Wednesday, March 08, 2006

First Friday Art walk

I wanted to post something fun today!!! Last Friday my sister and one of my nieces and there half-sister and I went to the art walk! My other niece was enjoying herself at a church function and she got to spend the night at a resort in Branson, MO. The weather was a little chilly at the beginning and then it got to cold. I can't wait till it warms up a little in the evening to be able to enjoy the art walk without freezing!

Anyways, we enjoyed ourselves walking to our favorite art spots. There are some spots that we never get too and I have a map but we always seem to go to the same places. Our favorite stop, which isn't really art, is Phorm fit living! I absolutely love this store as it is all retro!!! The pics posted here are of that store and the one spinning the turntables is the owner! He told me some wonderful news!!!!! The Fatboys with prints are being released in the United States in April!! I have to get me one and I want it to go upstairs so I can lounge in my bonus room! I also took pictures of shag rug samples that I want to have a small rug made to go in my extra bedroom. I also fell in love with a clock but it is $249 so I will just enjoy the picture!!

I had an embarrassing moment when we left Phorm! We were all getting ready to cross the street and an SUV was driving down and we started crossing the road. I was looking the other way and started walking not realizing the SUV had stopped and I walked right into it!!! I could not stop laughing after that happened!!! The girls was telling me that normally vehicles run into you when you not the other way around! We all had a good laugh! At that point we were on to the Mudhouse!!

We all stood in the massive line to get a drink at the Mudhouse but for some reason they didn't call my name and I kept waiting for my drink. My sister had hers already but still 10 minutes later, I still had no drink. I asked and the guy snapped at me!!!! They said my drink was next. I went back to our table and sat, waiting for my name to be called. My sister went up to the drink counter and said my drink still wasn't there. I went up there and one of the girls working saw me waiting for my drink again and was shocked that I hadn't gotten my drink. She says she remembers making it so I think someone took off with my drink! They gave me a free drink card since that happened and I finally got to enjoy my frozen mudturtle with the rest of my crew! I ended up seeing one of my HOT friends - he always makes my day! He was with his friends so we didn't talk to long. But we sat in there till Jasmine was telling us she was tired and wanted to go to bed!

I am hoping to have my nieces spend the night this Friday so we can have some quality time together! I won't know till the end of the week. Keep your fingers crossed!!!!!


Michelle W. said...

how cool!!! Love this post!


Karen said...

the art walk downtown (in the city?) we've always talked about going, but I'm probably not quite *cool* enough! LOL. maybe I'll have to check it out next one of these times. great post!

Becky said...

HA! I can't believe that someone took off with your drink! Sounds like you had an enjoyable day!!

Steph said...

That is a cool clock!! I have run into a car...a wee bit embarassing!