Wednesday, March 29, 2006

What's in a name?

Name: Jana
Gender: (Female)
Origin: Czech, Arabic
Meaning: God's gracious gift; aharvest of fruit

My mom has told me that she found my name in the bible and really liked it. She likes names that end in the letter "A". In the bible my name is spelled Janah - it might possibly have two "N's" in it. I have a friend that is from Czech and when he first meet me he get saying my name wrong - nothing like it was spelled! He told me that it was a name in his country but he would say "Deanna". He was still learning english when I had meet him. It is fun knowing the meaning of your name!

I had a fun time at my class tonight with Elsie Flannigan! I can't wait till I can go to the classes in April! My sister seems interested so I am thinking about getting those classes for her for her birthday! I would love it if she could come!! (Sharla, if you happen to read this, pretend you didn't read this as it is supposed to be a surprise!!) :-) I will post pics of what I have done the last two nights! I was going to do that tonight and the batteries went dead in my camera. Wouldn't you know it?

When I got home my sister had emailed me information about a scrapbooking night at her church! I am off from work and we are going to go! I think that will be a lot of fun!

I have been working on getting my fall semester registered at school. I have ended up registering for a class in the summer, maybe two. I might take 4 classes in the fall. My advisor told me what I have chosen will be pretty aggressive but depending on my schedule it could be done. After several emails back and forth I told her I will think about all the info she has given me and get back with her. I can take two classes as correspondence and maybe take a different prereq in the fall but it would clash with a class I would like to take. I am going to sit down with the schedule and try to map out the rest of my college days! I had originally thought I would graduate in 2010 but since they have changed the program to an accelerated BSN program I might get it done by spring 2008 - my sooner! That would be awesome!!!!! I need to get done with school so I can have more time to scrapbook! I have a dream to wake up and do nothing but scrapbook all day with my cats sitting around me! I am sure Felix would be in the middle of it seeing what is going one! He is such a mama's boy!!! :-) I need to scrapbook the day I saw him at the pet store! That would be a fun layout!

I think I had better get some sleep! I might take pictures before going to bed if the batteries are charged!


Michelle W. said...

hi Jana! That layout is absolutely cutest!!! Get some sleep. Lucky you that get to have class with Elsie! How fun!


Bonzairn said...

LOVE the layout! Keep trucking through school. One hard semester is worth it!

melissa said...

lovein your layout :) you are so lucky to have taken a class by Elsie-I am so jealous! hope you get your schdule all figured took me a while to do they same thing(prereg.)

thanks for sharing what your name means :) how fun

shirley said...

Awesome layout!! Lucky girl and your class with Elsie!!