Thursday, February 28, 2008

Puppy Kisses!

I have had an interesting week. Today after I got done with some of my errands, I decided to go play with a pug!! The pug I played with kept giving me kisses and if I laid her down, she would jump at me to pick her back up! She was adorable!!! I can't wait till I can get me a pug of my own!!!

Work has been insanely busy. We just don't have enough beds in the hospital for the amount of patients that are coming in. There are times that admitting is requesting a bed if they happen to know if a patient has been discharged but hasn't left yet. We have been quite full this week. I am so ready for my vacation from work!

I was rather excited today when I got my New Testament quiz back and I got 10/10 points! I did a good job of memorizing things on such a short notice! Phew!! In American Government this week, I made an 86% on my second test and have an 84% in the class. Much better than I thought!! I also got 10/10 points on my quiz in American Government this week also. Yay!!! In a couple of weeks, I have a mid-term in my New Testament class. His test are difficult!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Icy, slick Thursday

More ice

What a day Thursday was!! I had class and it was raining and sleeting. We even had heavy downpours with the sleet and thunder! Crazy weather day! I had quite the adventure getting to school that morning.

The roads were all slick and slushy so you had to be careful! My school seems to never cancel classes so here I am trying to make it to class. We have a few stop lights that will take your picture if you run a red light. I was at one of those stop lights when the light turned yellow but I was to close to the line to stop and it was too slick to make a sudden stop. I went through the light. I was driving slow and the light turned to red before I could make it through the intersection!! You are supposed to be all the way through the interection before the light turns red or you will get ticketed. GREAT!!! I hope that the weather was taken into consideration as I will be upset if I end up with a ticket in the mail.

I made it to school and the parking lot was almost empty!! Not a good sign. I literally slide all over the parking lot before I got my car stopped. I was glad that there wasn't much in the parking lot! I got to class and maybe half of the class was their. Class seemed to be going as normal. Our quiz questions for next week was on the projector, etc.

One thing I have a bad habit into doing is to work on my current quiz during class. I normally have enough time to finish it and study it enough to take the quiz at the end of class. He annouced that he wasn't going to keep us the whole time since the weather was bad so I started working on my quiz right away. About 5 minutes later, he is saying to clear your desk for the quiz!!!!!!!! I had only gotten one questions done!!!! My neighbor let me look over her questions quickly so I can hopefully make a somewhat good grade. We had class for 20 minutes that day and I am curious what I will be making on this quiz. I am glad I have done good on the other quizzes as I will need those points if I didn't get a good enough grade on this one. I am going to make sure to have my questions done before next week!!!! I still don't study the questions till class.

It kept raining and sleeting but the roads seemed to get better by the afternoon. I had some errands to run so I got done with those and got home earlier than I would have. It was a crazy day!!! The weather man keeps saying it is supposed to get up in the 50's but it hasn't happened yet. I am not sure where they are getting their info but I am loosing faith in the weather man!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Warm weather?

Our 40 degree day was only for one day!!! That was yesterday which I slept most of the day. Today it is back in the high 20's with 0.5 inches of ice in the forecast. Double yuck!!! As of right now, the weather might be in the 50's by the weekend. I am not trusting it till it gets closer. I had seen that it was going to be in the 50's starting today but I see that isn't going to happen!!

I was able to attend my meeting and got my credit for my trauma hours. I have to have 8 hours of trauma education a year. I have two down and 6 to go!! Yay!! I am liking going to the classes better than doing the self-study modules. I am glad that they are offering more classes.

I only had to work a 4 hour shift last night. I had asked a month ago to have 23-07 part of my shift off so I can get studying done for a test I have today. I also have a short paper to write for this class in regards to the two party system vs. multi party system with the American Government. I was planning when I got home last night to work on the paper and then go to bed. I couldn't keep my eyes open! I kept doing the head bob thing at my computer so I went to bed. I woke up early this morning to get things done for class. I am happy that I am not going to class half asleep today! I think I am going to need all my brain power for this test.

