Sunday, December 16, 2007

Day of relaxation!

I have been looking forward to these two days off from work. I really don't have anything planned but the biggest excitement is that I don't have to worry about what I need to be studying for class this week! I can just get up and do whatever comes to my mind! I love those days as they are few and far between anymore.

Last night at work, I ended up getting floated to the cardiac floor. I had written a paper last summer about non-telemetry nurses floating to telemetry floors. While doing my research, I ran across an article that discusses this very thing. It stated that the nurse that floated to a telemetry unit is held responsible for what happens with the telemetry monitors - even though you weren't able to interpret them. So, ever since writing this paper, I have brought this up every time they try to float me to a telemetry unit. They tell me that they will make sure the charge nurse is aware that I am unable to read the telemetry monitors. I have been lucky that the times I have floated to a telemetry floor, the nurses have been good in taking care of the monitors for me. The unit I work on was supposed to go to a closed unit and only float to our sister unit but that hasn't happened and not sure if it ever will. I did have a good night and worked with good people on the cardiac floor. I might have picked up some knowledge on reading some of the strips.

I have been enjoying reading the book, "A Lifetime of Secrets" and I am almost done! I actually will try to put it down before reading to much so I will have more to read later! I am addicted to this book. I want the other three!! I received an email from Borders that I can get 40% on one book over $20 so after getting a little nap in, I am hoping to get me the first post secret book! It is a little over $20 so it will fit that criteria! Yes! More secrets are posted on the blog today.

I am off to get some sleep!

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Lisa said...

You know Jana as long as you can recognize "Fast Slow or Absent" thats the important stuff! Know when to start compressions and call the code. The rest will take care of itself!