Tuesday, March 28, 2006

More computer issues . . . . .

On Sunday, I noticed that my quickplay keys for my music wasn't working and that some other programs wasn't running quite like they should. Some programs just wouldn't run or would freeze up! I decided on Monday to take my laptop back to Best Buy and see what is going on. They took a look at it and told me my registry was all messed up and I told them I was getting errors about my registry and it was related to Microsoft programs. I had called the tech support at Microsoft - as the error message told me to do - and had the assist me with this problem. Well, I guess what he had me do messed my computer up even more! They told me today that I need to do another system restore!!!! I wanted to scream!!!!! I had been on the phone that morning getting my taxcut program reinstated because I downloaded it! I went home and got the CD out to do the restore. It didn't wipe out my hard drive so I was a little confused. I took the CD's I had that came with my computer and went back up to Best Buy and I was using the wrong CD. He got my restore started for me and tonight I have stayed up until almost all my programs are installed! PHEW!!!!!!!! I need my computer to work so I can stop messing with it and I can study for my classes!!!!!! I hope that this time it fixed everything and I won't have to restore anymore!

On a more exciting note! I had my first class with Elsie Flannigan tonight!!! I enjoyed it!!!! I can't wait till my next one which is actually later today!!! I have my photo all printed and ready to go!!! Her husband was there too and he says I look familiar like we had meet before but I don't know where. He seems to know people in Fair Grove so who knows we might know some of the same people! I will have to post a pic when I get the time of what I did tonight!

I can't believe it is 0100!!!! I have to get up early tomorrow for class so I had better head to bed! :-)

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