I had better get busy so I can do good on my test!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ready for Spring!!

It is cold and rainy today. The ice has melted off of the trees but there is a threat for 1/2 inch of ice again. *sigh* I did see some hope for some warmer weather starting Tuesday. At least temps in the 40's!! That will be much better than what we have been having.

I am sitting in the Mudhouse and it is packed!!! I wasn't able to get a table near a plug-in so my laptop will be dying in 30-45 minutes. I wish that laptops had better batteries. I was hoping to get a paper written and the study guide for Chapter 6 in American Government. I should be able to get part of it done here.

I was glad that in American Government last week I got an 80% on my quiz. Man! I find his multiple choice questions hard! I just hope to be able to get enought points in this class to graduate! I also need to seriously work on my History correspondence course. I barely have time to get my studying for my weekly classes. Phew! I really hate my work/school schedule as I normally don't get to do fun things that I would like.

I was happy to get my federal and state tax return back so I did a little shopping after work Saturday morning. I got me a couple of new Cricut cartiridges that was on sale at Michaels. I now have A walk in the garden and paper pups. I can't wait till I have some time to use them! I also got some water color pencils. I hope to have a day on my spring break to be creative!!!

I believe I should get busy before my laptop dies.

Friday, February 15, 2008


Yesterday when I was getting ready for school, my allergies were kinda bothering me. They kept on bothering me in class. After class I went and got my allergy shots and was sneezing a little bit and couldn't breathe! It just kept getting worse during the day. I just wanted to go home to rest but had a meeting at work so I decided not to go home.

I went to hang out at Borders and was planning to do some studying. I couldn't keep my eyes open to get any studying done and was sneezing. I just sat and relaxed till it was time for me to leave for my meeting. I get to work and the meeting room was empty. It was after normal business hours so I couldn't find anybody in ed services to find out what was going on. I decided to go up to the floor I work on to see if they knew anything. As soon as I got on the floor the secretary said, "Did you not get your message?". I told her I left my house at 1130 that morning and haven't been back home. I guess they had left me a message that the meeting was cancelled. I got resigned up for another time which will be after I get off from work. If it gets cancelled, all I have to do is get to go to bed a little early! :-)

I couldn't stop sneezing and they wanted me to stay and work that night. I just didn't feel very good so I had to decline. I came home and got in my PJ's and decided to curl up on my couch and watch some recorded TV that I am behind on. I couldn't stay awake!! I finally woke up at 2030 and decided just to go to bed. I woke up this morning at 8am. I have had lots of sleep! I can't breathe very well but I have stopped sneezing! Yeah! I have to work tonight so I am getting ready to take a nap.

I am looking forward to having the weekend off even though I have lots to do for school.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

More ice . . .

I can't believe that we have had another ice storm. Today it is supposed to get up to the high 50's and most of it will melt. I have heard that there is more ice/snow coming our way tomorrow. I really hate winter and can't wait for spring!!!

I am not sure where all the time goes. It has been a week since I last blogged. I was going to last night after class but I was so tired from only have a few hours of sleep that I was going to lay down for a little bit. That turned into 7 hours!!

I actually have to get ready for school and have a full day ahead. Hopefully I can make another update later today.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

What a day . . . .

Yesterday, after making my blog post, I started sneezing like I do sometimes with my allergies. I am not sure what triggered all that but I took my allergy medicine - po and nasal - and finally it helped! I have never taken my medicine before and it helped with the sneezing, so I was happy. I had to take a nap after that and finally woke up at 1130 to finish with my American Government paper and try to study for the test. I didn't get much studying done but I did get chapter 3 read which was helpful to me.

I get to class last night and I am about to fall asleep I am so tired. He started reviewing with us over Chapter 3 and then went back over chapter 2. He even let us sit and read out notes for awhile. I hadn't been able to get some of the terms figured out so that made me a little nervous. Then he gave us the test. I felt pretty good about the test as I did more on the matching than I had thought and he went over the bill of rights enough that I got that down. Those crazy multiple choice questions that he does!! He also had one essay question.

