Monday, December 31, 2007

Fun weekend

My nieces spent the night last night. We have been having fun times together! I took them last night to play with a pug puppy so they can see the type of dog I want to have! We also went out to dinner. I had gotten up to early and was sleepy! After we got home, we watched a little TV and I had to go to bed! I feel like that tonight too! I know it is my night shift schedule that makes me tired after getting up early.

Then also on Sunday, my Dad installed my new faucet in my bathroom! I guess this was the orginal faucet from when my house was built in the '50's. The nuts and bolts and whatever other pieces goes with a faucet was all rusted together. He ended up taking my sink out of the cabinet to finish it. I am loving having a faucet that actually works! :-) But then later in the evening after my nieces and I had been in the bathroom using the faucet, I decided to but everything back underneath the sink. There was a puddle of water and I could see water just slowly leaking. I but a plastic bowl underneath to catch the water.

On Monday, he came back over to finish up some things he was going to do to the sink and then also was planning to fix the leak. So far, so good with the leak. I have kept the bowl underneath the sink and it has been dry. I had some build around the faucet that my Dad told me was lime build up. I got my lime away out and let it soak and was able to scrub it off! My sink looks so much better around the faucet too. I would have done that a long time away if that is what I knew that was!

Then my nieces and I left to go play card games at the Mudhouse and we also played the new electronic monopoly. I was about to fall asleep! So we left about 5pm and went back to my house. I needed a nap before staying up till midnight! I had woke up at 6am and but lunch in the crockpot and then made crepes for the girls for breakfast. I am looking forward to the rest of the fun tonight!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

I hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas! Mine was pretty good. I did wake up on Christmas Eve feeling icky. My nose wouldn't stop running and I was sneezing my head off! My nose was all red by the time I got to work that evening. I did get to spend time with my family at my Grandma's on Christmas Eve. That was a fun way to start my day out. I even got to play with some new puppies that my Aunt and cousin have! They are adorable!!!

Work wasn't too bad. Our census was low and we only had one admit during the night. Of course, everything happened around 4am! I was rushing around trying to get things done and patients needing assistance. I had made sure to have everything done to hopefully leave on time but didn't get out till 0750 that morning.

I rushed home to freshen up and load the presents in my car and headed to my parents house. When I arrived, my parents were making waffles for breakfast. It has made me want a small waffle iron! Then we opened presents. I was real excited about getting a new bathroom faucet! Mine is old and I keep having to replace parts on it so I decided to ask for a new one for Christmas. My parents are coming out soon to install it for me! I can't wait! I also got a tripod for my camera, Will & Grace season 2, Bourne Ultimatum, Betty Boop socks, Coca-Cola cup dispenser for my kitchen, and a pug figurine! I had to go play with a pug again and I can't wait till I can get me my own pug! They are sooo adorable!

I have had a good holiday and enjoying my break from school. I have kinda wished I had taken some vacation during my break from school so I can get more done. I do have a three day weekend coming up so I hope to be able to get something accomplished!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Getting things done!

I finished my Christmas shopping today! I am sooo glad as the traffic is horrible! It takes 2-3 times to make it through a stop light. If you happen to go through an area with lots of shopping, expect delays. I am glad that I did survive!

I am a little sleepy tonight since I have been up since 0400. I had to take a short nap and then got up and made the cheese ball and peanut butter balls. I ended up making 2 cheese balls. It wasn't my plan but when I taste tested the first one, I got too much hot sauce!! So I had enough ingredients to make another and it was much better. Just a hint of flavor! Yum! I just hope everyone at work likes it!

One thing I still need to do is wrap gifts. I still would like to send out Christmas cards but haven't quite gotten to that! I did buy stamps tonight so I could. I need to at least get cards out to the people that have sent me cards and hopefully to the rest of the people on my list. I am sure my address list needs some updating. I got some really cute cards this year and want to send them out!!!

I had a good day and got lots done. I just can't wait for a day that I don't have all these errands and appointments so I can spend a day being creative in my scrap room! I need to get my scrap room a little better organized so I know where things are. I hope in the next week or so I can do that!

I got my final grades for this semester and I got an "A" in Old Testament and also in Community Health! WOOHOO!!!! I am excited to be a 4.0 student this semester! I am excited that my LAST semester is coming up! Then my next goal is to learn more about photography and how to use my fancy new camera!

Wild week!

It has been crazy this week. It started on Monday when I couldn't stop sneezing. I got up earlier than usual that morning and went and upgraded my cell phone. Now I have a Blackberry Pearl. I have been really liking it so far. I have learned how to sync it with Microsoft Outlook which is awesome!!! Then that afternoon, I had an appointment to take Chloe to the vet for her yearly checkup. I couldn't stop sneezing but wanted to finish my Christmas shopping and get presents wrapped. I came home and fell asleep and the later part of my day didn't get done.

I worked the next night and ended up oversleeping for my shift. I had slept so much that I was surprised that I did that but my allergies were bothering me. I guess my allergies were requiring me to have more sleep than usual. I guess they didn't miss me to much as they didn't call me until about 40 minutes after I should have been there! So I got up and rushed to get to work. What a way to start out my shift!!

Wednesday, work was insanely crazy!!! We kept getting ortho patients so they must have been full on their floor. I had this cute little lady that had a hip repair. She had an ortho infuser -something I have heard of before but never had to use before!!! So, I got a crash course on how to use it and all was good. Then this cute little lady was getting a roommate which one of the other nurses was taking care of. This new patient had an attitude and went and told my cute little lady that she was bugging her! She hadn't done anything!!! We had to move my cute little lady for her safety! She was smoking in the bathroom and being verbal to the staff that we ended up with a few security guards to get her under control. Things finally did calm down but I was ready to get off from work that morning!

Thursday, not much happened other than sleeping. I was hoping to get my allergy shots but I was too tired. I plan on getting that done today but I have to be their before 1100. They are closing early for Christmas. Today, I have an appointment this afternoon and I also hope to be able to get shopping finished! Tomorrow at work, we are having a little Christmas party so I am going to make peanut butter balls and a cheese ball. I have never made a cheese ball before and was going to buy one but I was told it was easy to make. I am going to give it a try! I have lots to do today. I just hope I can stay awake since I woke up at 4 am and couldn't sleep anymore! I wouldn't mind having some fun time hanging out at the Mudhouse if I can fit that in!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Day of relaxation!

I have been looking forward to these two days off from work. I really don't have anything planned but the biggest excitement is that I don't have to worry about what I need to be studying for class this week! I can just get up and do whatever comes to my mind! I love those days as they are few and far between anymore.

Last night at work, I ended up getting floated to the cardiac floor. I had written a paper last summer about non-telemetry nurses floating to telemetry floors. While doing my research, I ran across an article that discusses this very thing. It stated that the nurse that floated to a telemetry unit is held responsible for what happens with the telemetry monitors - even though you weren't able to interpret them. So, ever since writing this paper, I have brought this up every time they try to float me to a telemetry unit. They tell me that they will make sure the charge nurse is aware that I am unable to read the telemetry monitors. I have been lucky that the times I have floated to a telemetry floor, the nurses have been good in taking care of the monitors for me. The unit I work on was supposed to go to a closed unit and only float to our sister unit but that hasn't happened and not sure if it ever will. I did have a good night and worked with good people on the cardiac floor. I might have picked up some knowledge on reading some of the strips.

I have been enjoying reading the book, "A Lifetime of Secrets" and I am almost done! I actually will try to put it down before reading to much so I will have more to read later! I am addicted to this book. I want the other three!! I received an email from Borders that I can get 40% on one book over $20 so after getting a little nap in, I am hoping to get me the first post secret book! It is a little over $20 so it will fit that criteria! Yes! More secrets are posted on the blog today.

I am off to get some sleep!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Winter vacation

I finished my final yesterday. I read everything on the subject list he gave us and then even went through all the quizzes and started reading all of them. I hope I did okay but when I got the test, I realized I should have read into these subjects a little further! I really hope that I did well enough that I get to keep my A. I am glad that this semester is over and I have 6 weeks off from school! I do have my history correspondence course that I need to work on though.

