Thursday, February 07, 2008

What a day . . . .

Yesterday, after making my blog post, I started sneezing like I do sometimes with my allergies. I am not sure what triggered all that but I took my allergy medicine - po and nasal - and finally it helped! I have never taken my medicine before and it helped with the sneezing, so I was happy. I had to take a nap after that and finally woke up at 1130 to finish with my American Government paper and try to study for the test. I didn't get much studying done but I did get chapter 3 read which was helpful to me.

I get to class last night and I am about to fall asleep I am so tired. He started reviewing with us over Chapter 3 and then went back over chapter 2. He even let us sit and read out notes for awhile. I hadn't been able to get some of the terms figured out so that made me a little nervous. Then he gave us the test. I felt pretty good about the test as I did more on the matching than I had thought and he went over the bill of rights enough that I got that down. Those crazy multiple choice questions that he does!! He also had one essay question.

After we all got done with the test, we had to trade with our neighbor and we went through and graded them. I didn't want my neighbor to see what I had done! I didn't do very good as I think I am going to end up with a "D "for my first test! Totally sucks! He did give me all my points for my paper. He keeps telling us that we will all do fine if we show up and participate in class. So, I have a feeling I am not going to get an "A" in this class! As long as I pass, I will be okay.

I was hoping to stay awake last night to get some homework done and that didn't happen! I really need to work on my New Testament quiz this morning and that hasn't happened either. I have had a strange turn of events this morning and actually have to make a stop before going to school this morning. I actually have to leave the house in 30 minutes so I had better get a move on!!

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