Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sunday night!

I have to tell something funny of what I did on Sunday night!!! A friend called me last week and asked if I would like to go to a dance with her. I told her I would but didn't get details only that it was casual. So on Sunday we are heading to the place the dance is being held at and she is telling me that her and her sister has played bingo there. She even told me that she won $500 playing one night!!!!! We get there and walk in the door and I realize that I was the youngest one there!!!! I was going to a dance for senior citizens!!!! My friend is in her early 60's but she doesn't look it at all!!! They were even playing country music which I dislike! I was wondering what I got myself into!!! A little Malibu Rum and it was all okay!!!! :-) We had tickets to win a free drink and I won the first drawing!!!!! More Malibu Rum!!! I was excited and I told my friend that I deserved it since I was the youngest one there!!! It actually wasn't a bad night at all! I danced with a few of the men. One was trying to teach me how to waltz and I need more practice!!! We left a little early and went to dinner together. It was a fun change to my Sunday evening but I don't think I will go to another!

OHHHHH!!!!! Just noticed the time!!!! I have to gather my supplies and head to my second class with Elsie!!!! I will have to post pics later!!!! :-)

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