After school and standing in line forever to sell my books back, I went to do some Christmas shopping. I got ideas from my parents on what they wanted and got my dad's shopping done yesterday. I was feeling quite tired and decided to finish the rest later. I had went to bed late and set my alarm to wake me up early to finish studying.

I also decided to go to Borders yesterday and got me the book, "A Lifetime of Secrets" by Frank Warren. I have learned that their are 3 other books that I would like to have in this series. I have something fun to read for a while! It might not take me that long to read this since it is a book of postcards. It makes me want to make me an artsy postcard!

I ended up driving by Petland again yesterday and had to stop to play with a puppy! They had another pug! I sat and played with a pug puppy that was 8 weeks old! It was cuter than the first one I played with. He wanted to play! He kept grabbing at my clothes and tugging at me. Then he would back up and jump at me and bark! Ohhhh, little pug was so adorable! I told them up front that I was to busy for a puppy right now but I wanted to hold it! She didn't hound me as much as the first time I went in. I am excited that I have found me someone that works on another floor at the hospital that raises pugs! Someone that used to work on that floor took me to introduce me to her and she gave me her phone number! I am excited to get me a cute little pug next Spring!

I had plans when I finally got home to watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, wrap presents and get ready to address Christmas cards. I was falling asleep every time I sat down that I decided to lay down. My nap turned into about a 4 hour nap! So, I am hoping to re-plan this for Sunday. I will hopefully not be so tired!

I need to get a little nap in since I do work tonight. I have been watching my DVD collection of Three's company on my laptop all curled up in my warm bed! Three's company is my all time favorite show! Will & Grace is 2nd which I am working on owning the whole series of it too!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Silly, silly day!

I tried and tried to sleep last night without any luck. My nap that I took yesterday was just enough that I couldn't fall asleep. It being cold in my house doesn't help the situation!!! It always gets worse at night even though the heat is on. I am soo ready for spring!! Actually, winter doesn't even start till next week!

I had two doctor appointments today. One of them was my hand specialist which he told me that my finger was healing okay. He feels like this bump is scar tissue but if it is to grow any, I am to see him again. I have the movement back in my finger so he was happy. I don't have to go to therapy. He gave me some tips on how to lessen the scar tissue and to also help with the swelling. I can go see him again in 6 weeks if things haven't improved.

My second appointment went good. I found out the results of the lab test I had done yesterday for the wellness program at work. I am glad that my total cholesterol is 116!! The last time I had it checked it was 109. My only problem with my cholesterol is my HDL's which are always low. I worked so hard with eating right and working out and they went from 24 to 31!!! My dad has the same problem. My fasting glucose was 91. Phew! I was happy to hear the results. I kept having dreams about getting crazy lab results because I hadn't had it checked in 3-4 years.

I decided after all these appointments and before I started studying, I would go to Barnes & Noble. Oh my! I think everyone took off from work today to go to Barnes & Noble! It was crazy! I just wanted a particular magazine, I found it and then left. It is just crazy every where with the holiday coming up. I am ready for traffic to return back to normal!

I am back at the Mudhouse getting ready to study. I am tired! I tried to take a nap in between my appointments today but I kept waking up! I was afraid that I was going to sleep through my alarm. I hope to at least get the rest of my studying done and hopefully sleep tonight and be fresh for my final! I am not sure what I will do after I get done with school tomorrow. I will have to think of something fun to do!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Secrets . . . .

The other day at work a girl was talking about a website about people's secrets. When she started talking about it, it sounded like a book I had seen before called Post Secret at Barnes & Noble. I have now found out by the website that their is more than one book about secrets. I now want to find this book again for some nice calm reading after finals. It will be a nice interesting read.

I finally did get some studying done tonight. I was all motivated after taking a nap this afternoon. I have been able to have two bowls of soup today but I don't want to push it! I actually still have half of my second bowl of soup in the fridge from the Mudhouse. Maybe by the end of the week, I will be back to normal! The Mudhouse is always busy near the end of the semester with everyone going their to study. I was able to find a table but not able to plug my laptop in so after 1 1/2 hours it dies . . . . . I did all the things that I have been told by the computer geeks on how to lengthen my battery life. I was told that I should get 5 hours of battery life. I learned that you can't run anything on your computer to get 5 hours of battery life so I find that is false advertisement! I did get quite a bit done before my laptop died and plan to do some more before going to bed tonight. I also figured up that all I need is a 69% on the final to keep my A!!! That would be awesome! If I can do that, then I would be a 4.00 student this semester! WOOHOO!!!!!

Wellness Program

I signed up for the wellness program at work. I wanted to last year but they were only taking a certain amount of participants and they had gotten the maximum amount last year when I made it to the benefits fair. This year they were taking anybody that wanted to be involved. Yay!!

This morning was my fasting labs for my cholesterol and fasting glucose. I haven't had these done in a few years so I am curious what they are! The last time I did get these done, I was working out with a personal trainer and watching my diet. I was told that I can look them up at work. I don't work again till Friday. I have only had a bowl of soup for the last 48 hours that I was able to keep down. I had quite the headache this morning!!! I still have a slight headache but it is feeling better. They took my measurements, height, weight, B/P, body composition and lab work. I am supposed to make another appointment to discuss what is available in the program. I think this will be a motivator for me to get myself back into shape! I need to get over this stomach flu thing and finals before starting to get back into the gym!

I was sooo hungry after not eating for so long. I am not feeling so good after eating . . . yuck!!! I have lost 8 pounds since Sunday with this stomach virus that I have had. I have got to snap out of this as I have to study for my final that is Thursday! I have gotten sick at the worst possible time!

Something exciting!

My Community Health instructor finally finished grading everything and my final grade is a 93.05%!!!! Finally, just enought over 93% that I got an A!!!! I really hate the grading scale they have us use. I also found out last week that the ASN students get to use the standard grading scale of 90% and above is an A. So I don't know why BSN students are using the grading scale of 93% and above is an A. I am glad that I did the extra credit as that is what put me over just enough to get the A. :-)

I have been sick since Sunday but I am feeling much better today. I have slept so much that I haven't been able to sleep all night though. Sunday I went home from work and felt fine. I woke up with a stomach ache. I got a drink of water and went back to bed. When I woke up I felt better. I started getting ready for work and had a bowl of cereal. When I was in the shower I wasn't feeling so well and lost everything in my stomach! Yuck! It was 1730 and it was too late for me to call in so I went ahead and finished getting ready for work. When I got to work, I was having muscle aches and was running a temp of 100.6! Soooo, I was doing my best to make it through the night and took some Advil to help with the muscle aches and get my work done. I decided to tell the charge nurse that I wasn't feeling well. We were having a nurse come in at 2230 and didn't qualify for 4 nurses so I was able to go home when she came in. I was soo glad because the Advil wasn't working very well and I was feeling quite icky!!!! I went home and took more Advil and was glad to get to bed for awhile! I am feeling better but not back to normal yet.

I need to get studying for my Old Testament final!!! I have figured up that if I didn't take the final that I can still pass the class. I want to keep my A if all possible. I just hope that I am able to get my studying done for the final. I hope to be able to hang out at the Mudhouse today to get started and hopefully almost through the list of subjects that he has given us to help us study. I hope after this week is done that I will be able to concentrate on my History correspondence course! May can't get here soon enough!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Change of plans

My main goal today was to study for my final in Old Testament. It is now almost 1700 and I am finally getting ready to start! The only thing that has went has planned today was me waking up fairly early. My original plans today was to wake up early and be at the Mudhouse by lunch time to start studying. I had checked the Mudhouse website to see the soups they would have and they had posted that the Mudhouse was closed but was hopefully to reopen at lunchtime. I went ahead and got in the shower to get ready for my day. While I was in the shower, my nurse manager left me a message reminding me about some mandatory education that I needed to sign up for. I went to my work website to see when I could sign up for this education and the only day that I was able to go was today. I was glad that I had gotten up early as I needed to leave in 2 hours to make it to the inservice. I am glad to get my last bit of education done for the year!!

I changed my plans to have lunch at Big Fat Burritos and then head to work for the inservice. I walk into the main doors and they are selling cute webkins and dolls in the lobby. I decided that I would need to check this out after my inservice! The inservice was 2 hours long and very boring but glad to have it done! I also got some business taken care of in Human Resources and got my TB skin test read. I am officially up-to-date with all my yearly stuff!!! I have worked hard on not having my name show up on the end of year list for education that still needs to be attended. This mandatory education, they decided we needed this by the end of the year in October.

