Monday, March 20, 2006


What do you collect?

Coca-Cola objects - esp. kitchen stuff!! I am turning my kitchen into a Coca-Cola kitchen.

How long have you been collecting?

10 to 15 years I believe.

What got you started?

I don't remember. I have always liked the Coca-Cola stuff and

Who got you started?

Hmmmm, I remember a neighbor when I was growing up had a 50's diner theme in there basement and I really enjoyed it! I think I decided to go with Coca-Cola.

Do you display your collections?

Yes, they are in my kitchen!

and if so, where do you display your treasures?

In my kitchen

What does your collection/collections mean to you? to others?

When I used to rent, the property manager labeled me the "Coca-Cola" girl. I don't think she ever called me by name! I really enjoy my Coca-Cola stuff and can't wait till I can get my floors redone!

Where do you shop to look for additions to your collections? Antique shops? junque markets? flea markets? ebay? family/friends?

I have gotten some of my stuff on E-bay, antique shops and then we also have a Coca-Cola store here. It is going to be moving to another town again that is an hour or so away. I will have to make a trip there someday!!! Family and friends get me Coca-Cola stuff too!!!

Just got home from work and ready to take a nap! I am going to pick up my nieces this afternoon and I was hoping to take them tomorrow downtown to take pictures but the weather has turned bad. The high is supposed to be 30 with a chance of snow! We will have to go with plan B but I am unsure what that is yet! :-)


BonnieRose said...

the antique mart I was in over the weekend, had tons of coca cola stuff, u wud have drooled!

BonnieRose said...

email me at
I went to a bookstore today, see my blog and I have a pic I wanna send you!
Found a book I know you would love.!

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