Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Computer issues

My computer kept dying on me last night even after the lady with tech support helped me get it to turn back on. At least I did get my notes printed out!!!!! It got to where that trick she told me about wouldn't work anymore and all I had on my hands was a dead computer! I went to Best Buy today and they are going to back up my hard drive for me and send it off to be repaired. I should have it back by the end of spring break. I have gotten my old laptop back out and got it internet ready tonight and uploading programs I need for school. It has been on heck of a day!!! I have been trying to study for my test I have today but my mind is racing and I can't concentrate. I am already wishing for Wednesday so I can get some sleep!!!! I have all kinds of homework due in my other class that day but it isn't due till midnight so I should be okay.

On the other hand, a good thing that I did get to do today is sign up for classes with Elsie Flannigan!!!!! I am going go sign up for another tomorrow so I am taking three in total!!! YEAH!!!!! Some scrapbooking fun is in my future!!!!!!

As for the blog challenge today: What was the last thing you won??? I can't really remember what the last thing I won BUT the biggest thing that sticks out in my mind is winning the lottery!! I used to occasionally buy a lottery ticket and this particular day the one I liked was sold out so the attendant told me I should try another one - I remember it had something to do with the Kentucky Derby. I got back into my car and scratched it off and it looked like I won $500 but I thought that isn't true. I put it in the passenger seat and drove home. Later that evening I was looking at it again and even called the gas station back and told him what my ticket said and he said "Congratulations!!!" - I was still in shock and didn't believe it. I went the next day and showed it to them in person and they said I did indeed win and gave me money orders for $500!!!!! I need to be pinched cause I didn't belive it at all!!!!! I have actually not played the lottery that much since!

I had better get busy on cramming for my test!


Michelle W. said...


sorry to hear about the computer issue. ugh.


BonnieRose said...

wow... nice winning! (dreaming of $500 in sb supplies.. lol)... good luck on your test!

ejmom said...

$500...that rocks!

Colleen said...

Computer problems suck! Hope you get that sorted out soon without it costing you an arm and a leg!