After my inservice, I went and found me a stuffed pug and kitten and I found for one of my nieces her Christmas gift! I now have both nieces and my sister Christmas gifts but I need to get my parents something. I have asked them for ideas and I guess they are thinking of it!

I guess my change of plans worked out since the Mudhouse didn't open up today till 1630 for a reason that is unknown. I am just glad they are back open!!! I am now sitting at the Mudhouse enjoying a Frozen Mudturtle and getting ready to start looking up the subjects that will be on my Old Testament final. It is kinda dark and cold where I am sitting so I am not sure how long I will stay here! It is nice for a change that the Mudhouse is calm and kinda quiet. Normally this time of day they are busy.

The weather here has been quite cold. Yesterday when I was driving to school it was sleeting. After class, it was freezing rain! Today has been cold and it is now raining. There has been talk that another ice storm may be coming. I really hope that is incorrect!!! I can't take another ice storm!!!!! I will have to get me a beach house for sure if that happens again!

I am looking forward to my appointment to see my hand specialist next week. My finger is slowly getting better but their is a bump on my finger similar to what I had before the surgery. I am hoping that it is just some swelling as my finger is still swollen. I am really not sure and will feel better after he takes a look at it.

I saw my GI doctor earlier this week for my follow-up. Everything has been the same but the insurance won't pay for me to have the medicine that was working for me. So he told me with my erosive esophagitis that I would qualify for surgery. When this all first happened with my insurance, I had the thought of this surgery he was recommending but then we started getting patients on our floor with post-op complications from this surgery. I told him that I wasn't quite to that point yet because of what I have seen in patients that have had this surgery. I really hope that my insurance changes but that will be another year.

I am ready to turn the Napster tunes on and get some studying done!!

Sunday, December 02, 2007


I almost missed taking my cats to see Santa today. I wasn't able to sleep last night and finally fell asleep around 6 am. I had my alarm set for 9:30 am and thought that would be enough sleep. I guess it wasn't as I slept through my alarm and happened to wake up at 2:45 pm!!!! Santa leaves Petsmart at 4 pm so I jumped out of bed and got in the shower! I was ready to leave with all three cats by 3:30 pm!

When I arrived at Petsmart, Santa wasn't sitting in his chair. It was 3:45 pm so I asked it the pictures with Santa was until 4 pm and they told me yes. One guy told me he would have to get changed into the Santa suit as Santa had to leave early. Phew!!! I was beginning to wonder if I dragged my cats across town for nothing! It all worked out good. They have changed to digital and then had a portable printer that they printed the best print with. I hadn't paid attention that Santa's eyes were closed or that the background wasn't centered! This was the only picture that all my cats was actually looking at the camera, so I went with it!

Then we did a little shopping! I ended up finding a cat bed that was normally $24.99 for only $6.25!!! So awesome! I have had Chloe and Felix taking turns tonight sleeping in the new bed! I also got some Christmas cat toys and other new cat toys for them to enjoy. When we arrived back home, they got some Kitty Kavier! They are such good kitties! :-)

I decided to go to the Mudhouse tonight which was like a Madhouse!!! He He!!! There was only one table open and it was the table that sits six people. I sat at the very end and still was able plug in my laptop. All was good. I shared my table with other people that couldn't find a table either. I was hoping to get some of these subjects looked up that my Old Testament instructor gave us for the final. I had typed up all these subjects and then my jump drive went crazy and wouldn't save and then my computer wasn't recognizing it! I restarted my computer and it was being recognized again but everything I had typed was gone!!! I was glad that I hadn't gotten that much done. I started saving on my hard drive plus my jump drive just in case. I finally left as I was sitting at a table without light. It seems to get busier near the end of the semester at the Mudhouse as everyone is starting to study for finals!

I came home and finished decorating my tree, and fixed some dinner for the week in my crock pot. I just can't wait to have three days off in a row later in the week! I get the rest of the subjects that will be on the final this Thursday so it would be nice to get the first half done and only have to worry about the second half next week!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Kitty talk

Tomorrow I am taking my cats to see Santa! I know they are very excited! I even got them some Christmas things to wear. I got one a collar to wear that has white fur type with red jagged velvet type material with bells on the end. I also got a Christmas hat and reindeer antlers! The trick is getting the hat and the antlers to stay on! I wanted three of the collars but they only had one. :-( I am excited to see how this turns out!

The schedule for work was finalized yesterday. I was trying to get Christmas Eve and Christmas both off so I could spend time with family. When I last talked to my NM, she told me at that time that I was off both days but she might have to change it. She was waiting for the CREW nurses schedule to be done before finalizing it. Well, it turns out that I do have to work Christmas Eve and be the charge nurse at that!! I was disappointed!! I have missed the last few Christmas Eve gatherings at my grandma's and really wanted to be there this year. All I have to say is . . . . . . . whatever . . . . . . .

I am off to try to get my bonus room a little organized. I can't seem to get things done when there is clutter around me . . . .

Friday, November 30, 2007

Back to work . . . .

I have been back to work for a week now and I have been in a coma on my days off!!! My body was so used to sleeping like a normal person that I guess my body is in shock. I can't get enough sleep! Today (I guess yesterday now!) I had my Old Testament class and I wasn't able to sleep the night before. I finally fell asleep about 5 am and woke up around 9 am. I felt tired but I have done this several times before. Well, I couldn't stay awake in class today! I was trying to listen to the teacher and my eyes would close. I was soo ready for class to be over!

The tiredness didn't stop in class. I went to get my allergy shots after class and I always have to wait 20 minutes after I get my shot. I was trying to read a magazine and kept nodding off enough that I couldn't hold my head up and that would wake me up! I woke up once with this one girl in the waiting room watching me and then smiled when I jerked my head back up! I had a couple of stops to make before going home.

I got home and decided to curl up with a blanket on my futon and watch some TV. I woke up about 30 minutes later and decided to go to bed at 5:30 pm. I was hoping to hang out at the Mudhouse last night but thought I get a little nap before going. I ended up waking back up at 11pm! No coffee house relaxation today. :-( Now, I am awake. I do work tonight so that will help me sleep most of the day and hopefully not fight sleep that bad.

Work has been icky busy my first two nights back. My second night back was the worst. I had a patient that was requiring most of my time. I was worn out by morning. Every time I turned around, I had something going on with my patients! We had a nurse that was helping us out which was a big help. Monday night was much better and I was able to leave on time that morning! Tuesday was hectic as we kept getting admits back to back until we didn't have any beds left on our floor. I was still able to get things done!

My hand still is swollen and my finger is still quite sore. Friday night, I had a bandaid on my finger as the steri strips had fallen off. By morning, my incision was wide open!!!!! The bandaid had kept my finger moist but I wanted to keep it covered. So, I went home washed it out good and applied butterfly strips to it. I left this on for three days. Monday night I was back to work and nervous about being at work with my finger being open. Someone asked me how my finger was doing and I have been anxious since it had opened up, how swollen it is and that it was more sore than last week. One nurse told me that I needed a Xanax to calm down about my finger! When I got home Tuesday morning I the butterfly strips off, applied antibiotic cream and left it open while I slept. I woke up with all this extra skin around my incision so I trimmed it off with nail clippers and saw that my incision is really closing up! I was super excited and finally felt like it was going to heal! I had to have a starbucks before going to work to celebrate! :-) My finger is still swollen and sore but my incision is closed up finally! I feel so much better. I can't wait till it is back to normal. I do see my doctor again in 2 weeks.

I have been a bad blogger the last week since going back to work. Hopefully my body will get readjusted to my night schedule and I won't be as tired. Or maybe this is the way I felt before and just have forgotten!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'm an elf!!!

My cats are too!! Check it out!

I've been elfed!

Good news!!

I went for my follow up appointment this morning and got my sutures removed! Yay! It was a little tender but felt good to get them out! Then he applied steri strips to keep my incision together. I am a free women! No dressing and I can get it wet! I am actually typing with both hands today! It feels good! My finger is still swollen and I can't move it fully yet. It is really sore still and I have really noticed that today with it not having a dressing. I do have to go back in about 3 weeks to make sure my finger is healing the way it should and that I get full movement back.

