Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Photo Fun

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I am enjoying playing with my new camera and took a picture of Chloe and I tonight. I printed out my first 5x7 picture! I am thinking of taking this picture with me to one of Elsie's classes that I am taking! I can't wait!!! I actually came up to my bonus room to organize my scrap area and have figured out how to upload pictures from my camera to my computer instead! I am glad that I bought the newer version of Microsoft digital image 2006 as it has more modernized selections. One example is the cell phone picture readjust. I need to get the manual out and learn all the cool stuff I can do with my pictures!! One thing I am learning with my new camera is the file size is HUGE!!!!! I posted this picture in photobucket and it reduced the file size for uploading. The picture is still huge though.

I went to Best Buy tonight to get the 5x7 photo paper and also got post-it brand photo paper! It is soo neat!! It is 4x6 and there are two strips of adhesive on the back similar to a post-it note! I printed the above pic out on it and even have text go around the edges! I am thinking about sticking this to my locker at work! Everyone else seems to have pictures on there locker but me. :-)

My nieces and I had fun together but I was really hoping for warmer weather!! We actually didn't get dressed till about 5pm as my sister was about to pick them up! Since it was cold outside there wasn't much else to do. I was hoping to go to the Mudhouse with them but I finally made it there by 10pm tonight and stayed till they closed. I hope that the weather is warmer this weekend and maybe my sister and I can get together and I can get some new pictures taken! I have taken a lot of pictures of my cats but need people pictures too!!!

I only have to work two more shifts till my vacation starts!!!! I can't wait! I have a paper to start writing for my pathophysiology class and if I turn it in by April 7th I can get extra credit. I need all the extra credit I can get!!! I actually need to email my teacher. I have been playing and doing what I want for the last few days not thinking about school to much. I think I needed that mental break! This weekend I am going to start getting serious again! I have to fit in some scrapbooking fun in this vacation! My classes at the LSS is going to help me do that!!!!

I am going to straighten my scrap room up a little and then go watch a little TV and then get some sleep before having to go to work. I also need to make a stop at a LSS before going to work! That will be a nice start of my day!!!

It has taken me awhile to get this photo to fit in my post! This looks like a thumbnail picture in photobucket and that isn't what I get here when I try to add it to the post! The picture seems a little distorted from the original. This is going to take some practice!!


Michelle W. said...

yeah for the new toys!!! Those sounds so cool!


BonnieRose said...

don't u just loving getting new stuff?

mom on fire said...

fun photo! thanks for the heads up on the best buy product! :)

melissa said...

congrats on your camera, cute picture :)

that post-it photo paper sounds neat! might have to check that out