Sunday, July 31, 2005


Felix all grown up
Felix likes jumping into my hamper and then he will jump up out at you!


This is a picture of Pandora taking a nap in my towels.

Cat pictures

I have been trying for too long getting more than one picture to post. The previous post is Felix as a kitten. The picture above is Chloe waiting patiently to be fed.

My cats

Felix as a kitten

I thought I would introduce my cats, since I am a huge cat lover. I have 3 gorgeous cats. Pandora, Chloe and Felix. Pandora was the first cat in the group. I was shopping for a cat at the Humane Society and actually went to go get a cat that I had found a couple days before but she had been adopted. I saw Pandora and she was beautiful! All her blonde hair and she purred when I held and played with her. She was sick with a respiratory infection when I got her and needed to be fixed. She was taken to my vet from the humane society. They had to hold off her surgery till she was better. She spent the first week at my vets office and still came home with the cold. She couldn't breathe through her nose and would spit her medicine back out so I had to give her injections to get her over her illness. She finally got better and she is a very happy purry kitty! She is a scaredy cat. She is scared of Chloe and any noise!

Chloe was added next a few months later. I also got Chloe from the Humane society and I knew she needed to me my cat when I saw her. She is part Persain and is gray/creame/rust colored. She is mainly gray with the other colors mixed in somewhere. She was very loveable. She was already fixed so I got to take her home that day where she spent the first few days behind the dryer! She is sassy and hisses alot at everyone. She doesn't really like anyone but me. I will wake up with a cat laying on me and it is Chloe. She will also sleep on my pillow with me sometimes. She has smacked and hissed at the others cats so much that they are cautious of her. She believes she is queen!

Felix I got a year ago when he was only 12 weeks old! He was the cutest thing! It was the 4th of July and I noticed that the C.A.R.E. center was open. I thought I would see what they had as I was wanting to get a kitten soon. I was talking to a girl that worked there about a cat I thought they need to rescue and Felix was in his cage rolling on his back reaching out for me! I lost my train of thought and had to pick him up! We played together for awhile and we had to go home together! He follows me around everywhere and is my little buddy. Chloe followed him around all day, it was cute. Then I guess Chloe decided that was enough of the kitten and started hissing at him. Pandora and Felix are best buds now but it wasn't that way when they first met. Pandora wouldn't stop hissing at him at first! They are all very cute in there own way!

I have contemplated on getting a dog. I work long hours and I just haven't taken the plunge yet. I hopefully someday will be able to get a dog. I would love to have a yorkie but my cats would be bigger than a yorkie! I will have to give this more thought. When my sister and I was growing up we had a cocker spaniel, Brandy. He was a great dog and loved to play with us!

I am chilling at the Mudhouse this afternoon not doing anything in particular. I am hoping to get some yardwork done tonight when it cools off a little. I have some hot peppers and okra growing in my garden that I need to pick! :-) I haven't been able to get good sleep for awhile and sick of being tired. I have to work Monday night so it would be useless for me to try to sleep normally tonight. I only have 12 more days till vacation and I hope to get on a more normal schedule so I feel like doing things! Enough for today, TTFN!!!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Jordan Valley Park

I thought I would post the picture of when Jasmine was acting like a Teletubbie! I see where she got that idea. I just got off from work, been catching up on my message boards this morning. I am going to go relax the rest of the day till I have to be at work again. :-) Felix is being all loveable this morning! He is such a cute cat!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Splashing good time

I had a wonderful day with my nieces today! I was able to take them to Jordan Valley Park to play in the fountains. It was HOT today and a great day for it! We went and chilled at the Mudhouse for a short while before heading to the park. We got to the park and had to wait for awhile for the fountain to turn on. It turns on at the top of the hour and off and on for about 5 minute intervals for 30 minutes. It is great at night they have lights on with the fountain and makes a cool effect! We played out there for awhile and took all kinds of pictures. Jasmine told me she was a Teletubbie. I didn't quite understand why she was saying this till later we were looking at the pictures on my digital camera and I had taken a picture of here on top of a huge hill and it reminded her of the Teletubbies! When she was just a baby, maybe a year old, she LOVED the Teletubbies! When the Teletubbies would sit down to have tubbie toast and it would shoot out of the toaster onto the table Jasmine just laughed so hard! I would have us watch that video a lot so I could see her laugh all the time! It was too cute!

I haven't taken time to read my books on blogging. I have noticed some people have counters on there profile but I don't. It must be something I said no to when setting up my blog. I will try to read things before I go to bed and sometimes will wake up with it in my bed with me and the light on and no reading accomplished! I have to return to work tomorrow night soooo I hope all goes well! I only have 16 more days till my next vacation and I am looking forward to it!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Seven wins for Lance Armstrong!!!!

I was cruising the internet and found out that Lance Armstrong just won his seventh consecutive win!!!!!!!!! I am soo excited!!!!!! I have it on my DVR so I can watch his victory later. More later, need to get ready for work.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Car Trouble

Well, today wasn't quite as I had planned! I was excited today because I was going to payoff my car. Which, I called and got my payoff and went to the bank. As I was making my left hand turn from the bank, I realized the temperature gauge was all the way to the "H" side. I got to my next destenation and made a few phone calls about taking my car to have it looked at. It was 3pm and that quest wasn't easy!!! I finally found a place that would be able to look and possibly fix my car. I found out that my radiator has a crack in it! So I ended up with a new radiator which was quite expensive!!! I wasn't too far from a Barnes & Noble so I walked over there till they were done with my car. It helped passed the time. I wished I had more time and didn't rely on my car so I could have gotten a 2nd opinion. It is all fixed now so I won't ponder on what I could have done.

