Wednesday, March 29, 2006

What's in a name?

Name: Jana
Gender: (Female)
Origin: Czech, Arabic
Meaning: God's gracious gift; aharvest of fruit

My mom has told me that she found my name in the bible and really liked it. She likes names that end in the letter "A". In the bible my name is spelled Janah - it might possibly have two "N's" in it. I have a friend that is from Czech and when he first meet me he get saying my name wrong - nothing like it was spelled! He told me that it was a name in his country but he would say "Deanna". He was still learning english when I had meet him. It is fun knowing the meaning of your name!

I had a fun time at my class tonight with Elsie Flannigan! I can't wait till I can go to the classes in April! My sister seems interested so I am thinking about getting those classes for her for her birthday! I would love it if she could come!! (Sharla, if you happen to read this, pretend you didn't read this as it is supposed to be a surprise!!) :-) I will post pics of what I have done the last two nights! I was going to do that tonight and the batteries went dead in my camera. Wouldn't you know it?

When I got home my sister had emailed me information about a scrapbooking night at her church! I am off from work and we are going to go! I think that will be a lot of fun!

I have been working on getting my fall semester registered at school. I have ended up registering for a class in the summer, maybe two. I might take 4 classes in the fall. My advisor told me what I have chosen will be pretty aggressive but depending on my schedule it could be done. After several emails back and forth I told her I will think about all the info she has given me and get back with her. I can take two classes as correspondence and maybe take a different prereq in the fall but it would clash with a class I would like to take. I am going to sit down with the schedule and try to map out the rest of my college days! I had originally thought I would graduate in 2010 but since they have changed the program to an accelerated BSN program I might get it done by spring 2008 - my sooner! That would be awesome!!!!! I need to get done with school so I can have more time to scrapbook! I have a dream to wake up and do nothing but scrapbook all day with my cats sitting around me! I am sure Felix would be in the middle of it seeing what is going one! He is such a mama's boy!!! :-) I need to scrapbook the day I saw him at the pet store! That would be a fun layout!

I think I had better get some sleep! I might take pictures before going to bed if the batteries are charged!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sunday night!

I have to tell something funny of what I did on Sunday night!!! A friend called me last week and asked if I would like to go to a dance with her. I told her I would but didn't get details only that it was casual. So on Sunday we are heading to the place the dance is being held at and she is telling me that her and her sister has played bingo there. She even told me that she won $500 playing one night!!!!! We get there and walk in the door and I realize that I was the youngest one there!!!! I was going to a dance for senior citizens!!!! My friend is in her early 60's but she doesn't look it at all!!! They were even playing country music which I dislike! I was wondering what I got myself into!!! A little Malibu Rum and it was all okay!!!! :-) We had tickets to win a free drink and I won the first drawing!!!!! More Malibu Rum!!! I was excited and I told my friend that I deserved it since I was the youngest one there!!! It actually wasn't a bad night at all! I danced with a few of the men. One was trying to teach me how to waltz and I need more practice!!! We left a little early and went to dinner together. It was a fun change to my Sunday evening but I don't think I will go to another!

OHHHHH!!!!! Just noticed the time!!!! I have to gather my supplies and head to my second class with Elsie!!!! I will have to post pics later!!!! :-)

More computer issues . . . . .

On Sunday, I noticed that my quickplay keys for my music wasn't working and that some other programs wasn't running quite like they should. Some programs just wouldn't run or would freeze up! I decided on Monday to take my laptop back to Best Buy and see what is going on. They took a look at it and told me my registry was all messed up and I told them I was getting errors about my registry and it was related to Microsoft programs. I had called the tech support at Microsoft - as the error message told me to do - and had the assist me with this problem. Well, I guess what he had me do messed my computer up even more! They told me today that I need to do another system restore!!!! I wanted to scream!!!!! I had been on the phone that morning getting my taxcut program reinstated because I downloaded it! I went home and got the CD out to do the restore. It didn't wipe out my hard drive so I was a little confused. I took the CD's I had that came with my computer and went back up to Best Buy and I was using the wrong CD. He got my restore started for me and tonight I have stayed up until almost all my programs are installed! PHEW!!!!!!!! I need my computer to work so I can stop messing with it and I can study for my classes!!!!!! I hope that this time it fixed everything and I won't have to restore anymore!