The pathology report was good! This growth was nodular fasciitis. It was benign! Yippee! They rarely grow back which I was glad to hear! He released me to go back to work so I do have to go back on Thanksgiving. I will get 5 hours of overtime! I am just trying to enjoy my last day off from work.

I was planning to go see The Mist by Stephen King today but time has gotten away from me. I might go see it this weekend. I just wanted to sit and relax at the Mudhouse this afternoon. I might go to a bookstore later to look around. I wouldn't mind checking out some books at the library about dog care to see what I might get into if I decided to adopt a pug. I have pug fever!

I finally got all my books for my history class which I am taking by correspondence. I printed out the outline and the key study points today so I can get started! I have until May 13, 2008 to get this done but I am also supposed to graduate around that time and hope to be able to get it done before then. I still don't have my final grade for my Community Health class. She stopped grading things the end of September. One assignment I turned in near the beginning of class that she still hasn't graded. I really wish I could have done the survey for this class. It was posted the day I had my hand surgery and by the time I got back to the computer, it was done with. Whatever! I was only three days! I keep checking blackboard to see if she has posted any grades but nothing. This class has been over for two weeks tomorrow and I have never had to wait this long for grades before! Crazy! Just a little upset about this but what can I do? I am trying to be patient!

I am off to search the library database about pugs! :-)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ready for tomorrow . . .

This time tomorrow I should have my sutures out of my finger! I hope he tells me that I can get my incision wet and no more showers with a plastic bag tied around my hand. It is still pretty sore and I can't bend my finger very well. I feel like the sutures are poking me when I do try. It looks like it is still swollen a bit too. I am looking forward to seeing what he has to say. I just hope it is all good stuff!

Last night after I posted about that adorable puppy I did some research. I googled the company that I was told supplied Petland with their dogs. I was told by the employee that they don't use puppy mills and use from a honorable breeder. What I found out was the opposite. The company that they get all their dogs from is a puppy mill!!! They also have several citations against them for being unsafe. :-( So sad that they support this. I am not sure I will support Petland. I also found lots of complaints for people that have bought dogs from Petland that were very ill. If they don't have proper living quarters, they will get ill!! That just shows that the breeders are only out for making money and not looking out for the welfare of the animals. Sad. Petland employees make it sound all good but I am not sure that they have looked further into what they are really supporting.

I am getting to pick my nieces up from school today and not really sure what we will do. I hope that they don't have any big projects that are due at school tomorrow so we can have some fun!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Puppy love . . .

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is hard! Especially if the puppy you love is $1299!!! That doesn't include the accessories and vet care. :-( Petland opened in my area and I decided to go check it out. I saw this cute little pug and had to hold him! We bonded right away, he played with my shoe laces and untied my shoes and then fell asleep in my arms! AAAWWW!!! I wanted to take him home but couldn't afford paying that much for a dog! What I thought was odd was they had 12 months, 0% financing. I wasn't going to finance a dog, even though he was a cutie pie! I played with him for about an hour and finally gave him back. I didn't want too though! Just look at those puppy eyes! These pics were taken with my cell phone so the quality isn't very good.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I am picking my nieces up from school tomorrow and I think they need to experience Petland! :-)

Friday, November 16, 2007

Odd day . . .

My Mom was planning to come over to my house this morning to help me clean since I not supposed to use my left hand. As soon as I got up, I headed for the shower to get ready. She called me around 11am to tell me that she had forgotten about an appointment and it would be after lunch. I told her that would be fine as after getting out of the shower one of my cats, Chloe, was wanting my attention and I noticed fleas! Yuck! So I had talked to the vet and decided that I would go ahead and pick up the meds I needed for my 3 cats. I called her when I got home and then she was telling me that I need to get laundry done to prevent any flea eggs hatching - which I had already started but she said she couldn't help with that and decided to wait. I didn't quite get that but okay. She called me later to ask me if I wanted her to come over later tonight or in the morning. So again, in the morning I have to get up early . . .

I have gotten all my linens washed and given the flea meds to all the cats. When I adopted Chloe 4 years ago, she had fleas bad. I was glad to be able to catch this before it got to bad and hopefully prevent it from getting worse. My cats are all indoor so somehow, a flea decided to come in the house. I have worked most of the day getting things all clean.

On another note, my wireless mouse that I bought a couple of months ago isn't working. I have to hold the battery just right to get it to work but can't let go or I lose my signal. It was past the time that I was able to return it so I called the company. They said it would still be under warranty with them and they will replace it. So in a couple of weeks, I should receive me a new wireless mouse. I just hope it works better! I don't like using the touch mouse thing on my laptop.

My hand is feeling so much better! It still is sore but mainly around the incision. It has been a week since I had my surgery and have my follow up appointment next week. If should go back to work on Thanksgiving. I really haven't gotten that much done! I keep running errands and then wanting to relax in the evening that I haven't really gotten stuff done around the house. I was also planning to get my Christmas cards done and to also learn more about photoshop CS3 and digital scrapbooking with photoshop elements. Maybe I can work on that this weekend. But tomorrow I have family driving down and might get occupied. Esp. with my mom coming tomorrow to help me clean. It will all get worked out.

I am excited about my family that is coming as it a cousin and my aunt (her mom) driving to visit. My cousin has been living in Japan since end of July and instead of moving back to Seattle where she lived before she moved to Japan, she is moving about 3 hours away! I am excited about that!

My history correspondence class started this week and I don't have my book yet! I ordered it from ebay on Nov. 8th. I keep stalking the mailman so I can get started but it didn't come today either. Maybe tomorrow. She has a 99.8% rating and some of the most recent ones that she has received from other buyers was shipping was little slow but product was as listed. Great! I don't need slow! These hadn't been posted till after I had ordered. If I don't receive it next week, I will send her an email asking when she mailed it as she should have at this point. I will be patient first as I am not sure what she has going on.

I am chilling at the Mudhouse, I had to take a break from the house. I hope to be able to watch a movie tonight. I have had 3 movies from Netflix since sometime in October and need to watch them! I have been sleepy today to since I went to bed later than I had been and woke up early. I am looking forward to sleeping in my freshly made bed!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Surgical memories . . .

I just wanted to make some notes about what I remember of my surgery . . .

--My mom and I arrived at the hospital a little before 0530. There was already a line for surgical check-in. We got checked-in fairly quickly and was taken to my room.

--The volunteer made a comment about if he had taken me to L&D that I wouldn't know what to do. My mom says that I could propably help them if he had taken us to L&D! My mom is silly! I have only assisted in L&D in nursing school!

--The IV start was fast and I had too many people doing different things. The PCA taking my vitals, one nurse asking me questions and the other nurse was starting my IV.

--What I hated most was that I wasn't allowed to wear my glasses once they picked me up for surgery. :-( I can't see a thing without my contacts or glasses!

--I had to wear a surgical hat and had wished that I had worn my hair up. It all worked out.

--In surgical holding I was greeted by two nurses. I was the first pt but not for long! The nurses told me that the doctor would come talk to me and then was wanting to give me Versed. I have had Versed before but didn't remember anything so I wouldn't let the nurse give me the medicine until I saw the doctor just in case.

--The doctor came in and was explaining how he was going to make the incision while marking my finger. I couldn't see what he was doing and had to get up on my finger to see what he was talking about. Then he told me how he has LASIK surgery and has been pleased since he had. My doctor always says, "Paperwork, we always have paperwork" So true! He always makes that comment while I am in the office too.

--I allowed the nurses to give me the Versed and all it did was make me dizzy and I still remembered everything. They did tell me that it was a much smaller dose than what they give for the amnesia affect.

--Pretty soon, they came to take me to the OR room. I had taken time to tie my gown as to try not to moon everybody but as I was moving to the OR table, they untied my gown. They explained it was so I wasn't lying on a knot to protect my skin. Very good point but I didn't like showing all!

--They were getting everything all set up and since I didn't have my glasses on, I couldn't see if I recognized anyone since I was at the hospital I work at. That might be a good thing as I might have accidently mooned someone . . . .

