Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Yoga's not for wimps

I went to the Power Yoga class tonight. It never crossed my mind to bring my yoga mat. I was glad that the teacher had an extra! Class got started and as we started doing all these yoga moves and about 10 minutes into this I decided that wasn't as easy as one might think! I was even sweating! About 20 minutes into the class we are supposed to be balancing with one foot on our inner thigh and then have our hands in the prayer position. I couldn't get my foot to stay and then I kept losing my balance! I need to practice that one! One lady even left after the balancing part (or non-balancing in my case!) I wasn't going to give up that easy. Then I noticed that no one had there shoes on! So when we were bending over to touch our toes, I untied my shoes and then during other poses with my feet nearby, I took my socks off. I felt quite silly! If I get the chance to do this again, I will be better prepared! I am used to doing yoga from a book and I have to keep looking at it to know what I am to do next so I don't get the full effect. One lady told me she thought it would be easier than it really is and was surprised when she started sweating! I enjoyed the Power Yoga!

After the Power Yoga, I had an appointment to see a new trainer. She did the bodyfat, height and weight thing and then started out with what my goal were. She then started writing me up a program of weight lifting 2-3 times a week and cardio 3 - 5 times a week. I was soo happy with my new trainer!! She understands that I want to keep my muscles toned and not build muscle. When I told her how I used to workout, she asked me if I was a body builder! I never could get my old trainer to understand that I was a girl and didn't want big muscles! I want definition not bulky muscles. She even had my sciatica in mind when setting up my routine. I am very excited about my new workout plan! It is only Tuesday and I have worked out twice this week already! I just hope that my other booty shakers are doing good. I believe I will see them tomorrow. Also with my training session, I get one free session with a nutritionist. I am excited to see what the nutritionist will say!

I went downtown for a short while tonight and there was a guy with a HUGE telescope asking for tips so you can see Saturn. It struck me as funny! I have seen odd things downtown! This Friday is the "First Friday Artwalk" and there are all kinds of people downtown! I was surprised the first one I went to and the amount of people that went. It is fun and it will be more enjoyable when the weather gets warmer!


NicNac said...

hey thanks for the comment. Where did you get your book out for blogging? I need one. I still haven't figured out how to add pictures. Maybe we can conquer these blogs together!!!

em said...

The first time I ever went to a yoga class I laughed the entire time because it felt so unnatural! I think I made a lot of people mad!!

ingrid said...

I think yoga can be such an important daily reprieve for busy women. I just wish i could stop giggling long enough to hold a pose when I actually attemp one. I should probably stick with runnin.

Michelle W. said...

yikes, is that the type of yoga class when you feel like you are in the oven? A friend of mine goes to those class and tried to drag me! lol. No way I could take it.


tracie said...

Yoga is not for wimps , I hear ya. I have a yoga for dummies video and I am obviously a dummy because I cannot hold any pose for longer than a few seconds. I cannot balance for nothing it is terrible.

Better luck next time

have a great weekend