I am excited about the Tour De France and seeing what happens with Lance Armstrong. It makes me nervous that Saturday they do a time trial. That could have an effect on his status. I will have to watch it on OLN to see if I need to be nervous or not. It seems I always work the weekend that they are having the ending of the tour. I can record it on my DVR and watch it later but I always seem to hear it on the news before I have time to watch it. Here are the overall standings of the Tour De France:

Overall Standings
1. Lance Armstrong (USA/DIS) 81h22min 19sec
2. Ivan Basso (ITA/CSC) at 2:46
3. Michael Rasmussen (DEN/RAB) 3:46
4. Jan Ullrich (GER/MOB) 5:58
5. Francisco Mancebo (SPA/BAL) 7:08

Thursday, July 21, 2005

School starts in:

I'm not really looking forward to going back to school this fall but I do want my BSN so I will keep at it! I just wanted to start a countdown till school started so I can know how long I have till I have to manage my time more wisely . . . .

Wake up sleepy head

I can't believe that I am awake this early in the morning. At least it is early for me. I am hoping to get a few things accomplished today. Nothing to exciting. I have been working on recycling magazines that I seem to think I need to keep. All they do is make my living room cluttered. I have a ton of recycling to drop off today. I started filling my car up last night and hope that I can get it all to fit! I need to get some ModPog to work on some scrapbooking projects that I have too.

It has been HOT lately! I believe the high today is supposed to be 96!!!!! I need to do some yardwork but it can wait till later in the evening. I need to work on my scrapbooking circle journal today. I might have to go to the mudhouse today and think about my layout and my intro page and get my ideas in order.

Till later . . . . . .

One sleepy girl . . .

Hello! I went to the library today and picked up a couple of books on blogging and I am learning some new tricks! I figured out how to add a counter to my account. I will have to read more tomorrow and learn what else I can do! I don't know HTML I like the WYSIWYG format! That is what I used in Informatics.

I just have to say that Tuesday night at work was SOOOO much better! I have been super tired! I didn't get good rest while I was on vacation and it is just continuing . . . . .
I am going to get some sleep and learn more blogging tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Crazy night!

Work was insanely busy last night! Not what I was hoping for after being off for seven days. I did survive it. I am hoping to get good sleep today so I can do it again tonight!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Back to the daily routine

I have to return to work tonight as the vacation is over! I have another vacation in August and I should be able to spend it with my nieces since they will be out of summer school! We will have to go to Jordan Valley and take pics of them playing in the fountains! It is awesome there!

Things I need to keep in mind to do:

  • I need to work on my layout for my circle journal as the deadline is August 1.
  • I need to finish the instruction/intro page for my circle journal.
  • I need to work on the mystery swap that I have signed up for. I am planning to make vacation tags. I went to Michael's last night and got supplies for what I plan to do. The deadline is September 1 so I do have some time.
  • I also need to work on organizing my scrapbooking paper! I am in a couple of scrapbooking clubs that I get tons of paper from and then what I purchase. I am starting to get a good collection

I need to start getting ready for work as I have some household chores to do before leaving. I hate household chores but they need to be done! Later!


Sunday, July 17, 2005

Pictures on google

Hmmm . . . . . wow! I learned about looking up images on google a few months ago when I took Informatics and thought I would check it out tonight. I found pics of my hometown and people I know in my hometown. There are pics of the Mudhouse that I enjoy going to! You can find all kinds of images on this page. Look forward to new pics!

Go Lance!!!!

I just got my email update for the day about the Tour De France and Lance Armstrong still has the yellow jersey and has a 2 minute and 46 second lead! Go Lance!!!! I just hope he wins his 7th Tour De France and then he can retire with a smile on his face!!!

I am hanging out at the Mudhouse this afternoon, just chilling. I am going to do some shopping at Michael's for supplies for a mystery swap I am involved in with my scrapjammie friends. I think my scrapbooking has crossed the line of being an addiction! Is there programs for this? I just hope when school starts up again that it isn't super crazy so I can still have time to scrapbook!

I had better get going since it is Sunday and everything closes earlier. TTFN!

Still up . . . . .

I have never made it to bed as planned and here it is 0220!!!! Well, I have figured out how to make my images smaller and how to post so I am having too much fun! I do think it is time to go to bed so I can get up somewhat early and have a some what normal day before I go back to my night shift schedule!

Just for fun, here is the pic of my fire pit in action. The patio was wet from me watering my garden so it has a nice fire reflection!

Till next time!!!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

I did it!!!!!!!!!

TADA!!!! The third try was the charm!!!!! WOOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!

Another test

I might be getting closer. The last post you could at least click on the link and see the picture. Hopefully this post the picture within my entry! Let's see . . . . . .

Testing, testing 1 . 2 . 3!

This is a test. I am trying to figure out how to post pics.

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

The above is a scrapbooking layout I did from my first kit from scrapjammies. I really enjoy the scrapjammies club! To the left is a card I made for Mom for her birthday today.

I have been on vacation from work this week and I haven't done anything too productive. I have been catching up on sleep mainly. I used my firepit for the first time today to get rid of the sticks in my yard. Firepits in the middle of July isn't comforting. :-)

I finally got a light for my scrapbooking/craft room area so I can see what I am doing! It is awesome! I went to JCPenney home store yesterday to order shades for my window in my scraproom and after looking at all kinds of shades and finally deciding on some there are NOT AVAILABLE!!!!!!! I was told to check back in a month and they might be available. So frustrating! The sun will have to shine in my eyes a little bit longer!

I need to get some sleep so I can be a little more productive tomorrow. It is my last day of vacation before returning back to work so I want it to be a good day! My last day of vacation last month I got cat bit from my vet's cat and it wasn't a good rest of the day either! I hope that doesn't repeat it's self! TTFN!!!!