--I must have gotten more medicine in my IV as the next thing I remember was waking up when they were done. I kept raising my hand bcause my fingers were sticking together. I did that a few times and someone came over to clean my hand.

--I remember being taken back to my room but somehow didn't remember why I had folded up blankets on my stomach. I later learned after getting scolded for taking my arm off of them that I was to keep my arm elevated.

--They let me have water! The nurse helped me take a sip and put it on the bedside table on my left side which I had surgery. I reached up with my somewhat numb hand and spilled my water.

--They moved my table and I got to drink tea!!! Yum!!

--All my vitals were good so my mom assisted me with getting dressed. I got scolded again for using my left hand to get up out of bed. Yikes!

--I was wheeled out and the transporter told me I had pretty hair. :-)

--This whole process took 3 hours and 15 minutes. The most of this time I was waiting in SDS, holding and then waiting to get cleared to go home. I am not really sure how long I was in the OR. My guess is 30 minutes.

--We had to stop at the pharmacy to get pain meds. My hand stayed numb all day. I ended up waking up at 0330 with my finger hurting and it felt like it was burning. I was able to fall back asleep without pain meds though.

--I kept having some hiccups during the day and later when I looked up Versed, that is a side effect.

--I stayed at my parents house that night and went back to my house the next day. My fur babies missed me, I am sure!

--The summary of this experience was that it wasn't bad. It is always weird being the patient since I am used to being a nurse and being on the other side. I am getting used to typing with one hand but can't wait till I heal and can go back to real typing!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

A little bored . . .

but it actually feels good! I am starting to get the one hand typing thing down, I thought I would blog a little.

My surgery went good. It turned out not to be a ganglion cyst but some kind of growth from my tendon in my finger. I am now waiting for pathology reports. I hope this thing doesn't grow back! I stayed at my parents house the first night. I just took it easy. I had brought my laptop so I can learn photoshop CS3 and/or photoshop elements 5.0 but I was quite sleepy. I haven't really gotten to much done since coming back to my house.

Today I did get on to the site and took a class on digital scrapbooking. I made 2 12x12 digital LO today. I think I understand the basics of digital scrapbooking. I am hoping to also go through my digital scrapbook magazines and the computer tricks book to learn even more. By the time I get fully recovered, I might be fairly good at some basic tools.
I took my first adventure out of my house since my surgery to the Mudhouse. I am also going to work tonight to visit with a co-worker. Driving is interesting since I drive with my left hand. I am so used to being on the go and having something to do so I have gotten a little bored. I might get used to this a little to much!

I am looking forward to taking my bandage off tomorrow. I had to leave the surgical dressing on for 3 days. I have no idea how my finger looks! I am also looking forward to cleaning my left hand better. I still have iodine stains that I can't seem to get off but I can't get the bandage wet.

I have posted my digi layouts that I made today. I hope to have more digi fun!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

PowerPoint Presentation

I have been soo nervous today about my PowerPoint presentation that I had to give this afternoon. I couldn't sleep last night very well and I walked into the school this morning and my heart just pounded! I was going to my Old Testament class! I had at least four more hours till my presentation. When it was time for class, I thought I was going to start hyperventilating! Everyone else seemed so calm so I kinda calmed down. The teacher asked if anyone wanted to go first, I volunteered so I could just get it over with!

I actually stood up in front of the class about 20 minutes before the teacher was ready but that actually calmed me down. Once classmate wanted to get into her email and save her presentation on the desktop while we were waiting for the instructor to get back and I guess I was taking deep breaths. She asked me if I was nervous. She talked to me for a bit and told me not to worry about it. When the teacher finally got back, I got started and actually did okay giving the presentation. I was sooo glad that I went first as I might have had a stroke if I had to sit through all the presentation's before going. I hate giving presentations! I actually think this will be the last one in my program. Thank goodness! She showed us our grade and she gave me all my points for my presentation! Yay! Community Health is over! :-)

I might not be blogging for a few days because of my hand surgery in the morning. I guess that all depends on what kind of restrictions I will have after my surgery. If I can make it through a presentation, this surgery shall be a breeze! :-)

I am done!!!

I worked hard yesterday and got all my assignments done for community health! I have to give a PowerPoint presentation today and then I will consider this class done!!! I am so glad to have this done as this class has taken up soo much time. I have my Old Testament class and I also sent off for my correspondence of History. I was able to find my book on ebay for my history class for $7 plus $3 shipping! The new books are about $100 so I am glad to be saving $90! :-)

I have school for 8 hours today and when I do get home, I have to take a hibiclens shower and then again in the morning. I have to be at the hospital at 0530! Too early for me but I will be glad to get this over with.

My Dad's birthday celebration was fun. My Grandma (My Dad's Mom), sister, nieces, my mom and me all got together. My Dad went and bought a creme brule cheesecake and it was sooo good! It was a fun evening.

I better get ready for school and make sure I don't forget anything today!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Busy, Busy . . .

Last night we ran out of time before getting to make duct tape wallets. We enjoyed our time at Big Mama's and had yummy sandwiches! We also started to work on our homework but them Shilo needed her science project that she left at my parents house soo we left to go get it. We didn't get the homework done before my sister got off from work. She actually got off a little earlier than normal as the last patient cancelled. My sister wants to make a duct tape wallet with us! Maybe we can plan a day and go that. I have duct tape in 3 colors plus the traditional duct tape. :-)

I have my paper started and it was really easy to start. Then I have hit some harder areas which she said we would end having to make up since we aren't implementing our intervention. I find it hard to make stuff up! I already have 3 pages with what I have. She really didn't give us a page limit. Then I need to add highlights of my community assessment and intervention paper into a PowerPoint to do a presentation. I hate talking in front of the class and I about faint every time.

Today is my Dad's birthday! Tonight my sister, nieces and I are all going over to Mom's and Dad's house to celebrate. My goal is to have all my homework done by 5 pm! I want to be able to relax and not worry about getting all this stuff done.

I had better get busy!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Let's try this again . . . .

Okay new day and I hope it goes better than yesterday! I am going to be busy working on stuff for school. I also need to get my allergy shots today. I am really excited about picking my nieces up from school today! Yay!!! I am going to take them to a different coffee shop tonight, Big Mama's. They have never seen that one. We also have two more coffee shops opening up downtown. Yay! I am looking forward to what these new coffee shops are going to be like. One is supposed to open this month. I will have to remember to bring my *new* camera!

I have been on a regular schedule for a little over a week and it has been nice! I have finally gotten over the tire slump that I get in the afternoon and can now stay up a little after midnight and wake up around 9 am. By the time I go back to work, I won't be able to sleep during the day!

I am sure my nieces will have homework to get done tonight. We might be able to do that at Big Mama's. One of them has a science test tomorrow sooo we need to study! I am hoping that we will have time left to make duck tape wallets. We have been wanting to do this for awhile now and I finally found colored duct tape. So, I hope the evening goes as planned!

I spent the biggest part of last night working on the other online CEU class for my public health class. Today, I just need to type up answers for the case studies and that is done. I think my main priority will be getting this paper started! After I get my paper done, I can get this presentation typed up in powerpoint. I can't wait for this class to be over!

I am off to get this day going!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Accomplishing everything little by little

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My bad news that I got this morning has had me not be as motivated today to get my homework done. I am doing my best to get it done little by little. I did get the research done for my intervention paper and also finished typing up my summary of the Learning with Lilly online class I did for clinical hours. I am hoping to get my paper started tonight and maybe work on the other online class about public health nursing for clinical hours. Then all that will be left is writing up my presentation in power point. What a week! I am just glad that I am on vacation.

I have been listening to the big hair bands of the 80's the last few days. Yesterday, the song that was playing in the Mudhouse has increased that! I kept finding more songs on Napster that I remember from high school. I wish I could find my USB cord that goes to my mp3 player so I could add new songs!

I added a picture of the 2 page LO that I got done at Camp Scrap last Friday. It is a kit that I got from Scrapjammies.

Back to getting the rest of my community health assignments done! Felix thinks he has to be sitting on the desk when I am on the computer. It is cute but I need to spread all my notes out! :-)

No good news . . .

