Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Secrets . . . .

The other day at work a girl was talking about a website about people's secrets. When she started talking about it, it sounded like a book I had seen before called Post Secret at Barnes & Noble. I have now found out by the website that their is more than one book about secrets. I now want to find this book again for some nice calm reading after finals. It will be a nice interesting read.

I finally did get some studying done tonight. I was all motivated after taking a nap this afternoon. I have been able to have two bowls of soup today but I don't want to push it! I actually still have half of my second bowl of soup in the fridge from the Mudhouse. Maybe by the end of the week, I will be back to normal! The Mudhouse is always busy near the end of the semester with everyone going their to study. I was able to find a table but not able to plug my laptop in so after 1 1/2 hours it dies . . . . . I did all the things that I have been told by the computer geeks on how to lengthen my battery life. I was told that I should get 5 hours of battery life. I learned that you can't run anything on your computer to get 5 hours of battery life so I find that is false advertisement! I did get quite a bit done before my laptop died and plan to do some more before going to bed tonight. I also figured up that all I need is a 69% on the final to keep my A!!! That would be awesome! If I can do that, then I would be a 4.00 student this semester! WOOHOO!!!!!

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~Ane~ said...

Hope you will do ok on your exam and hope you will have a wonderful vacation! remember to do soemthing for yourself!