that I remember - which was only 3 minutes long seemed like a lifetime!!!! This guy asked me what I did for a living and I told him I was a nurse and then he told me his ex-wife was a nurse and proceeded to tell me who she was - and we used to work on the same unit! All he could talk about was his ex-wife! Our 3 minutes was up and then after all the hurry dates was done you could socialize if you wanted. This guy kept coming back to talk to me about his ex-wife! I never told his ex-wife that I hurry dated her ex-husband! That is what stands out in my mind when talking about bad dates!

I enjoyed my shopping spree last night and then I did some more today. I found me a new purse and coin purse - both of them are Fossil's and match! Love it! I even bought me a new shelf stereo that has much better sound than my current stereo. I have had my old stereo for about 15 years so I thought it was time! The old stereo is going to go to my scrapping room! I even bought an adapter today so I can put my cassette tapes on to CD through my computer! My iriver is going to have all kinds of awesome songs now! Then I finally used a gift certificate that I got for Christmas for the Coke4U store that sells all kinds of Coca-Cola stuff! They lost there lease so they are moving there store to Halltown which is an hour drive I think. I guess they will still be nearby but won't be as convenient as it is now. The plus is that everything was on sale since they are moving.

I am currently at the Mudhouse and going to get some more studying done. I think I might go hang out at Barnes & Noble tonight. I love going there and hanging out in the cafe and reading different books and magazines. I am going to check out the scrapbooking books to see if there is anything new. I rented 4 movies last Tuesday and everytime I sit down to watch one, I fall asleep! I have 4 movies to watch by midnight tomorrow! I sooo love my Netflix account cause I don't have to worry about when they are due. I had a gift card I got for Christmas so I used it.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Never eat lunch early

I got up this morning, went and worked out and was starving when I got done working out. I decided to grab me a sub sandwich on my way back home. I get home and a guy I have meet sent me a message and asked me to call him and he asked me out to lunch! I had just got done eating my sandwich! I never eat lunch that early but since I ate breakfast at 0600 this morning, I thought an early lunch was in order! The last time I had a guy call me and ask me to dinner, I had ate early that day too! I do believe that the next time that I feel like eating early, I might not! :-)

A fun fact about me that most people don't know is that I don't eat red meat. I quit eating red meat 12 years ago as a new year resolution. I do dabble in pepperoni every once in awhile though. I enjoy eating vegetarian more than I do eating meat.

I got my tax return today so I am going to go shopping today for a new purse and wallet to go with it! I am at the Mudhouse trying to get some studying done first though. Which I always end up checking my MB I watch and doing a little bit of blogging before getting too serious! I have fallen asleep almost every night of my vacation at 1900!!!! I wake up around 0100 then go back to bed and wake up around 0600. I would think by the end of the week I would feel rested after all that sleep but it hasn't quite worked out that way!

Tomorrow my little niece has a game that she is cheerleading at. I am going to take pictures of her to hopefully scrapbook! I am sure she is adorable in her cheerleading outfit! I had better get busy with my homework so I can go shopping! :-)

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Random questions - Thursday blogger

1. How did you get into scrapbooking?

I had bought a book from the book club Crafter's Choice that got me started. At that time, there wasn't much scrapbooking stores here so it didn't go further. Then a nurse that I used to work with brought some of her scrapbooks to work and then she told me places in our town to get me started! That was about 6 years ago I believe.

2. How do you define your style?

I am not really sure! I have been told that I am a neat scrapper.

3. Do you like scrapbooking with other people?

I do but don't get to do that very often. I have yet to make it to a crop at a LSS. I am getting to go to a crop with my ScrapJammie friends in May and can't wait!!!!

4. Do you have friends that scrapbook with you?

I don't have any friends that scrapbook at the present. I wish my online scrapbooking friends lived closer and then I would be able to scrapbook with friends!

5. Do you ever scrapbook about yourself?

I haven't yet but would like to make a book of me.

6. Do you scraplift? If yes/no, why?

I do scraplift because I feel as if I am not as creative as the people in the magazines! I would never have thought of these things! I am a huge fan of Becky Higgins sketches magazines.

7. Do you stamp in your scrapbook pages?

I never have used my stamps on my scrapbook pages. I used to rubberstamp before I got into scrapbooking and still have quite a few! Maybe someday!

I am sitting in the Mudhouse and it is cold in here!!!! They have the front and back doors open to let a breeze through and it is a little chilly! It is 58 degrees outside today which isn't too bad. I have been getting caught up on my studying this week since I don't have to work. It has been nice being able to sleep at night and wake up and do little things around the house, go workout and then do whatever I want in the afternoon! Today I did a little shopping but I am hoping to get my tax money tomorrow and I want to go find me a new wallet and purse! I had better start studying!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Finally the vacation is here!

I'm not going anywhere but hoping to get caught up with my studies and somehow fit in some scrapbooking! Yesterday was my first day of vacation and I slept all day and most of the night! I got up at 0530 this morning and went and worked out then went to class. I am currently sitting at the Mudhouse so I can get some of my homework done that I need to email to my teacher.

