Sunday, March 12, 2006

Time for a nervous breakdown!!!!!

I have been working on my lecture review questions for my test this Tuesday since last month and all weekend have been finalizing the answers. I only had 14 more to answer and tonight my laptop QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought it was the battery because I didn't have it plugged in. That wasn't it and it won't turn on for anything!!!!!! The blue lights don't even turn on that show itis plugged in!!! All my Pathophysiology notes for my test is on there!!!!! I am going to have a nervous breakdown now!!!! I am actually on hold with Best Buy just to see if they have any suggestions for me but if they can't help me (which I don't think they will be able to) I will be at Best Buy when the doors open in the morning!!!! I am currently on my OLD desktop but at least it still works! I am happy that I did buy a service plan so they will fix it without any charges. I have only had this laptop for 5 months!!! I still have my old laptop but haven't been able to get my wireless card loaded so I can get internet. I might do that before going to bed tonight so I can at least get on the internet. I have all my assignments saved on that computer!! Okay, enough about the computer.

I got me a new camera a week ago at Best Buy on sale!! (I also bought a service plan for it too, just in case!) I got me a Nikon Coolpix L1 with 6.2MP and I love it!!!! My old camera is a Nikon Coolpix 775 with only 2.1 MPand prints good pictures but I could only print 4x6 and they look good. My new camera is supposed to be able to do 16x20!! I don't think I will ever get a pic that big but at least I can get bigger prints!!! I took my new camera to my nieces school carnival Friday so whenever I get this laptop thing figured out I can post them!!

I just got off the phone with technical support from Best Buy and they helped me get my computer turned back on!!!!! I am on my laptop now!!!!!! I was soooo excited!!!!!! If that happens again I will have to remember what she told me. When I turned my laptop back on I had 59% battery power left so I don't know what caused my computer to do that. But I am going to go print out my notes, just in case.

We keep having storms tonight with tornado warnings. The sirens have come back on again!! I need to clean out my hallway closet so my cats and I can fit if needed!!! I am in the most unsafe part of my house currently - upstairs in my bonus room. As soon as my notes print I am going to head downstairs, have some diet A&W rootbeer and if they sirens turn off soon, go to bed!!! This computer scare has worn me out!!

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Michelle W. said...

that sucks about your computer!!!