On a more exciting note! I had my first class with Elsie Flannigan tonight!!! I enjoyed it!!!! I can't wait till my next one which is actually later today!!! I have my photo all printed and ready to go!!! Her husband was there too and he says I look familiar like we had meet before but I don't know where. He seems to know people in Fair Grove so who knows we might know some of the same people! I will have to post a pic when I get the time of what I did tonight!

I can't believe it is 0100!!!! I have to get up early tomorrow for class so I had better head to bed! :-)

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Return of the computer!!!

I am sooo excited cause I have my new laptop back!!!!! I got a call from Best Buy on Thursday so I went and picked it up. They had to replace the motherboard and the hard drive!!!! They told me it must have been a malfunction since it was only 5 months old! Thank goodness for service plans! So glad that I did get one or I would be stuck with a dead computer!!! I am slowly getting things back to working order and hope that it will be the last time I have to do this!

I got a security system installed in my house on Friday and it took 9 hours!!! I was told that it would take about 4 hours. I had gotten off work that morning at 0700 and he arrived around 0800 and didn't leave till 1800. I was sooo tired and he had to teach me how to use the alarm with me half awake! I hope that I don't accidently set it off! I have been afraid to set it on instant alarm as if I open a door it will call the police then. This morning I had forgotten I can't just open the garage door and it started beeping at me! I had to turn it off then I could go in and out and do what I needed to do.

I have been eating lots of sushi lately to get a taste of what I like and don't like. I could really do without the seaweed that they wrap it in! I learned that a local grocery store has someone come in and make sushi and you can special order what you want. I went there and got me 4 different types and liked 3 of them. The one I didn't like was the tempura shrimp and only because they put the seaweed wrap on the outside instead of the inside. I don't mind the contents so I have been peeling the seaweed off and eating the contents! I need to go back today and see what other types I can try!

Spring break is going to be over very soon and I am enjoying it! I have decided today to do some studying to get me ready for the week. I am sitting in the Mudhouse enjoying the atmosphere! I haven't been to hardcore in the studying but I have done a little and that is what counts!

I am sooooo excited about tomorrow as I am taking my first class with Elsie Flannigan at a LSS!!! My second one is on Tuesday! I already have the picture ready for Tuesday. Tomorrow is called 100 inspirations and it doesn't require pictures so I am excited to see what we are going to do in that!!!

I am at the Mudhouse and I think I am going to order me some lunch and study some more. :-)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Photo Fun

Image hosting by Photobucket

I am enjoying playing with my new camera and took a picture of Chloe and I tonight. I printed out my first 5x7 picture! I am thinking of taking this picture with me to one of Elsie's classes that I am taking! I can't wait!!! I actually came up to my bonus room to organize my scrap area and have figured out how to upload pictures from my camera to my computer instead! I am glad that I bought the newer version of Microsoft digital image 2006 as it has more modernized selections. One example is the cell phone picture readjust. I need to get the manual out and learn all the cool stuff I can do with my pictures!! One thing I am learning with my new camera is the file size is HUGE!!!!! I posted this picture in photobucket and it reduced the file size for uploading. The picture is still huge though.

I went to Best Buy tonight to get the 5x7 photo paper and also got post-it brand photo paper! It is soo neat!! It is 4x6 and there are two strips of adhesive on the back similar to a post-it note! I printed the above pic out on it and even have text go around the edges! I am thinking about sticking this to my locker at work! Everyone else seems to have pictures on there locker but me. :-)

My nieces and I had fun together but I was really hoping for warmer weather!! We actually didn't get dressed till about 5pm as my sister was about to pick them up! Since it was cold outside there wasn't much else to do. I was hoping to go to the Mudhouse with them but I finally made it there by 10pm tonight and stayed till they closed. I hope that the weather is warmer this weekend and maybe my sister and I can get together and I can get some new pictures taken! I have taken a lot of pictures of my cats but need people pictures too!!!

