Sunday, February 12, 2006

My dream job . . . .

My dream job was to always be a nurse. Well, I accomplished that and have been a nurse for 9 years now. But it is a little stressful at times and would like to have a non-stressful job! Is there such a thing?

I have been thinking of this all morning and I know I would enjoy working in a craft store or scrapbooking store. I might actually have some time to think up of good scrapbooking ideas and have time to scrapbook! I might be wrong about that though. It would have to be part-time so I could be insured of having time for myself. Time is a huge factor for me currently and don't have the time to do everything I enjoy because of my schedule. I could work 24/7 at my job! I am hoping that after I get my BSN that there will be another nursing job, with day hours, that will be perfect for me!

My nieces spent the night with me last night. My sister brought them over around 1900 and I was having trouble staying awake! We all decided to watch the Olympics and I couldn't keep my eyes open! My nieces kept waking me up telling that I was missing it but I would only be awake for about a minute before falling asleep again! I guess that two hour nap I had before actually going to bed made me wake up at 0430 this morning! I couldn't get back to sleep for anything! I finally got up and my nieces woke up around 0700 and I asked if they wanted to go to the Mudhouse before there Mom picked them up. Of course they did so they got ready pretty fast! I was impressed! We even brought uno with us and played some cards. We had a fun morning together! This afternoon I am back at the Mudhouse and getting ready to study some more!

The picture I added today is of Felix. When I was trying to organize my basket I keep on my bathroom counter, he decided to jump in when he saw it empty! I had to take a picture! I guess he thought I was cleaning it out for him! :-)


Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

What a cute pic of your kitty!!!!

Becky said...

I love your furr ball!!

Michelle W. said...

The kitty is so cute! Look at all those hair.

Working in Sbing store would be cool... If they pay lots of money that is! lol. I would end up going broke working in there because I would buy too much stuff.


Wife2TJ said...

What an absolutely beautiful cat!