After we all got done with the test, we had to trade with our neighbor and we went through and graded them. I didn't want my neighbor to see what I had done! I didn't do very good as I think I am going to end up with a "D "for my first test! Totally sucks! He did give me all my points for my paper. He keeps telling us that we will all do fine if we show up and participate in class. So, I have a feeling I am not going to get an "A" in this class! As long as I pass, I will be okay.

I was hoping to stay awake last night to get some homework done and that didn't happen! I really need to work on my New Testament quiz this morning and that hasn't happened either. I have had a strange turn of events this morning and actually have to make a stop before going to school this morning. I actually have to leave the house in 30 minutes so I had better get a move on!!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Crazy day ahead . . .

Here it is almost 6 am on Wednesday and I still don't have my paper written that is due by 4pm today. Yuck! I just hate papers! This paper is to be a summary of selected items in my American Government textbook. Since I am up early and can't seem to do anything at my desk without Felix being on top of all my books, I am tempted to head to the Mudhouse for some tea and get this paper written plus study for my test in this class too. I am scared of this test so I sure hope that it is better than that quiz last week! I tried to get some of this done last night and I couldn't hold my head up from lack of sleep!

I had went back into my blog to January 2006 when I was excited about the classes I had. It was funny to read just knowing how burnt out I am of school. There was a time that it was enjoyable! That particular semester I remember well. It included classes that used the nursing skills I use at work and built upon them. These classes that have to do with theory and research, leadership, etc. are okay but not really what I want to do with my nursing career. At least not at this time!

Monday night at work was one of the busiest we have had in a long time!!! I couldn't keep up with everything that was coming at me but I guess I was doing okay as my patients weren't complaining. I had one patient tell me that I was quick with his pain medicine everytime he asked. I trying to hide the fact that I was extremely busy! I was soo glad to go home yesterday morning and away from all the chaos from work! I just hope it has calmed down when I go back to work later this week!

I found out yesterday that I am getting Spring Break off from work!!! No work or school! That will give me enough of a break so I can refresh my thinking and finish out my semester!! I should help me also get caught up with some things to without more getting piled up on me! Only 40 more days! I hope that warmer weather will be here by then too!

I have made my appointment to get my passport! I am soo excited!! I need to gather all my documents so I will have them all ready! I couldn't get an appointment till the end of the month but I should have my passport well before I need it! :-)

I suppose I should get some of this homework done but Felix is streched out on my desk! He is such a mama's boy! :-) Well, blogger is not cooperating this morning and letting me add a picture.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Busy little bee!!

I have been too busy!!! I am really hating my school schedule this semester so I am glad that it is the last!! I have been a little stressed today as I have a test and a paper due in American Governement next week. I am working Sat. - Mon. night which is causing most of the stress. Later today, I have a inservice to go to at work that is 4.5 hours long. I hope that I am able to get the Chapter 3 terms done today! I need to get more sleep! I woke up at 1am after taking a short nap and haven't been back to sleep yet.

My first quiz in American Government was scary!! I got all the terms typed up but didn't have time to really study them as I was working. He went over new things in class and then gave us like 5-10 minutes to study this and then gave us a quiz. I got the quiz and I wanted to cry!!! They were all multiple choice but 5 choices with A. I only, B. I and II only, C. I, II, and III only D. II and III only E. I and III only. I hate multiple choice questions like that. After we got done, he did let us talk it over with other members of the class and to change answers. I felt better that everyone else felt the same way I did!!! I am afraid of the test next week if this is what it is going to be like!!!

We had lots of snow yesterday and I am sure it will be a little slick out today. It was starting to get slick last night after I got done attending a trauma education at work. I was glad that I was getting to go home and get in my jammies! I was so tired that I fell asleep around 9pm trying to load tax cut on my laptop! I woke up with it loaded and did my taxes upon awaking! :-)

I have a long day ahead so I had better get back to bed for a few more hours of sleep!