I didn't do as well on my test as I wanted to. I got to see it today and the short answer I thought I did pretty good but I either filled my study questions wrong or I just didn't understand what was being asked. I am hoping to get my study questions filled out earlier this time to start studying ASAP for the next test so I can make a better grade!

I am looking forward to doing some shopping this week! I would like to find me a new purse and wallet. The wallet I have now is about to fall apart and I would like to look fasionable! My purse is alright but it doesn't zip so if I drop it, all the contents fall out. It is a big pain!

I haven't been able to enjoy the Olympics like I have wanted. I am hoping when I get home tonight to watch the Olympics! I have been in patients rooms and they are watching the Olympics and I want to sit and join them!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Your Candy Heart Says "Hug Me"
A total sweetheart, you always have a lot of love to give out.Your heart is open to where ever love takes you!
Your ideal Valentine's Day date: a surprise romantic evening that you've planned out
Your flirting style: lots of listening and talking
What turns you off: fighting and conflict
Why you're hot: you're fearless about falling in love

I hope that everyone has a nice Valentine's day! I will be stressing through a Pathophysiology test this morning! Then as soon as class is over I get to go to work. I won't be having much fun! My little Felix is giving me much love this morning! He is curled up in my arms as I type! He does love his mommy! Raining Hearts

Well, it is afternoon now and I have taken my test and Oh my! After the test we all gathered in the student lounge and we all had the deer in the headlight look! I am glad that I wasn't the only feeling as if I failed the test! Some I knew and some I didn't so I hope that I did okay. She is going to post it on Friday on blackboard.

I have been enjoying listening to pink floyd for about a week now. I just LOVE his music! I thought I would listen to that before heading to work and wash all the thoughts of my test away. I am sooo glad that I did decide to come home before going to work as I had goodies waiting for me on my front porch! My energy drinks I enjoy arrived and in my mailbox I had scrapbooking goodies from a "Getting to know you" contest on one of the MB I like! Yeah! Next week I am off from work for 8 days and I am going to have to fit in some scrapbooking!!!! I will hopefully work ahead in my internet class so I can concentrate on my Patho class. I can't wait!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

My dream job . . . .

My dream job was to always be a nurse. Well, I accomplished that and have been a nurse for 9 years now. But it is a little stressful at times and would like to have a non-stressful job! Is there such a thing?

I have been thinking of this all morning and I know I would enjoy working in a craft store or scrapbooking store. I might actually have some time to think up of good scrapbooking ideas and have time to scrapbook! I might be wrong about that though. It would have to be part-time so I could be insured of having time for myself. Time is a huge factor for me currently and don't have the time to do everything I enjoy because of my schedule. I could work 24/7 at my job! I am hoping that after I get my BSN that there will be another nursing job, with day hours, that will be perfect for me!

My nieces spent the night with me last night. My sister brought them over around 1900 and I was having trouble staying awake! We all decided to watch the Olympics and I couldn't keep my eyes open! My nieces kept waking me up telling that I was missing it but I would only be awake for about a minute before falling asleep again! I guess that two hour nap I had before actually going to bed made me wake up at 0430 this morning! I couldn't get back to sleep for anything! I finally got up and my nieces woke up around 0700 and I asked if they wanted to go to the Mudhouse before there Mom picked them up. Of course they did so they got ready pretty fast! I was impressed! We even brought uno with us and played some cards. We had a fun morning together! This afternoon I am back at the Mudhouse and getting ready to study some more!

The picture I added today is of Felix. When I was trying to organize my basket I keep on my bathroom counter, he decided to jump in when he saw it empty! I had to take a picture! I guess he thought I was cleaning it out for him! :-)

Saturday, February 11, 2006


You are a Buff Girl!
You've got a boomin' body and a fearless spirit.Most guys have trouble keeping up with your energy and fitness level.Competitve and fun loving, you're up for almost anything.Make sure you pick a guy who doesn't mind getting beaten by a girl!

He He!!!!! This made me laugh! I occasionally will do these quizzes on blogthings.com but never post them but this one made me laugh because I try to be a buff girl! Smile

I slept to long yesterday and was supposed to wake up and go weigh in for my Partners 4 pounds. I happened to wake up around 1930 last night and rushed to get there by 2000 when all the trainers doing the weigh in was walking out. RATS!!! I have to go to the north side of town today so I can weigh in. Out of my way but I don't want to dissapoint my team. Even though one girl that is on this team isn't watching what she eats AT ALL! I had a little talk with her about that but it didn't help. I don't think we are going to win . . . . but the motivation has given me the boost that I needed to get me back on track so I am happy about that!

Today I am going to workout and then later go weigh in. I also need to get some much needed studying in for my exam on Tuesday in Patho class. I am going to be hanging out at the Mudhouse today! I just love sitting in there and studying, crusing the net and looking at all the HOT guys that walk in. Lol

My sweet Chloe has extra long hair and she has some bad knots in her hair! I have tried to get them out but then she doesn't want to be around me. I am hoping to work on it some more to see if I can get them out myself but if not, she will be going to the vet to get groomed. That way she still likes me!

