Sunday, March 26, 2006

Return of the computer!!!

I am sooo excited cause I have my new laptop back!!!!! I got a call from Best Buy on Thursday so I went and picked it up. They had to replace the motherboard and the hard drive!!!! They told me it must have been a malfunction since it was only 5 months old! Thank goodness for service plans! So glad that I did get one or I would be stuck with a dead computer!!! I am slowly getting things back to working order and hope that it will be the last time I have to do this!

I got a security system installed in my house on Friday and it took 9 hours!!! I was told that it would take about 4 hours. I had gotten off work that morning at 0700 and he arrived around 0800 and didn't leave till 1800. I was sooo tired and he had to teach me how to use the alarm with me half awake! I hope that I don't accidently set it off! I have been afraid to set it on instant alarm as if I open a door it will call the police then. This morning I had forgotten I can't just open the garage door and it started beeping at me! I had to turn it off then I could go in and out and do what I needed to do.

I have been eating lots of sushi lately to get a taste of what I like and don't like. I could really do without the seaweed that they wrap it in! I learned that a local grocery store has someone come in and make sushi and you can special order what you want. I went there and got me 4 different types and liked 3 of them. The one I didn't like was the tempura shrimp and only because they put the seaweed wrap on the outside instead of the inside. I don't mind the contents so I have been peeling the seaweed off and eating the contents! I need to go back today and see what other types I can try!

Spring break is going to be over very soon and I am enjoying it! I have decided today to do some studying to get me ready for the week. I am sitting in the Mudhouse enjoying the atmosphere! I haven't been to hardcore in the studying but I have done a little and that is what counts!

I am sooooo excited about tomorrow as I am taking my first class with Elsie Flannigan at a LSS!!! My second one is on Tuesday! I already have the picture ready for Tuesday. Tomorrow is called 100 inspirations and it doesn't require pictures so I am excited to see what we are going to do in that!!!

I am at the Mudhouse and I think I am going to order me some lunch and study some more. :-)

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