I only have to work two more shifts till my vacation starts!!!! I can't wait! I have a paper to start writing for my pathophysiology class and if I turn it in by April 7th I can get extra credit. I need all the extra credit I can get!!! I actually need to email my teacher. I have been playing and doing what I want for the last few days not thinking about school to much. I think I needed that mental break! This weekend I am going to start getting serious again! I have to fit in some scrapbooking fun in this vacation! My classes at the LSS is going to help me do that!!!!

I am going to straighten my scrap room up a little and then go watch a little TV and then get some sleep before having to go to work. I also need to make a stop at a LSS before going to work! That will be a nice start of my day!!!

It has taken me awhile to get this photo to fit in my post! This looks like a thumbnail picture in photobucket and that isn't what I get here when I try to add it to the post! The picture seems a little distorted from the original. This is going to take some practice!!

Monday, March 20, 2006


What do you collect?

Coca-Cola objects - esp. kitchen stuff!! I am turning my kitchen into a Coca-Cola kitchen.

How long have you been collecting?

10 to 15 years I believe.

What got you started?

I don't remember. I have always liked the Coca-Cola stuff and

Who got you started?

Hmmmm, I remember a neighbor when I was growing up had a 50's diner theme in there basement and I really enjoyed it! I think I decided to go with Coca-Cola.

Do you display your collections?

Yes, they are in my kitchen!

and if so, where do you display your treasures?

In my kitchen

What does your collection/collections mean to you? to others?

When I used to rent, the property manager labeled me the "Coca-Cola" girl. I don't think she ever called me by name! I really enjoy my Coca-Cola stuff and can't wait till I can get my floors redone!

Where do you shop to look for additions to your collections? Antique shops? junque markets? flea markets? ebay? family/friends?

I have gotten some of my stuff on E-bay, antique shops and then we also have a Coca-Cola store here. It is going to be moving to another town again that is an hour or so away. I will have to make a trip there someday!!! Family and friends get me Coca-Cola stuff too!!!

Just got home from work and ready to take a nap! I am going to pick up my nieces this afternoon and I was hoping to take them tomorrow downtown to take pictures but the weather has turned bad. The high is supposed to be 30 with a chance of snow! We will have to go with plan B but I am unsure what that is yet! :-)

Sunday, March 19, 2006

A great love for music!

Scrapbooking and Music.

What kind of music do you listen to while scrapbooking? Any?

I will listen to my favorite radio station that plays alternative/modern rock music. Sometimes if it is later at night I will listen to Dr. Drew "Lovelines". I occasionally listen to r&b/hip-hop that is on the radio. That station doesn't come in as clear!

What genre?

My favorite is Alternative music!! I also have a great love for R&B such as Macy Gray. And some of the hip-hop they play on Power Jams.

What are your faves?


Does music soothe you as u sb, or is it a distraction??

I always have to have music on when I am at home and find it soothing!

I enjoy doing these challenges! I have worked all night and need to get some shut eye!!! I can't wait as in less than a week I will be on vacation from work and I am going to hopefully have time to scrapbook!! WOOHOO!!!!!! I have ideas brewing in my head and I need to work with them!!!!

I was going to post a pic of one of my cats that I took with my new camera but the file size is to large!!! My new pics are all about 1.12 MB a piece!!! That is going to take up alot of space on my computer! I need to find a way to make them smaller so I can post them here! Will have to figure all this out later!

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Last night since I couldn't sleep and I couldn't get my printer to install on several attempts, I went through my older Creating Keepsakes magazines to find Elsie Flannigan's layouts. I love using flowers and have always liked the flowers she uses. There are instructions on how she makes her flowers! I might have me some ideas for my Jammie Crop page I need to do! At the crop I am going to in May, we are all making a 6x6 LO about us to trade with others that are going. I can't wait to have a scrapbook of my scrap jammie friends!!!! I am sure when I take some of her classes that I will have more ideas! I can't wait!!!!! I just wish I had more time to scrapbook!!!! I just need to get my pictures retrieved from my DVD disk that I have. Currently, I don't have any digital pictures on my computer! I think I will go work on that! Ohhh, I finally got my current issue of Creating Keepsakes in the mail today too! Can't wait till I can read it!!!

