Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Crazy day ahead . . .

Here it is almost 6 am on Wednesday and I still don't have my paper written that is due by 4pm today. Yuck! I just hate papers! This paper is to be a summary of selected items in my American Government textbook. Since I am up early and can't seem to do anything at my desk without Felix being on top of all my books, I am tempted to head to the Mudhouse for some tea and get this paper written plus study for my test in this class too. I am scared of this test so I sure hope that it is better than that quiz last week! I tried to get some of this done last night and I couldn't hold my head up from lack of sleep!

I had went back into my blog to January 2006 when I was excited about the classes I had. It was funny to read just knowing how burnt out I am of school. There was a time that it was enjoyable! That particular semester I remember well. It included classes that used the nursing skills I use at work and built upon them. These classes that have to do with theory and research, leadership, etc. are okay but not really what I want to do with my nursing career. At least not at this time!

Monday night at work was one of the busiest we have had in a long time!!! I couldn't keep up with everything that was coming at me but I guess I was doing okay as my patients weren't complaining. I had one patient tell me that I was quick with his pain medicine everytime he asked. I trying to hide the fact that I was extremely busy! I was soo glad to go home yesterday morning and away from all the chaos from work! I just hope it has calmed down when I go back to work later this week!

I found out yesterday that I am getting Spring Break off from work!!! No work or school! That will give me enough of a break so I can refresh my thinking and finish out my semester!! I should help me also get caught up with some things to without more getting piled up on me! Only 40 more days! I hope that warmer weather will be here by then too!

I have made my appointment to get my passport! I am soo excited!! I need to gather all my documents so I will have them all ready! I couldn't get an appointment till the end of the month but I should have my passport well before I need it! :-)

I suppose I should get some of this homework done but Felix is streched out on my desk! He is such a mama's boy! :-) Well, blogger is not cooperating this morning and letting me add a picture.

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