I got a phone call from my GI doctor's nurse and she told me that the insurance just won't preauthorize any other medicine for my GERD. She told me everything she included that proved that I needed something different other than the Prevacid. I just hope the insurance will pay for the damage that this is causing my esophagus. Insurance sucks! I have learned that the other hospital has a better Rx plan and I could get the medicine I need but I have had 13.5 years in the hospital I am at. I have had thoughts of going prn and working just enough to get me the Rx plan at the other hospital. Then I would have to change doctors or pay more out of pocket. I guess I have to live with the heartburn but I am tired of it.

But on a better note, I have been working hard on getting this homework done. I got my journal done and submitted last night along with the online exam. I have been working on typing up a summary for an online course I did for the class. I was supposed to get a certificate in the mail but never did. I printed out that I completed everything with the course and it had my name on it. I hope she takes it as that is 4 hours of clinical time! I need to write my intervention paper, presentation and possibly do some extra credit. This class has been too busy for me with my work schedule!

I am going to start getting ready for my day and get this homework done. I am looking forward to having my nieces tomorrow and want to have fun!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

"Girls Rock Your Boyz"

I walked into the Mudhouse today and Quiet Riot was playing! I was getting into it as I love Rock-n-Roll!!!!! But it was funny as I was standing in line the music changed to some slow coffee house music. Everyone in line was saying how it was a drastic change! I spent the first little part of my time here hunting for that song on Napster and finally found it!

Yesterday the day got away from me before I knew it! I didn't get any of my homework accomplished. So I am trying again today. I have to get this online exam done as it is due tomorrow at noon. That is what I have been working on since arriving at the Mudhouse but I have been having problems with finding some of the answers so I get distracted . . . I hope the other chapters aren't as hard.

Maybe more later but I have to get BUSY!!!! I am going to pick my nieces up from school Tuesday and keep them all evening. I am motivated to get the majority of my work done before then so we can do fun things together!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Random stuff . . .

Random stuff #1 - I went to Hobby Lobby the other day and when I was leaving in my car, I saw Mr. and Mrs. Clause driving a fancy automobile! When Santa made a turn I saw that his license plate said Santa! He is already in town getting ready for the holiday season!

#2 - Yesterday I had a scrapbooking nightmare! I had spent most of my morning getting my SJ kits together and finding photos and editing them in photoshop elements to send via the internet through for one hour photo. I get to Wal-mart and my photos aren't their! The girl called and they had my photos but for some reason they didn't get sent to the store. She resent them. I also learned that their is a 20 minute delay between sending photos and them receiving it. I got the phone number to the photo department to call back to see if they got sent. I was late picking up my sister because of this ordeal which was making up late to our scrapbooking event! I called back and the photos still hadn't been received so I was back at home getting my supplies together and just resent them from my computer and that time when I called, they had received my photos. My sister and I got to the event got our spots at a table and then I left to go get my pictures. To my surprise, all three sets went through when I resent my pics! So crazy! I have learned that if I do use walmart online service again, to not pay on the website! They are actually refunding my money for the mishap.

#3 - I did have fun at Camp Scrap even with the stressful start of the evening. I think I finally understand digital scrapbooking. I have been to the digital dynamics class four time and for some reason couldn't get the layers down in photoshop elements. Sooo, I watched carefully and took notes as she made a LO on the screen with the same program I have (Yay!) and I was able to come home and make a quick LO with some free papers I had downloaded. I am looking forward to playing around with this some more and finding more free stuff online. I might actually be brave enough to buy some digital kits! :-)

#4 - I have until Thursday to get all my stuff done for my Community Health class as it ends that night! I am excited for this class to be over! I am planning to spend most of my weekend getting some of these things done so I can kinda play during the week before having surgery on my hand. I have an intervention paper to write about my community assessment, my journal to finish up (I have been proud of myself for keeping this up instead of waiting till the last minute!), a summary to write about a CD-ROM I watched, and a presentation to write. I really hate presentations and about faint when I have to give one. I am nervous about this!

#5 - I have new scrapbooking tools that I think I need after going to the crop last night! I ahve 40% coupons to both Hobby Lobby and Michael's that end today. They always have fun stuff to make at the make-n-takes and awesome demonstrations! I will have to post a pic of one creation that is cute and simple to make!

#6 - I never did hear from my GI doctor's office about getting the prior authorization for Protonix. I hope that doesn't mean bad news. I am going to have to call his office and leave a message next week asking how things are going with this! I am trying to make lifestyle changes but that is difficult! I do try to eat healthy but I love spicy foods which I can't eat without having heartburn with my current medicine. He gave me a list of things I shouldn't eat. My difficult thing is no carbonated drinks and no caffeine. I told him about my love for diet A&W rootbeer which is caffeine free is still carbonated. I love these energy drinks that do have the caffeine and I do have problems with heartburn after drinking them! They do have a caffeine free version so I might try that. It is still carbonated though but maybe without the caffeine it won't bother me as bad. It seems like everything has something that causes me to have heartburn. Bland is no fun!

#7 - I have been pondering on joining I have been wanting to get back on track with eating more healthy and working out. When I started school in Spring 2005, this ended up being put aside. I just don't have the extra time to work out but with my class ending this week and only having a correspondence course and one class at school I am wanting to start working on getting more excercise. I used to workout with a personal trainer and really enjoyed it! I quit after I bought my house a little over 3 years ago. I was a buff girl and I want to be buff again! :-)

#8 - I have a goal of getting my house all clean before Thursday - along with getting all this homework done. I am hoping to concentrate on certain areas of the house everyday so it won't seem like a big job. I do want I need to get by but I want to really clean everything. I am glad that I have an automatic litterbox so that I can let my hand heal a few days before needing to give it some attention!

#9 - It is now Sunday and I never posted this yesterday as planned! I didn't get as much accomplished as I was hoping but plan to get at least the homework accomplished. :-)
The picture I posted today is my sister and I when we were younger! Aren't we cute?! :-)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Almost forgot . . . .

That I had school today! I have been thinking of the things to do while I was on vacation and forgot I still have to go to class! He He!! Soooo, I remembered late last night and I hadn't even gotten my quiz questions answered. I ended up doing them in class today. I think he is starting to try to trick us as what was in the book isn't what he is considering the answer! I am curious on how I did and if I caught on to his tricks or not.

Today is the day that I got CS3 Design Premium delivered! When I first got home, I was disappointed because it wasn't waiting for me. I got in the house and went to check my e-mail and the doorbell rang! It was excited to see the UPS man! Design Premium includes Adobe InDesign, Photoshop CS3 Extended, Illustrator, Flash Professional, Dreamweaver and Acrobat 8 Professional. I wanted to be able to design web pages and so I opted to get the Design Premium. I have no idea on how to use any of it! I am hoping to be able to check some books out at the library to help me with these programs.

After class today, I went to Hobby Lobby and noticed a new section with digital scrapbooking items. I am going to have to remember this and use a 40% off coupon towards one to see if I would even like it or not. I still want to learn how to digital scrapbook even though I would still paper scrapbook. I might even turn into a hybrid scrapper! I am excited about tomorrow as my sister and I are scrapbooking together at her church! I need to upload photos and see what kits I have already put together. I think I still have kits from April packed away in my cropper hopper!

I had to save this post as I wanted to install my new program and it made me close everything for installation. I am now at the Mudhouse and not being very productive! I have been a little frustrated as the last time I used my laptop, my wireless mouse batteries died. I got new ones and thought it would work and it tells me that my batteries are critical and my wireless mouse won't work. I realized that I put the batteries in backwards soo I am wondering if that ran the batteries down. I will put more batteries in (whenever I get them!) and hopefully it will work. If it doesn't, then I am going to see if I would be able to exchange it. I haven't had it too long but it might have been long enough that I can't do anything about it. I just hope that new batteries, put in correctly will work!

I haven't gotten a phone call yet from my GI doctor's office. I just hope that they hadn't forgotten about me! I think if I don't hear anything my next week, I will call and leave a message for the nurse to see where they are with this prior authorization for Protonix. I really hope that I am able to get it. I have been miserable since April when I ran out of my Nexium. Cross your fingers for me! :-)

I had better get a plan started for everything I need to get done by next week for Community Health. My class ends in one week!!! I can't wait! I have a lot to do before then!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Made me laugh!!!

Hopefully good news is coming!