Spring fever!

Spring Fever!!!! 8 Questions about SPRING!

1. Have you gone on spring break before? if so, where, and if not, why?

I don't believe I have!! The reason I don't get to go any where fun on spring break is that fact that I work too and not being able to get enough days off to go anywhere fun!

2. Do you take a spring vacation?

I acutally take a week a month!!! I have two weeks in April! I have vacation the end of this month and looking forward to some warmer weather (I hope!). I normally don't do anything but just relax at home. School keeps me from traveling on these little vacations. My week off in May I am meeting with scrapbooking friend I talk to online to a crop! Can't wait!!!!

3. If you had (or have) a spring vacation, what would be your first choice to do? skiing in vermont? a week in the keys?

If I was able to go any where I would choose a beach vacation - Florida Keys would be a good one!! I have been thinking about planning a trip there someday soon!

4. In your home/apartment, do you do spring cleaning?

Sometimes!! I try to keep on top of everything so I don't have to as it bothers my allergies too much if I do too much cleaning!

5. In your area, what is your weather generally like in mid-march?

It varies. The highest we have been this month is 77 and lowest in the 30's. We have had some warm days and some cold days! I am ready for it to stay warm!! Today was chilly.

6. Spring is one of my favourite seasons ... do you share my sentiment, or do you prefer another season?

I prefer Summer cause the weather is a lot warmer and I enjoy taking my nieces to the fountain at Jordan Valley for picture moments!!!

7. Do you do anything differently in spring than you do any other time of the year? (plant flowers/garden, take off the snow tires, etc.)

I do have a garden and flower garden. I need to work on my garden to get it ready! I have to start mowing my yard again!!!

8. What are your plans for this weekend?

I actually have to work this weekend put looking forward to having my nieces spend the night Monday so we can spend the whole day together on Tuesday!!!
I am looking forward to the time changing to have more daylight!!!! Since I work night shift, I miss a lot of the daylight and enjoy it when I can sleep during the day and wake up and still have a few hours of sunlight to enjoy!!! I am ready to get my back patio cleaned up from all the leaves to start enjoying the outdoors more!!
I had a fun filled Friday!!! I worked all night and got off work at 0700 and was quite sleepy but was meeting friends for lunch. We went to a new sushi place called "Umi's". I had never had sushi before and I only had a couple of bits as my friends ordered raw sushi - I wasn't quite ready for that!! What sushi I did have was good. I ordered chicken with teriyaki and it was delicious!!!! I am going to have to go back to this place!!! I would like to try some different types of sushi too!
I got back home and had to check my test score on Blackboard for my Pathophysiology test and I did better than I thought I did and glad about that!!! I actually made a little bit better score on this test than the first one. I am not going to give up on this class yet. If I study hard enough and can do good on the paper and case study I should be able to pass this class!!! This is a hard class and hopely my last science class that I ever have to take! (Unless I go on for my Master's!!)
Later in the afternoon, I went and had my make-up done at my favorite make-up counter Prescriptives. I just love there make-up cause it goes on so smooth and has a flawless look to it! I liked what they did today. I like my make-up to be natural looking and sometimes they get a little wild with the eyeshadow and blush. I was happy with the look they gave me so I had to go show it off a little and did some browsing at Barnes & Noble! While I was there, I saw the new Creating Keepsakes - which I subscribe too but don't have my copy yet. I was excited to see that Elsie Flannigan made the front cover!! I just love her style and I am excited about taking some classes from her later this month and in April!
I also made a stop at Best Buy about the DVD's of my hard drive of my laptop that is getting repaired. I got them home the other night and couldn't get anything to upload and it is soooo confusing trying to find files!!! I have 5 DVD's of files to search! AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I told them what files I was concerned about and needed until my newer laptop gets repaired. They uploaded my favorites list!! I thought I had lost those web addresses forever but yeah I didn't!!! He was going so fast and I asked him to show me how he did all this. He showed me some stuff but I still think I will be confused!!! For some reason I can't get my CD to my printer to install on my computer so I have no way to print! I am hoping that I can get that fixed tonight!
I was up for almost 30 hours before going to bed and I woke up 5 hours later not able to fall back asleep! I got up and cleaned the kitchen and going to work on trying to install some more of my files on my computer. I just hope that I can get some sleep soon! I have been exhausted from this week and ready for it to be over with!!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Spring break!!!!!

