Saturday, March 18, 2006

Spring fever!

Spring Fever!!!! 8 Questions about SPRING!

1. Have you gone on spring break before? if so, where, and if not, why?

I don't believe I have!! The reason I don't get to go any where fun on spring break is that fact that I work too and not being able to get enough days off to go anywhere fun!

2. Do you take a spring vacation?

I acutally take a week a month!!! I have two weeks in April! I have vacation the end of this month and looking forward to some warmer weather (I hope!). I normally don't do anything but just relax at home. School keeps me from traveling on these little vacations. My week off in May I am meeting with scrapbooking friend I talk to online to a crop! Can't wait!!!!

3. If you had (or have) a spring vacation, what would be your first choice to do? skiing in vermont? a week in the keys?

If I was able to go any where I would choose a beach vacation - Florida Keys would be a good one!! I have been thinking about planning a trip there someday soon!

4. In your home/apartment, do you do spring cleaning?

Sometimes!! I try to keep on top of everything so I don't have to as it bothers my allergies too much if I do too much cleaning!

5. In your area, what is your weather generally like in mid-march?

It varies. The highest we have been this month is 77 and lowest in the 30's. We have had some warm days and some cold days! I am ready for it to stay warm!! Today was chilly.

6. Spring is one of my favourite seasons ... do you share my sentiment, or do you prefer another season?

I prefer Summer cause the weather is a lot warmer and I enjoy taking my nieces to the fountain at Jordan Valley for picture moments!!!

7. Do you do anything differently in spring than you do any other time of the year? (plant flowers/garden, take off the snow tires, etc.)

I do have a garden and flower garden. I need to work on my garden to get it ready! I have to start mowing my yard again!!!

8. What are your plans for this weekend?

I actually have to work this weekend put looking forward to having my nieces spend the night Monday so we can spend the whole day together on Tuesday!!!
I am looking forward to the time changing to have more daylight!!!! Since I work night shift, I miss a lot of the daylight and enjoy it when I can sleep during the day and wake up and still have a few hours of sunlight to enjoy!!! I am ready to get my back patio cleaned up from all the leaves to start enjoying the outdoors more!!
I had a fun filled Friday!!! I worked all night and got off work at 0700 and was quite sleepy but was meeting friends for lunch. We went to a new sushi place called "Umi's". I had never had sushi before and I only had a couple of bits as my friends ordered raw sushi - I wasn't quite ready for that!! What sushi I did have was good. I ordered chicken with teriyaki and it was delicious!!!! I am going to have to go back to this place!!! I would like to try some different types of sushi too!
I got back home and had to check my test score on Blackboard for my Pathophysiology test and I did better than I thought I did and glad about that!!! I actually made a little bit better score on this test than the first one. I am not going to give up on this class yet. If I study hard enough and can do good on the paper and case study I should be able to pass this class!!! This is a hard class and hopely my last science class that I ever have to take! (Unless I go on for my Master's!!)
Later in the afternoon, I went and had my make-up done at my favorite make-up counter Prescriptives. I just love there make-up cause it goes on so smooth and has a flawless look to it! I liked what they did today. I like my make-up to be natural looking and sometimes they get a little wild with the eyeshadow and blush. I was happy with the look they gave me so I had to go show it off a little and did some browsing at Barnes & Noble! While I was there, I saw the new Creating Keepsakes - which I subscribe too but don't have my copy yet. I was excited to see that Elsie Flannigan made the front cover!! I just love her style and I am excited about taking some classes from her later this month and in April!
I also made a stop at Best Buy about the DVD's of my hard drive of my laptop that is getting repaired. I got them home the other night and couldn't get anything to upload and it is soooo confusing trying to find files!!! I have 5 DVD's of files to search! AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I told them what files I was concerned about and needed until my newer laptop gets repaired. They uploaded my favorites list!! I thought I had lost those web addresses forever but yeah I didn't!!! He was going so fast and I asked him to show me how he did all this. He showed me some stuff but I still think I will be confused!!! For some reason I can't get my CD to my printer to install on my computer so I have no way to print! I am hoping that I can get that fixed tonight!
I was up for almost 30 hours before going to bed and I woke up 5 hours later not able to fall back asleep! I got up and cleaned the kitchen and going to work on trying to install some more of my files on my computer. I just hope that I can get some sleep soon! I have been exhausted from this week and ready for it to be over with!!


BonnieRose said...

sounds like u are gonna have a great monday/tuesday.. enjoy them!!!!

Bonzairn said...

ugggggh I feel for you - I work nights and have the same sleep isssues! Hope your week goes well. Jealous about the EF class!!!! LOL