Thursday, July 21, 2005

Wake up sleepy head

I can't believe that I am awake this early in the morning. At least it is early for me. I am hoping to get a few things accomplished today. Nothing to exciting. I have been working on recycling magazines that I seem to think I need to keep. All they do is make my living room cluttered. I have a ton of recycling to drop off today. I started filling my car up last night and hope that I can get it all to fit! I need to get some ModPog to work on some scrapbooking projects that I have too.

It has been HOT lately! I believe the high today is supposed to be 96!!!!! I need to do some yardwork but it can wait till later in the evening. I need to work on my scrapbooking circle journal today. I might have to go to the mudhouse today and think about my layout and my intro page and get my ideas in order.

Till later . . . . . .

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