Monday, July 18, 2005

Back to the daily routine

I have to return to work tonight as the vacation is over! I have another vacation in August and I should be able to spend it with my nieces since they will be out of summer school! We will have to go to Jordan Valley and take pics of them playing in the fountains! It is awesome there!

Things I need to keep in mind to do:

  • I need to work on my layout for my circle journal as the deadline is August 1.
  • I need to finish the instruction/intro page for my circle journal.
  • I need to work on the mystery swap that I have signed up for. I am planning to make vacation tags. I went to Michael's last night and got supplies for what I plan to do. The deadline is September 1 so I do have some time.
  • I also need to work on organizing my scrapbooking paper! I am in a couple of scrapbooking clubs that I get tons of paper from and then what I purchase. I am starting to get a good collection

I need to start getting ready for work as I have some household chores to do before leaving. I hate household chores but they need to be done! Later!

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