I finished my last assignment for the week and don't have to do anything school related if I choose till 3/28!!!!! In one more week I will be on vacation from work. I am hoping to work ahead, start my research paper for one of my classes and get the review questions answered for my next test in Pathophysiology. I will find out on Friday how I did on my second Pathophysiology test. I am unsure on how I did and scared to see my results.

I feel relaxed tonight after getting my homework done. I have been pushing myself so hard this week and going on only a few hours of sleep everyday to have time to get my homework/studying done. I was sooo sleepy when I got home from work Wednesday morning!!! I was nodding my head trying to do my charting on the computer that morning! I was glad that report was fast that morning and got to go home and get some sleep!!!

I went to Best Buy today to pick up my back up DVD's from my laptop's hard drive. The guy that was helping me wrote out what files to look for to reopen my favorites link and outlook addresses but I get home and can't get this figured out!!! He told me that if I needed help to bring my computer and the DVD's in and they would help me. He said he finds it confusing! I just want a few things to get me through till my laptop is repaired and then I will want to upload more!!!

I am going to read some of the scrapbooking magazines I bought last week that I haven't had time to read yet! TTFN!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Computer issues

My computer kept dying on me last night even after the lady with tech support helped me get it to turn back on. At least I did get my notes printed out!!!!! It got to where that trick she told me about wouldn't work anymore and all I had on my hands was a dead computer! I went to Best Buy today and they are going to back up my hard drive for me and send it off to be repaired. I should have it back by the end of spring break. I have gotten my old laptop back out and got it internet ready tonight and uploading programs I need for school. It has been on heck of a day!!! I have been trying to study for my test I have today but my mind is racing and I can't concentrate. I am already wishing for Wednesday so I can get some sleep!!!! I have all kinds of homework due in my other class that day but it isn't due till midnight so I should be okay.

On the other hand, a good thing that I did get to do today is sign up for classes with Elsie Flannigan!!!!! I am going go sign up for another tomorrow so I am taking three in total!!! YEAH!!!!! Some scrapbooking fun is in my future!!!!!!

As for the blog challenge today: What was the last thing you won??? I can't really remember what the last thing I won BUT the biggest thing that sticks out in my mind is winning the lottery!! I used to occasionally buy a lottery ticket and this particular day the one I liked was sold out so the attendant told me I should try another one - I remember it had something to do with the Kentucky Derby. I got back into my car and scratched it off and it looked like I won $500 but I thought that isn't true. I put it in the passenger seat and drove home. Later that evening I was looking at it again and even called the gas station back and told him what my ticket said and he said "Congratulations!!!" - I was still in shock and didn't believe it. I went the next day and showed it to them in person and they said I did indeed win and gave me money orders for $500!!!!! I need to be pinched cause I didn't belive it at all!!!!! I have actually not played the lottery that much since!

I had better get busy on cramming for my test!

Monday, March 13, 2006

All about blogging!!!!

1. What time of year do you blog the most?
I would say the summer as I am not in school and have time to do things I enjoy!

2. What time of year do you seem to blog the least?
I would say currently I am not blogging as often just because of my work and school schedule.

3. What time of DAY do you do your most blogging?
In the evening time or night time! Since I work night shift I am up at all hours of the night!!!!

