Thursday, February 28, 2008

Puppy Kisses!

I have had an interesting week. Today after I got done with some of my errands, I decided to go play with a pug!! The pug I played with kept giving me kisses and if I laid her down, she would jump at me to pick her back up! She was adorable!!! I can't wait till I can get me a pug of my own!!!

Work has been insanely busy. We just don't have enough beds in the hospital for the amount of patients that are coming in. There are times that admitting is requesting a bed if they happen to know if a patient has been discharged but hasn't left yet. We have been quite full this week. I am so ready for my vacation from work!

I was rather excited today when I got my New Testament quiz back and I got 10/10 points! I did a good job of memorizing things on such a short notice! Phew!! In American Government this week, I made an 86% on my second test and have an 84% in the class. Much better than I thought!! I also got 10/10 points on my quiz in American Government this week also. Yay!!! In a couple of weeks, I have a mid-term in my New Testament class. His test are difficult!!

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April Driggers said...

:) I wish you'd taken pictures of your puggly kisses! :) I'll bet that'd have been cute! :) Congrats on your test score!