I am thinking I need to get ready for my workout session this morning as the fitness center is open now!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

It's freezing!

I don't understand it. We have been having nice warm weather - warm enough that my flowers started to come up in my flowerbed. The last two days it has been freezing! My flowers are now going to die. That disappoints me. My layout I did for the CJ is of my favorite flower which is the iris. Image hosting by Photobucket

I started logging what I eat after midnight last night. I had a salad at work last night and I am going to have to figure out how to make it not count for soo many meats in this ADA diet. I used up 5 meats in my salad and only allowed 6! I am sure the more I follow it I will get used to it. I have to weigh in by Feb. 11 for the Partners for Pounds. I hope that my team remembers.

I had myself stressed out before work last night trying to get homework done that was due by midnight! I ended up having to finish it at work so I brought my laptop. I made sure that I had EVERYTHING done so no one could say anything to me! I was able to get it done and emailed by 2200! Phew!!!! That was close!

Anyone else having trouble posting pics from blogger? I always use the add image icon and the last two times I have blogged, I can't get it to work. I finally uploaded from my photobucket account to get it to work today!

I worked all night and need to get some shut eye!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Crazy busy!

Well, work has been too busy! I felt like quitting last week. I couldn't keep up with my patients demands and was trying to do the best I could but you always end up making someone mad when everyone needs something at the same time! I was happy that Saturday and Sunday at work went good and wasn't too hectic. I feel better about being a nurse now!

I ended up sleeping all day! I got off work this morning and went and worked out, meet with a dietitian and didn't get to bed this morning till after 1100. I have to say that I really have enjoyed working out at the Meyer center! The dietitian I meet with today was helpful so I am going to follow a ADA diet. I used to follow this kind of diet a long time ago so I understood it. I really like the enthusiasm that I have gotten from everybody. My dietitian today told me I could do it and gave me a high five! I thought that was pretty neat and got me excited about doing all this diet and exercise stuff! Smile

I went to the Mudhouse tonight, got there 30 minutes before they were to close. I thought I could get some of my homework done in the warmth of the Mudhouse. I couldn't get connected to the internet for some reason. I wasn't the only one though! Two other people sitting near me heard me talking to one of the employees and they said they never could get connected either. I have been wanting to go to The Hub for quite sometime so I left the mudhouse about 2400 and went on the hunt for The Hub. All I knew was it was on the nearest college campus. I finally found it and was able to get connected to the internet! WOOHOO!!! I was all into my school work and at 0100 they told me they were closing. I did at least get a dent put into my homework! I also had some awesome tea that I think will have to be my new addiction! I believe tea is on my free list! Drink

I am waiting for my washing machine to get done so I can have dry clothes when I wake up in the morning! Washing Machine Esp. clean workout clothes! I just hope I can sleep since I have to sit in class most of the afternoon tomorrow. I need to be awake as we will be going over our test next week! I am nervous about the first test in Pathophysiology!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Yoga's not for wimps

I went to the Power Yoga class tonight. It never crossed my mind to bring my yoga mat. I was glad that the teacher had an extra! Class got started and as we started doing all these yoga moves and about 10 minutes into this I decided that wasn't as easy as one might think! I was even sweating! About 20 minutes into the class we are supposed to be balancing with one foot on our inner thigh and then have our hands in the prayer position. I couldn't get my foot to stay and then I kept losing my balance! I need to practice that one! One lady even left after the balancing part (or non-balancing in my case!) I wasn't going to give up that easy. Then I noticed that no one had there shoes on! So when we were bending over to touch our toes, I untied my shoes and then during other poses with my feet nearby, I took my socks off. I felt quite silly! If I get the chance to do this again, I will be better prepared! I am used to doing yoga from a book and I have to keep looking at it to know what I am to do next so I don't get the full effect. One lady told me she thought it would be easier than it really is and was surprised when she started sweating! I enjoyed the Power Yoga!

After the Power Yoga, I had an appointment to see a new trainer. She did the bodyfat, height and weight thing and then started out with what my goal were. She then started writing me up a program of weight lifting 2-3 times a week and cardio 3 - 5 times a week. I was soo happy with my new trainer!! She understands that I want to keep my muscles toned and not build muscle. When I told her how I used to workout, she asked me if I was a body builder! I never could get my old trainer to understand that I was a girl and didn't want big muscles! I want definition not bulky muscles. She even had my sciatica in mind when setting up my routine. I am very excited about my new workout plan! It is only Tuesday and I have worked out twice this week already! I just hope that my other booty shakers are doing good. I believe I will see them tomorrow. Also with my training session, I get one free session with a nutritionist. I am excited to see what the nutritionist will say!

I went downtown for a short while tonight and there was a guy with a HUGE telescope asking for tips so you can see Saturn. It struck me as funny! I have seen odd things downtown! This Friday is the "First Friday Artwalk" and there are all kinds of people downtown! I was surprised the first one I went to and the amount of people that went. It is fun and it will be more enjoyable when the weather gets warmer!