4. When blog-hopping, do you tend to look at your blogroll list (or fave blogs) to see which ones have been updated, or do you visit your faves on a regular basis regardless?
I enjoy visiting my fave blogs on a regular basis but haven't been keeping up with that. Was actually doing that tonight when my computer quit! (See previous post for details if you wish!)

5. Do you change your blogroll often?
If there is a blog that I enjoy reading, I will add it to my "blogroll" - it keeps growing!!!

6. How many times a day, after writing a new post, do you check for new comments?
I have them emailed to me and I check my email freqently when I am at home!

7. Do you leave comments on others' blogs, or are you more of a lurker?
I would say I am a little of both but I do try to leave comments often!!! I love getting comments and I am sure other people do too!!!

Ohhh, they just announced that the tornado warning is over for my county!!! I think I am going to go to bed now! I hope to have time to read everyone's blog later today!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Time for a nervous breakdown!!!!!

I have been working on my lecture review questions for my test this Tuesday since last month and all weekend have been finalizing the answers. I only had 14 more to answer and tonight my laptop QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought it was the battery because I didn't have it plugged in. That wasn't it and it won't turn on for anything!!!!!! The blue lights don't even turn on that show itis plugged in!!! All my Pathophysiology notes for my test is on there!!!!! I am going to have a nervous breakdown now!!!! I am actually on hold with Best Buy just to see if they have any suggestions for me but if they can't help me (which I don't think they will be able to) I will be at Best Buy when the doors open in the morning!!!! I am currently on my OLD desktop but at least it still works! I am happy that I did buy a service plan so they will fix it without any charges. I have only had this laptop for 5 months!!! I still have my old laptop but haven't been able to get my wireless card loaded so I can get internet. I might do that before going to bed tonight so I can at least get on the internet. I have all my assignments saved on that computer!! Okay, enough about the computer.

I got me a new camera a week ago at Best Buy on sale!! (I also bought a service plan for it too, just in case!) I got me a Nikon Coolpix L1 with 6.2MP and I love it!!!! My old camera is a Nikon Coolpix 775 with only 2.1 MPand prints good pictures but I could only print 4x6 and they look good. My new camera is supposed to be able to do 16x20!! I don't think I will ever get a pic that big but at least I can get bigger prints!!! I took my new camera to my nieces school carnival Friday so whenever I get this laptop thing figured out I can post them!!

I just got off the phone with technical support from Best Buy and they helped me get my computer turned back on!!!!! I am on my laptop now!!!!!! I was soooo excited!!!!!! If that happens again I will have to remember what she told me. When I turned my laptop back on I had 59% battery power left so I don't know what caused my computer to do that. But I am going to go print out my notes, just in case.

We keep having storms tonight with tornado warnings. The sirens have come back on again!! I need to clean out my hallway closet so my cats and I can fit if needed!!! I am in the most unsafe part of my house currently - upstairs in my bonus room. As soon as my notes print I am going to head downstairs, have some diet A&W rootbeer and if they sirens turn off soon, go to bed!!! This computer scare has worn me out!!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

First Friday Art walk

I wanted to post something fun today!!! Last Friday my sister and one of my nieces and there half-sister and I went to the art walk! My other niece was enjoying herself at a church function and she got to spend the night at a resort in Branson, MO. The weather was a little chilly at the beginning and then it got to cold. I can't wait till it warms up a little in the evening to be able to enjoy the art walk without freezing!

Anyways, we enjoyed ourselves walking to our favorite art spots. There are some spots that we never get too and I have a map but we always seem to go to the same places. Our favorite stop, which isn't really art, is Phorm fit living! I absolutely love this store as it is all retro!!! The pics posted here are of that store and the one spinning the turntables is the owner! He told me some wonderful news!!!!! The Fatboys with prints are being released in the United States in April!! I have to get me one and I want it to go upstairs so I can lounge in my bonus room! I also took pictures of shag rug samples that I want to have a small rug made to go in my extra bedroom. I also fell in love with a clock but it is $249 so I will just enjoy the picture!!