Yesterday I spent the day mainly getting pre-admitted for my hand surgery and seeing my GI doctor. It was a good day to see my GI doctor as I had heartburn that wouldn't go away! That is what I have fighting with since my insurance took away benefits and won't pay for my medicine.

I found out yesterday when I was being pre-admitted that I will have TWO IV's!!! They couldn't even find a vein to draw blood from yesterday and finally took it out of my hand. And I am supposed to have two IV's. I found out that I need two because one is for the block to my left arm and the other will be for medicines. I didn't realize all the stuff they did to pre-admit someone. It took a little over an hour. I had some time to kill before my GI appointment so I hung out at the library finding books to but on hold! I never can find books I want at the library I am at.

I went to my GI appointment and had a chat with my doctor about my problems with the prevacid. He wants me to try this Reglan that my primary doctor prescribed for me but told me to cut it in half since I felt drugged with the full dose. I did that this morning and I still feel kinda light headed. I really hate that feeling! It isn't as bad as it was the full dose but still . . . He told me that he would try to get a prior authorization for Protonix. For some reason he feels like I would have a better chance on getting approval for it than Nexium. His nurse told me that they will work on that and I should get a phone call letting me know. I hope it is good news! I have another appointment in about a month to see how I am doing with the interventions he has given me. :-) I really hope that they are able to get the Protonix approved as I think that will help me the most.

I bought candy last night for tonight and I made the mistake of buying caramel assortment. I have been nibbling on it! I need to be home earlier than I normally am. I plan to hang out at the coffee shop today and mow my yard. I should be home in time for the goblins but I need to get started! I am excited as the CS3 Design Premium I ordered yesterday, should be here tomorrow! I hope that it stays on schedule! This Friday I get to scrapbook with my sister! :-)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Today is actually day 2 of my vacation. I slept just a few hours yesterday and got up so my Dad could come over in the afternoon to help me with my front porch light. I have struggled with getting the globe off! I took the screws off and pull and pull on it and it won't pudge. I even take try to slip something in between the globe and the ceiling and I can't get it off. GRRR! My Dad comes over and slips something in between it and it just comes right off! CRAZY! I now have a new light bulb for my front porch.

I am excited for my vacation which I won't return to work till Thanksgiving because of my hand surgery that I have next week. I am looking forward to having time to get my house completely clean. I barely have time to do the necessary stuff! I am also looking forward to just being a student and sleeping like a normal person! I am hoping to learn more about photoshop elements and this morning with my student ID was able to order CS3 Design Premium at a big discount! I hope to have that by next week!

Today I get pre-admitted to the hospital for my hand surgery and I also have an appointment with my GI doctor. I have had this GI appointment since the end of August! It takes so long to get into his office. I have had time to see my hand specialist twice since I have had this appointment scheduled. There must be a higher demand for GI specialist than hand specialist! I am looking forward to see the doctor's orders today. They may just be basic stuff and not tell me too much.

I am still loving my Canon 40D! I find it easier to use than my little Nikon point and shoot camera. I haven't really gotten into the advanced features yet and really would like a book about the Canon 40D but found out that the book I want won't be released till March 2008! I was really hoping that it would come out about the same time as the camera. I just keep searching for little tips on the internet. I also have a 30% coupon to use at Borders so maybe I can find a good book on digital photography!

I am off to get ready for my day!

Saturday, October 27, 2007


I have actually been productive today. The day started out with it being relaxed but slow. Then my sister called me around noon to invite me to hang out with her and my nieces at a halloween event! I was excited and I get to take pictures with my new camera! Yay!

I was getting ready to head to the Mudhouse to get some studying done but instead did a little cleaning, unloading and then loading the dishwasher and doing a load of laundry. I had been out of dishwashing soap for a while and had about every dish dirty in my house. I went to Sam's last night and got me a bulk pack so I shouldn't run out for a long time! I am glad that all my dishes are clean now! I even got the boxes broken down and put in the garage. I need to work on loading my car up and make a trip to the recycling center next week.

After I got done with this, I went to the Mudhouse house to get some studying done. I got right to business instead of playing around on the internet. I got my assignment that is due on Monday done! So unlike me to get things done early! :-) I also got my journal updated to today for class. I feel like I have accomplished things today. I do have to work tomorrow night so know I can work without worrying about how I am going to get my assignment done on time. That will help me feel more relaxed at work.

I am heading off to my sister's to see what my nieces are dressed up as and to take some fun pictures!

New toy!

Yesterday, I was taking it easy. I woke up early to go the community coalition for school and completed my clinical hours! Yay! I forget that I get 2 hours for putting my paper together and I am going to do another assignment for 5 extra credit points and also for 3 clinical hours. I will actually be over! I am excited that I actually completed everything!

I went and watched Saw IV yesterday. I am not sure what to think of it. It was just more of the stuff that was in the first three but then there was more added to the story to make you understand some things better. I don't always catch on to the jigsaw puzzle thoughts that goes on. I might need to watch the first three and watch part four again as I might have forgotten things that was in the previous movies.

Then after the movie, I thought I would go to Best Buy to price my camera I have been wanting along with accessories that I would need. I have been waiting for them to have 12 months, 0% financing. While I was there, the girl told me that she thought Circuit City was having that special and if so, she could match it for me. She called Circuit City and they are offering 12 months, 0% financing!!! So, I ended up buying my camera yesterday! :-) It is a Digital SLR, Canon 40D! I got home and but the battery in the charger and started playing with it a little. I have taken a few picture of the kitties. I am looking forward to going outside today and taking pictures! :-) I have a lot to learn! This will be something I can enjoy on my vacation!

Since yesterday I didn't work on any homework, I need to get caught up with my journal and do my discussion board question for Community Health. I also need to finish up some assignments that I started in my Community Health class for clinical. I had taken notes on a CD-ROM that we could watch for clinical hours and I have never written my summary. I also need to work on my Old Testament quiz questions for next week. I will have to get started on this early so I can play with my camera later today!

Friday, October 26, 2007

My hard work is finally paying off!!!

I got soooo excited yesterday! I started my day out working at a home school fair in the morning. That was fun! I had a booth for illness prevention/hand washing. The girl that organized the fair had brought a UV light and some special lotion so I could have the children see the germs on there hands and how well they washed them. The adults was interested too! I had a busy booth! It was a fun morning. As soon as that was over, I had to go to class.

I had Old Testament and at the end of class he gave us back our research papers. I was a little nervous as he kept telling us how we didn't follow instructions, blah, blah, blah! But after telling us how horrible the papers were he them told us that they were the best batch of papers he had read in a while. Hmmm . . . . . so I was surprised when I got mine that I only missed one point!!!!! I couldn't believe it! I have never written a research paper before and only missed one point! That makes up for me not doing as well on the mid-term final. Yay! I am going to keep studying hard so I can make an A in this class!

Another exciting thing is that I finished my clinical hours this morning!!! I needed 45 and have 46 in! WOOHOO!!! My vacation will actually be a vacation! I do have some big assignments coming up but I was afraid that I would have to work on getting the rest of my clinical hours in. I am super excited! I am going to write me up a came plan today of what I need to accomplish in the next two weeks for school.

On Wednesday, I got scheduled for my LAST semester of school! WOOHOO!!!!! I am excited. I am going to be sending off ASAP for a correspondence course and then taking 8 credit hours + my 3 hour correspondence course. It will be busy but it will be over with next May! I want to start taking some continuing ed classes in photography!

This is part of all my exciting stuff that has happened this week but I had another appointment with my hand specialist about the cyst on my finger. It was a little smaller but it is big again. It seems harder than it did before he tried to pop the cyst. Soooo, he has me scheduled for surgery in November. I have never had any type of surgical procedure before and I am a little nervous! My two week vacation is going to be extended to about 3 1/2 weeks now. I called my nurse manager to let her know and I will be getting paperwork in the mail for FMLA leave. I have to get pre-admitted at the hospital next week and already am registered. I will have two weeks to worry about what is going to happen!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Funny kitty!!

