Sunday, June 23, 2013

I am tired of being a grown-up!

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The last couple of months has been rough in the grown-up department. I am a homeowner and was quite excited when I bought my house. I teased my parents that I was going to move into the basement of their new house. Then I got over my homeowner woes and thought of a solution then another homeowner woe came along. It wasn't an emergency like the first one but still another thousand's of dollars type of repair. ::sigh:: I have been wanting to refinance for quite some time. I had the bright idea of doing a cash out to pay for these thousand's of dollar's repairs. I find out this week, I am unable to do this. Home values have went down since I bought my house and it has affected my plan. I wish I had known this months ago when rates were a little lower.  I would have started this process sooner but I was under the impression I would need an appraisal.  I wanted to do a few things to my home prior to this.  Drats. Now I am stuck with a huge payment from these home repairs. I miss the days of calling a landlord! On the bright side, I will be saving money on my house payment with my refinancing.

Then last night, I got out of Wal-mart and I noticed I had a flat tire.  I call roadside assistance and they put my spare on my car.  I was happy that it was included in my car insurance so no charge.  But a screw was in the side of my wheel which they can't repair, the tire has to be replaced.  I went to Sam's and they told me I needed two tires, not just one.  The reason was they couldn't find a tire to match my other tires, it would mess up the balancing or whatever.  It was going to be over $200 for two tires!  He asked me what I wanted to do and I said I want my keys.  I waited for 2 hours to get nothing done to my car.  GRRRR!  I hope I can find a tire that will match my other tires to save money.  I don't have the extra money right now for all this craziness!

Just a little vent on the last couple of months.  I am redoing my budget and all will be good again.  Please, no more unplanned repairs, big or small!