Saturday, July 16, 2005

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

The above is a scrapbooking layout I did from my first kit from scrapjammies. I really enjoy the scrapjammies club! To the left is a card I made for Mom for her birthday today.

I have been on vacation from work this week and I haven't done anything too productive. I have been catching up on sleep mainly. I used my firepit for the first time today to get rid of the sticks in my yard. Firepits in the middle of July isn't comforting. :-)

I finally got a light for my scrapbooking/craft room area so I can see what I am doing! It is awesome! I went to JCPenney home store yesterday to order shades for my window in my scraproom and after looking at all kinds of shades and finally deciding on some there are NOT AVAILABLE!!!!!!! I was told to check back in a month and they might be available. So frustrating! The sun will have to shine in my eyes a little bit longer!

I need to get some sleep so I can be a little more productive tomorrow. It is my last day of vacation before returning back to work so I want it to be a good day! My last day of vacation last month I got cat bit from my vet's cat and it wasn't a good rest of the day either! I hope that doesn't repeat it's self! TTFN!!!!

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