Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Something exciting!

My Community Health instructor finally finished grading everything and my final grade is a 93.05%!!!! Finally, just enought over 93% that I got an A!!!! I really hate the grading scale they have us use. I also found out last week that the ASN students get to use the standard grading scale of 90% and above is an A. So I don't know why BSN students are using the grading scale of 93% and above is an A. I am glad that I did the extra credit as that is what put me over just enough to get the A. :-)

I have been sick since Sunday but I am feeling much better today. I have slept so much that I haven't been able to sleep all night though. Sunday I went home from work and felt fine. I woke up with a stomach ache. I got a drink of water and went back to bed. When I woke up I felt better. I started getting ready for work and had a bowl of cereal. When I was in the shower I wasn't feeling so well and lost everything in my stomach! Yuck! It was 1730 and it was too late for me to call in so I went ahead and finished getting ready for work. When I got to work, I was having muscle aches and was running a temp of 100.6! Soooo, I was doing my best to make it through the night and took some Advil to help with the muscle aches and get my work done. I decided to tell the charge nurse that I wasn't feeling well. We were having a nurse come in at 2230 and didn't qualify for 4 nurses so I was able to go home when she came in. I was soo glad because the Advil wasn't working very well and I was feeling quite icky!!!! I went home and took more Advil and was glad to get to bed for awhile! I am feeling better but not back to normal yet.

I need to get studying for my Old Testament final!!! I have figured up that if I didn't take the final that I can still pass the class. I want to keep my A if all possible. I just hope that I am able to get my studying done for the final. I hope to be able to hang out at the Mudhouse today to get started and hopefully almost through the list of subjects that he has given us to help us study. I hope after this week is done that I will be able to concentrate on my History correspondence course! May can't get here soon enough!

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