Sunday, February 24, 2008

Icy, slick Thursday

More ice

What a day Thursday was!! I had class and it was raining and sleeting. We even had heavy downpours with the sleet and thunder! Crazy weather day! I had quite the adventure getting to school that morning.

The roads were all slick and slushy so you had to be careful! My school seems to never cancel classes so here I am trying to make it to class. We have a few stop lights that will take your picture if you run a red light. I was at one of those stop lights when the light turned yellow but I was to close to the line to stop and it was too slick to make a sudden stop. I went through the light. I was driving slow and the light turned to red before I could make it through the intersection!! You are supposed to be all the way through the interection before the light turns red or you will get ticketed. GREAT!!! I hope that the weather was taken into consideration as I will be upset if I end up with a ticket in the mail.

I made it to school and the parking lot was almost empty!! Not a good sign. I literally slide all over the parking lot before I got my car stopped. I was glad that there wasn't much in the parking lot! I got to class and maybe half of the class was their. Class seemed to be going as normal. Our quiz questions for next week was on the projector, etc.

One thing I have a bad habit into doing is to work on my current quiz during class. I normally have enough time to finish it and study it enough to take the quiz at the end of class. He annouced that he wasn't going to keep us the whole time since the weather was bad so I started working on my quiz right away. About 5 minutes later, he is saying to clear your desk for the quiz!!!!!!!! I had only gotten one questions done!!!! My neighbor let me look over her questions quickly so I can hopefully make a somewhat good grade. We had class for 20 minutes that day and I am curious what I will be making on this quiz. I am glad I have done good on the other quizzes as I will need those points if I didn't get a good enough grade on this one. I am going to make sure to have my questions done before next week!!!! I still don't study the questions till class.

It kept raining and sleeting but the roads seemed to get better by the afternoon. I had some errands to run so I got done with those and got home earlier than I would have. It was a crazy day!!! The weather man keeps saying it is supposed to get up in the 50's but it hasn't happened yet. I am not sure where they are getting their info but I am loosing faith in the weather man!!!


Christie said...

I love that Picture. I know ice sucks, but it can be so pretty.

~Ane~ said...

nice pic!!