I had an embarrassing moment when we left Phorm! We were all getting ready to cross the street and an SUV was driving down and we started crossing the road. I was looking the other way and started walking not realizing the SUV had stopped and I walked right into it!!! I could not stop laughing after that happened!!! The girls was telling me that normally vehicles run into you when you not the other way around! We all had a good laugh! At that point we were on to the Mudhouse!!

We all stood in the massive line to get a drink at the Mudhouse but for some reason they didn't call my name and I kept waiting for my drink. My sister had hers already but still 10 minutes later, I still had no drink. I asked and the guy snapped at me!!!! They said my drink was next. I went back to our table and sat, waiting for my name to be called. My sister went up to the drink counter and said my drink still wasn't there. I went up there and one of the girls working saw me waiting for my drink again and was shocked that I hadn't gotten my drink. She says she remembers making it so I think someone took off with my drink! They gave me a free drink card since that happened and I finally got to enjoy my frozen mudturtle with the rest of my crew! I ended up seeing one of my HOT friends - he always makes my day! He was with his friends so we didn't talk to long. But we sat in there till Jasmine was telling us she was tired and wanted to go to bed!

I am hoping to have my nieces spend the night this Friday so we can have some quality time together! I won't know till the end of the week. Keep your fingers crossed!!!!!

Monday, March 06, 2006


I felt the need to voice my frustrations. I am sitting here in the Mudhouse trying to get my homework done and I am sitting here trying to figure out how I am going to get all this stuff done this week and work!!!! I am sooo ready for this semster to be over!

My pathophysiology class is very interesting but the test in that class is hard! I have a test in one week and haven't had the time to work on my study guide like I have wanted. At least I have started on it but I am not up to the point that we are in class so when she ask us in class if we have any questions from the review questions I listen and write down what other people are asking but I am unable to ask any as I haven't had time to work as far as some of my classmates. I do have a four day weekend and it will be spent trying to finish the study guide by Saturday so I can spend the rest of the weekend studying the questions and reading the book with these questions.

My health assessment class is very interesting and isn't hard information to me at all but it has soo much busy work that are for zero points but if we don't do it then we get points taken away from us. I felt like quite a dork last week when we did meet for class when we did our check off for assessment to head, ears, eyes, nose and throat. My lab partner has had more time to read through the book. I scan over the chapters to get the info I need but I am learning that there are things that I am missing. My lab partner was pointing some things out to me that will help me in writing my lab write-ups. Since we don't have class but once a month, I haven't been able to get with my partner to practice what we were being checked off on. My lab partner did a very good assessment on me and I could tell that she had spent more time than I had. I did pass the assessment but I didn't go through it as smoothly as my partner did. I am hoping that I will be able to work more on this for the next check off. I have been spending more time on my Pathophysiology class as it is harder and I need to study it more. I am unsure how I am going to get all this stuff done for this class and get all my studying done for my test in Pathophysiology test next week. Anyway, I am looking forward to the end of this semester as I will be off from school this summer!!!

Work has been crazy the last week and staffing has been short. I have gotten phone messages to come in to work extra - that doesn't help my study time!! I feel as if I don't have much time to relax and really miss doing just nothing if I like! I wouldn't mind helping out if I didn't have soo much studying and if I adequate sleep.

Anyway, something I find exciting is that my favorite radio station is on the web now!!! I am sitting in the Mudhouse listening to my favorite radio station from the internet!!!! :-) If you would like to listen to my favorite radio station here is the link!!!!!!

I have pictures that I am going to post to my blog from the artwalk - I have awesome pics of my favorite retro store Phorm! I had better get back to my studying!

Friday, March 03, 2006

More blogthings

These can be addicting!

You Are a Natural Flirt

Believe it or not, you're a really effective flirt.
And you're so good, you hardly notice that you're flirting.
Your attitude and confidence make you a natural flirt.
And the fact that you don't know it is just that more attractive!

I am waiting for my sister to arrive at my house so we can all go to the artwalk downtown!! Yeah!!! I am bringing my camera this time to take pictures. Hopefully I can blog more later, I need to go add some curl to my hair before she arrives! :-)