Friday, December 14, 2007

Winter vacation

I finished my final yesterday. I read everything on the subject list he gave us and then even went through all the quizzes and started reading all of them. I hope I did okay but when I got the test, I realized I should have read into these subjects a little further! I really hope that I did well enough that I get to keep my A. I am glad that this semester is over and I have 6 weeks off from school! I do have my history correspondence course that I need to work on though.

After school and standing in line forever to sell my books back, I went to do some Christmas shopping. I got ideas from my parents on what they wanted and got my dad's shopping done yesterday. I was feeling quite tired and decided to finish the rest later. I had went to bed late and set my alarm to wake me up early to finish studying.

I also decided to go to Borders yesterday and got me the book, "A Lifetime of Secrets" by Frank Warren. I have learned that their are 3 other books that I would like to have in this series. I have something fun to read for a while! It might not take me that long to read this since it is a book of postcards. It makes me want to make me an artsy postcard!

I ended up driving by Petland again yesterday and had to stop to play with a puppy! They had another pug! I sat and played with a pug puppy that was 8 weeks old! It was cuter than the first one I played with. He wanted to play! He kept grabbing at my clothes and tugging at me. Then he would back up and jump at me and bark! Ohhhh, little pug was so adorable! I told them up front that I was to busy for a puppy right now but I wanted to hold it! She didn't hound me as much as the first time I went in. I am excited that I have found me someone that works on another floor at the hospital that raises pugs! Someone that used to work on that floor took me to introduce me to her and she gave me her phone number! I am excited to get me a cute little pug next Spring!

I had plans when I finally got home to watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, wrap presents and get ready to address Christmas cards. I was falling asleep every time I sat down that I decided to lay down. My nap turned into about a 4 hour nap! So, I am hoping to re-plan this for Sunday. I will hopefully not be so tired!

I need to get a little nap in since I do work tonight. I have been watching my DVD collection of Three's company on my laptop all curled up in my warm bed! Three's company is my all time favorite show! Will & Grace is 2nd which I am working on owning the whole series of it too!

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