Sunday, February 26, 2006

Family woes

What bugs me about my family and my Mom and I actually had a dicussion about this last week because this happened again . . . . . They don't always call and let me know when things are going on in the family. One example was a few years ago at Christmas I was to be at my parents house at 5pm and we were going to have dinner and open gifts. I get there and we aren't having dinner and I hadn't eaten all day because I had gotten off from work at 0700 and slept most of the day. My Mom just said "Ohh". I asked "Ohh, what?". She went on to tell me that the family got together at my uncle's house to have dinner but they decided not to call me to let me know! WHAT?!?!?!?!?!? I remember that I got leftovers that day from my parents fridge which was shrimp chow mein. I think I should be the one to decide if I need my sleep or not! It was Christmas and your supposed to spend it with your family! This still makes me mad! Anyway, I have a cousin that lives in Seattle and she tends to hear things before me and will call me cause she knows that I won't get told. Just because I work night shift doesn't mean that you can't call me or let me know what is going on. My Mom now throws in the fact that "you might be sleeping or studying and I don't want to bother you" - I have told her to bother me I still get left out of the loop. There are my frustrations! Phew!!!!!

Anyway, yesterday I got up and worked out to a Billy Blank DVD "Cardio Curcuit I" and I couldn't keep up! I got a good workout even though! This morning I am sore!!!! My cats all was looking at me funny when I was working out in my living room and Felix, the youngest cat, kept batting at my feet when I was doing the kicks! I guess he thought I was going to kick him and he was defending hisself! What a cutie! I saw Billy Blanks Boot Camp at Sam's the other day and I am tempted to get it but wondering how hard it is!

I only have today and tomorrow left of my vacation. Worked called me yesterday to see if I wanted to come in and nights last night. I could work 24/7 if they allowed it! I didn't go in so I could enjoy the rest of my vacation or at least what is left of it! Tomorrow I take Chloe to get groomed and she is has too many knots in her hair and I am afraid they might have to shave her. I will have to have a talk with the groomer when I drop her off so I don't get a SHOCK when I pick up a cat with no hair! :-)


Amy said...

We always seem to be out of our family "loop" too and are the last to know. Irritates me to no end, so I feel for ya girlie!

Michelle W. said...

wow! I always want to get those tapes but figure I probably will just watch it and then sit on the coach eating chips. LOL.


Ryann said...

When my dad was really sick, I really had to stay on my mom's case about keeping my sister and I more informed. I felt like we were always out of the loop in that situation. After I jumped her a few times about it, she finally realized how important it was. I was irritated too! Keep on them about it and let them know how it makes you feel. Hey, did they have to shave the cat?