Friday, December 07, 2007

Change of plans

My main goal today was to study for my final in Old Testament. It is now almost 1700 and I am finally getting ready to start! The only thing that has went has planned today was me waking up fairly early. My original plans today was to wake up early and be at the Mudhouse by lunch time to start studying. I had checked the Mudhouse website to see the soups they would have and they had posted that the Mudhouse was closed but was hopefully to reopen at lunchtime. I went ahead and got in the shower to get ready for my day. While I was in the shower, my nurse manager left me a message reminding me about some mandatory education that I needed to sign up for. I went to my work website to see when I could sign up for this education and the only day that I was able to go was today. I was glad that I had gotten up early as I needed to leave in 2 hours to make it to the inservice. I am glad to get my last bit of education done for the year!!

I changed my plans to have lunch at Big Fat Burritos and then head to work for the inservice. I walk into the main doors and they are selling cute webkins and dolls in the lobby. I decided that I would need to check this out after my inservice! The inservice was 2 hours long and very boring but glad to have it done! I also got some business taken care of in Human Resources and got my TB skin test read. I am officially up-to-date with all my yearly stuff!!! I have worked hard on not having my name show up on the end of year list for education that still needs to be attended. This mandatory education, they decided we needed this by the end of the year in October.

After my inservice, I went and found me a stuffed pug and kitten and I found for one of my nieces her Christmas gift! I now have both nieces and my sister Christmas gifts but I need to get my parents something. I have asked them for ideas and I guess they are thinking of it!

I guess my change of plans worked out since the Mudhouse didn't open up today till 1630 for a reason that is unknown. I am just glad they are back open!!! I am now sitting at the Mudhouse enjoying a Frozen Mudturtle and getting ready to start looking up the subjects that will be on my Old Testament final. It is kinda dark and cold where I am sitting so I am not sure how long I will stay here! It is nice for a change that the Mudhouse is calm and kinda quiet. Normally this time of day they are busy.

The weather here has been quite cold. Yesterday when I was driving to school it was sleeting. After class, it was freezing rain! Today has been cold and it is now raining. There has been talk that another ice storm may be coming. I really hope that is incorrect!!! I can't take another ice storm!!!!! I will have to get me a beach house for sure if that happens again!

I am looking forward to my appointment to see my hand specialist next week. My finger is slowly getting better but their is a bump on my finger similar to what I had before the surgery. I am hoping that it is just some swelling as my finger is still swollen. I am really not sure and will feel better after he takes a look at it.

I saw my GI doctor earlier this week for my follow-up. Everything has been the same but the insurance won't pay for me to have the medicine that was working for me. So he told me with my erosive esophagitis that I would qualify for surgery. When this all first happened with my insurance, I had the thought of this surgery he was recommending but then we started getting patients on our floor with post-op complications from this surgery. I told him that I wasn't quite to that point yet because of what I have seen in patients that have had this surgery. I really hope that my insurance changes but that will be another year.

I am ready to turn the Napster tunes on and get some studying done!!

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