Friday, December 21, 2007

Getting things done!

I finished my Christmas shopping today! I am sooo glad as the traffic is horrible! It takes 2-3 times to make it through a stop light. If you happen to go through an area with lots of shopping, expect delays. I am glad that I did survive!

I am a little sleepy tonight since I have been up since 0400. I had to take a short nap and then got up and made the cheese ball and peanut butter balls. I ended up making 2 cheese balls. It wasn't my plan but when I taste tested the first one, I got too much hot sauce!! So I had enough ingredients to make another and it was much better. Just a hint of flavor! Yum! I just hope everyone at work likes it!

One thing I still need to do is wrap gifts. I still would like to send out Christmas cards but haven't quite gotten to that! I did buy stamps tonight so I could. I need to at least get cards out to the people that have sent me cards and hopefully to the rest of the people on my list. I am sure my address list needs some updating. I got some really cute cards this year and want to send them out!!!

I had a good day and got lots done. I just can't wait for a day that I don't have all these errands and appointments so I can spend a day being creative in my scrap room! I need to get my scrap room a little better organized so I know where things are. I hope in the next week or so I can do that!

I got my final grades for this semester and I got an "A" in Old Testament and also in Community Health! WOOHOO!!!! I am excited to be a 4.0 student this semester! I am excited that my LAST semester is coming up! Then my next goal is to learn more about photography and how to use my fancy new camera!

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