My cats make me laugh!!!! Friday before going to work, I was taking Pandora and Felix to get booster shots for a new vaccine they received a few weeks before. I had the cat carriers in the living room and saw that Felix was sleeping in one so I shut the door. I got Pandora and with much resistance, got her in her cat carrier. I have a one car garage and can't seem to navigate the car carriers in the car very well so I went to the pull my car out and then came into the front door. When I came into the front door, Felix was having a cow in his carrier! He was trying to dig his way out! I had to laugh! He probably thought that I was leaving and I was going to leave him there like that all night! Poor kitty! He should know his mama wouldn't do that!

We get to the vets office which is always a fun experience! We got into the examining room and everything went pretty good. They had to have temps checked before getting the boosters and then the vet came to give the vaccine. This always gets Felix into growling mode! I get them back into the carriers which I just have to open the door at this point and they go in! I go out to the front of the office and set them down and this little boy says, "She has a dog and a cat". I told him that I actually have two cats with one that growls like a dog! He had to keep peeking into the carriers. I was getting giggly by this point! I got them home and had to de-fur myself before leaving for work! :-)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

A little break . . .

I turned in my big community assessment today. I stayed up all night to get it done and I felt like it could have been better. I just hope that I did better than what I thought I did. I have been soooo tired today! I had to be at school from 1200-2000! I was about to fall asleep! I am happy that I am at home now and can sleep tonight! It will feel so good! :-)

The new schedule for school came out today. I need to email the financial advisor at school as I could take 2 correspondence courses and take 5 credit hours at school. Or I can take 1 correspondence course and then take 8 credit hours. I wish that the correspondence course was covered by student loans. Either way I will be taking 11 credit hours but it will be my last semester!!!!!

I am going to take it easy tonight. I would like to complete these lessons from about photo touch-ups with photoshop elements. I was taking a class about digital scrapbooking but got so busy with school that it was gone when I had the time. All I have to do by Monday is a clinical on Saturday morning - after working a 12 hour night shift, read and answer questions for quiz in Old Testament and finish my Community Health exam. It feels good to not have to work on this crazy community assessment! I do have a presentation and intervention paper due in three weeks. I hope to get started on that next week so I won't be doing everything at the last minute.

I am off to relax a little!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I have had only a few hours of sleep and decide to go ahead and get up to start working on my community assessment project that is due tomorrow! I go feed the cats and then all of a sudden I hear the sirens go off in town. I turned on the T.V. to see what is going on and found out that my county is under a tornado warning. It seems to be more north of the county than I live. What a way to wake up! My whole week has been a whirlwind so far! I bet they have all the patients in the hallway at work and it would be report time too! I am glad I am missing out on that!

Sunday night into Monday morning I was unable to sleep. That didn't surprise me since I slept through my alarm on Sunday and slept most of the day. Right before trying to lay down Monday morning, I was looking at my community assessment guidelines and realized that I didn't have some information from my sites!!!!! I was freaking out a little and emailed my instructor and I also tried to call her office after 8 am to see if I could talk to her. I even called a couple of my other community sites that morning to get the additional information. This Center of Addictions place wasn't very nice when I called. I wasn't able to get info from them and even tried again today and could never an answer at the main number or the number of the person I originally interviewed. When I got off work and out of a meeting for clinical this morning, I went and visited my sites and did my windshield survey. I came home and made a few phones calls to get more information. By this time it was almost 2pm in the afternoon and I had been up since yesterday so I finally took a nap.

I accidently slept through my alarm on Monday and missed my clinical experience but I was glad that it was an opportunity that is an on-going so I was able to reschedule. I am supposed to go back next Monday now!

I went to a community coalition this morning for violence free families. It was interesting seeing all the different communities working together. I didn't realize all the different coummunity organizations and the way they work together. So many commities that go on! I might have to go to some other opportunities like this if I am able. I also got to talk to a couple of classmates that was there too. They had a ton of information in the center about substance abuse I am going to include in my binder.

The sirens have now turned off in town and the warning is over for my county. I think I should be able to concentrate on my community assessment! I am going to be soo glad when I am done! :-)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Trying to be productive

I got home from the Mudhouse and decided to have taco salad with turkey meat. Since I ended up sleeping most of the day, I was hungry! While I was cooking, I was also cleaning my laundry room. I had things sitting in the floor to recycle and it was hard to get around. That room isn't that big so one item can cause traffic problems!

I worked on getting the laundry done to get the hamper out of the way. I worked on getting the recycling to the garage for loading at a later time. Then I worked on mopping the floor. I have the litter box in this room and as many interventions I have taken to prevent the litter from being scattered has failed. I am pretty proud of my accomplishment of the laundry room! By the time this got done, my turkey meat was ready for seasoning and the cutting of the veges. Yum!

I was able to work the rest of the night on my Coummunity Health. I was hoping to be done way before know to work on writing up my community assessment. No such luck. I am still waiting for my bed sheets and comforter to be dry so I am going to use this time to work on writing up my assessment. I won't be getting much sleep today before going to my clnical experience for the day and then going to work. I will deserve me some frozen coffee today! I also might be getting my energy drinks delievered today. I will have to run by my house after getting done with clinical!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sleep is optional

I realized today that this week is going to be insane. The most insane one I have had in a while! My plan for today was to wake up early - I set my alarm for 0900 and get all this stuff done for school. I somehow slept through my alarm and woke up around 1400 when my sister called me! I told her for some reason I was asleep but that wasn't my plan. She was telling me how beautiful it was outside today and that I should spend some time outside. That sounded like a good idea but I had to much to do for school.

I got up, checked my email and had a hot pepper cheese sandwich (not good for the heartburn but my fav!). I still felt quite tired so I laid down for a little bit. Then my phone rang around 1700 and it was my Mom wondering how I was doing. After I got done talking to my Mom, I finally got up for good! I took my shower and finally got out of the house to my current location, The Mudhouse. The Mudhouse has a website now. You should check it out!

I am concerned about this week I have as I am going to not get enough sleep. Since I messed up and slept for like 14 hours today, I might not be able to sleep tonight. AARRGGHH!!!!! I am sure I needed it though. I have been getting from 3-6 hours of sleep when I do get to sleep. Sometimes I am up for 24 hours or more before getting to go back to sleep. It is crazy. I have figured up that after Oct. 25, I might have all my hours in for clinical. This busy schedule will pay off. On November 8th, this class will be over! I so can't wait!!!

My schedule for this week:

Monday - I need to call the last two community sites and get the info. I also need to finish up my windsheild survey for the morning and evening times. I have to "observe" an vaccination clinic for 3 hours in the afternoon and then have a 1 1/2 hours before having to go to work. I work 7p-7a. My also will have an online exam posted for community health today. My discussion board and journal entries are due by noon.

Tuesday - My plan is to sleep. I am sure I will need it. If needed, work on my the final touches of my community assessment. I have to work and be the charge nurse from 7p-7a.

Wednesday - After I get off from work this morning, I have a one hour meeting about violence free families. I have been thinking about meeting with my instructor about my community assessment to see if everything is in order. It also might be to late to do that as I won't have time to do much more research. Get some sleep! I also will need to make sure my community assessment is all in order and to review for my quiz in Old Testament.

Thursday - I have class from 12-20. This is the day my community assessment is due. I will be so happy when that is done! I also should get my mid-term final back to see how I did.

Friday - I need to take two of my cats, Pandora and Felix, to see the vet for booster shots for a new vaccine they received. Then I take them back home and go to work from 19-07.

Saturday - After I get off from work this morning, I need to rush to the other side of town and work at a child care provider event for more clinical hours. Then go home and crash!!!

Sunday - get ready for the home school fair and make my poster about illness prevention and handwashing. I was hoping to just show up at the fair but I think it is going to be fun making this poster. Plus the time it takes me to make the poster will be clnical time. :-) I might have to have my sister and nieces over for grilling or just to have dinner for some fun time. I am not sure what she has going on either.

Update on my cyst is that it is still there! I can tell that he did make it is a little smaller at the base but the top part is still there and it seems harder for some reason. It is super tender after him doing the procedure on my finger. I was thinking it might be swelling but I don't think it is. I am going to wait till the end of the week and see how it is just in case before calling the office back. He was so optimistic that he had gotten the cyst and I wouldn't have to come back. I wish that was true as I wasn't fond of having my finger numbed and poked at! He will probably do that again unless he decides that I need surgery to get this cyst taken care of.

I need to get the Napser tunes going and get started on this homework!