Friday, December 21, 2007

Wild week!

It has been crazy this week. It started on Monday when I couldn't stop sneezing. I got up earlier than usual that morning and went and upgraded my cell phone. Now I have a Blackberry Pearl. I have been really liking it so far. I have learned how to sync it with Microsoft Outlook which is awesome!!! Then that afternoon, I had an appointment to take Chloe to the vet for her yearly checkup. I couldn't stop sneezing but wanted to finish my Christmas shopping and get presents wrapped. I came home and fell asleep and the later part of my day didn't get done.

I worked the next night and ended up oversleeping for my shift. I had slept so much that I was surprised that I did that but my allergies were bothering me. I guess my allergies were requiring me to have more sleep than usual. I guess they didn't miss me to much as they didn't call me until about 40 minutes after I should have been there! So I got up and rushed to get to work. What a way to start out my shift!!

Wednesday, work was insanely crazy!!! We kept getting ortho patients so they must have been full on their floor. I had this cute little lady that had a hip repair. She had an ortho infuser -something I have heard of before but never had to use before!!! So, I got a crash course on how to use it and all was good. Then this cute little lady was getting a roommate which one of the other nurses was taking care of. This new patient had an attitude and went and told my cute little lady that she was bugging her! She hadn't done anything!!! We had to move my cute little lady for her safety! She was smoking in the bathroom and being verbal to the staff that we ended up with a few security guards to get her under control. Things finally did calm down but I was ready to get off from work that morning!

Thursday, not much happened other than sleeping. I was hoping to get my allergy shots but I was too tired. I plan on getting that done today but I have to be their before 1100. They are closing early for Christmas. Today, I have an appointment this afternoon and I also hope to be able to get shopping finished! Tomorrow at work, we are having a little Christmas party so I am going to make peanut butter balls and a cheese ball. I have never made a cheese ball before and was going to buy one but I was told it was easy to make. I am going to give it a try! I have lots to do today. I just hope I can stay awake since I woke up at 4 am and couldn't sleep anymore! I wouldn't mind having some fun time hanging out at the Mudhouse if I can fit that in!

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