Sunday, July 31, 2005

My cats

Felix as a kitten

I thought I would introduce my cats, since I am a huge cat lover. I have 3 gorgeous cats. Pandora, Chloe and Felix. Pandora was the first cat in the group. I was shopping for a cat at the Humane Society and actually went to go get a cat that I had found a couple days before but she had been adopted. I saw Pandora and she was beautiful! All her blonde hair and she purred when I held and played with her. She was sick with a respiratory infection when I got her and needed to be fixed. She was taken to my vet from the humane society. They had to hold off her surgery till she was better. She spent the first week at my vets office and still came home with the cold. She couldn't breathe through her nose and would spit her medicine back out so I had to give her injections to get her over her illness. She finally got better and she is a very happy purry kitty! She is a scaredy cat. She is scared of Chloe and any noise!

Chloe was added next a few months later. I also got Chloe from the Humane society and I knew she needed to me my cat when I saw her. She is part Persain and is gray/creame/rust colored. She is mainly gray with the other colors mixed in somewhere. She was very loveable. She was already fixed so I got to take her home that day where she spent the first few days behind the dryer! She is sassy and hisses alot at everyone. She doesn't really like anyone but me. I will wake up with a cat laying on me and it is Chloe. She will also sleep on my pillow with me sometimes. She has smacked and hissed at the others cats so much that they are cautious of her. She believes she is queen!

Felix I got a year ago when he was only 12 weeks old! He was the cutest thing! It was the 4th of July and I noticed that the C.A.R.E. center was open. I thought I would see what they had as I was wanting to get a kitten soon. I was talking to a girl that worked there about a cat I thought they need to rescue and Felix was in his cage rolling on his back reaching out for me! I lost my train of thought and had to pick him up! We played together for awhile and we had to go home together! He follows me around everywhere and is my little buddy. Chloe followed him around all day, it was cute. Then I guess Chloe decided that was enough of the kitten and started hissing at him. Pandora and Felix are best buds now but it wasn't that way when they first met. Pandora wouldn't stop hissing at him at first! They are all very cute in there own way!

I have contemplated on getting a dog. I work long hours and I just haven't taken the plunge yet. I hopefully someday will be able to get a dog. I would love to have a yorkie but my cats would be bigger than a yorkie! I will have to give this more thought. When my sister and I was growing up we had a cocker spaniel, Brandy. He was a great dog and loved to play with us!

I am chilling at the Mudhouse this afternoon not doing anything in particular. I am hoping to get some yardwork done tonight when it cools off a little. I have some hot peppers and okra growing in my garden that I need to pick! :-) I haven't been able to get good sleep for awhile and sick of being tired. I have to work Monday night so it would be useless for me to try to sleep normally tonight. I only have 12 more days till vacation and I hope to get on a more normal schedule so I feel like doing things! Enough for today, TTFN!!!!!

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