Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Crazy busy!

Well, work has been too busy! I felt like quitting last week. I couldn't keep up with my patients demands and was trying to do the best I could but you always end up making someone mad when everyone needs something at the same time! I was happy that Saturday and Sunday at work went good and wasn't too hectic. I feel better about being a nurse now!

I ended up sleeping all day! I got off work this morning and went and worked out, meet with a dietitian and didn't get to bed this morning till after 1100. I have to say that I really have enjoyed working out at the Meyer center! The dietitian I meet with today was helpful so I am going to follow a ADA diet. I used to follow this kind of diet a long time ago so I understood it. I really like the enthusiasm that I have gotten from everybody. My dietitian today told me I could do it and gave me a high five! I thought that was pretty neat and got me excited about doing all this diet and exercise stuff! Smile

I went to the Mudhouse tonight, got there 30 minutes before they were to close. I thought I could get some of my homework done in the warmth of the Mudhouse. I couldn't get connected to the internet for some reason. I wasn't the only one though! Two other people sitting near me heard me talking to one of the employees and they said they never could get connected either. I have been wanting to go to The Hub for quite sometime so I left the mudhouse about 2400 and went on the hunt for The Hub. All I knew was it was on the nearest college campus. I finally found it and was able to get connected to the internet! WOOHOO!!! I was all into my school work and at 0100 they told me they were closing. I did at least get a dent put into my homework! I also had some awesome tea that I think will have to be my new addiction! I believe tea is on my free list! Drink

I am waiting for my washing machine to get done so I can have dry clothes when I wake up in the morning! Washing Machine Esp. clean workout clothes! I just hope I can sleep since I have to sit in class most of the afternoon tomorrow. I need to be awake as we will be going over our test next week! I am nervous about the first test in Pathophysiology!

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