Saturday, December 30, 2006

A little behind

I have fallen behind in my blogging. I was busy finishing up the semester and then doing all my Christmas shopping, working. This is my first weekend since being out of school that I feel like I don't have much to do! It feels great! :-) I actually start school again next Thursday for a winter term class then start the Spring semester.

I had a good Christmas. I did have to work Christmas Eve and for some crazy reason something triggered my allergies at work and I couldn't stop sneezing! I was so glad to get off from work on Christmas morning so I could get some sleep! Then I woke up and had a stuffy nose but felt fine. I went to my parents house to celebrate Christmas!

My nieces are soo cute! I got them each a disney micro pix digital camera and each their own art set and some paper. They were taking pictures and making art! Jasmine was making collages with the pictures she took and I told her she would be a good digital scrapbooker!

My Dad, I got him a couple of James Bond movies - Tomorrow never dies and Octopussy and also a book "The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book". I also got my parents each a unique luggage tag - my dad's was a dog and my mom's was a womens head. They were really cute! My mom had made the comment that they didn't have luggage tags for when they traveled.

My sister, I got her basic scrapbooking supplies and an organizer. We are always sharing stuff when we scrap together so now she has her own supplies so she can scrap whenever she wants!

My Mom, I got her two pair of PJ's and slippers.

I got a Paris calendar and a picture that I love of the eiffel tower that is painted. My parents had it matted and framed for me! I have motivation to get my extra bedroom cleaned so I can hang it! I also got some new towels, bath stuff, Jenga, a swivel sweeper which works wonders on my hardwood floors! That is all I can remember at the moment.

I did get a gift card to Target from one of my Aunt's and I had to go shopping the day after Christmas with it! I had went to Hobby Lobby and I was glad that traffic wasn't that bad. When I got closer to Target, I found out that is where everyone was! Traffic was backed up to get into Target!!! It really wasn't to crowded in the store though. I used my gift card and got me a eiffel tower lamp! I am excited about my lamp!!!! At Hobby Lobby I also got some vintage travel things to hang also. All the stuff I got at Hobby Lobby was 50% off that day! I enjoyed my little shopping day!

I am sitting in the Mudhouse which I haven't been here for two weeks! It is nice to sit in the coffee shop and just chill. I have been downloading new stuff for my sims and hope it doesn't mess up my game. Something messed up my Strangetown neighborhood and I had to restore it and start over! I am working on getting things back in order again. :-)

I am unsure what is with blogger and posting pics!!!! I can't get them to load again!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Productive weekend

I have been busy busy on this little vacation from work. I started it out with appointments and studying for finals. Then I was busy doing some errands then the weekend came and my Dad helped me with some stuff around the house and also helped me rake leaves. I was really hoping to get my house cleaned a little and then put my Christmas tree up but that still hasn't happened!!! Maybe later this week.

One of the home improvement things that my dad helped me with was installing a new kitchen faucet. I have not had hardly any water pressure from the kitchen faucet but I do in the rest of the house and the sprayer worked good so I thought it had to be the faucet. I was correct!!!! We got the faucet installed and I had water pressure! I was excited! Then my Dad made the comment that it didn't have very good water pressure but he didn't see what I had before! It took a few minutes to fill up a glass for water now we are back to a few seconds.

We also tried to install my old shower head that I used to have but it leaked to bad. I really enjoyed my handheld shower head but it happens to be plastic so it has just worn out enough that it wouldn't work. I took my old showerhead and soaked it in lime away before putting it back on.

My bathroom faucet has problems that I hope can be easily fixed. I am unable to use the hot water because the knob slips over the seat and the water won't turn on. My Dad told me that I might be able to get a replacement knob thing. Not sure what this piece is called but I have it in a baggy and I need to make a trip to Lowe's. That sink has been clogged for a little while now. I but bleach down the sink and it slowly drained out and it seemed to help. Today, I got some liquid drano gel/foamer and now it work like a charm!

The other project we did which isn't finished as I had to get a part for it is my ceiling fan/light in my bedroom. I had installed a part that made my light remote control so when I am in bed all cozy and warm I can turn it off without getting up. It quit working the beginning of November so my Dad brought this meter thing and we found out that that part I had installed quit! I had only had it for two years so I went to Home Depot as that is where I got it and found me a new one. I like Lowe's over Home Depot - at least in my town. I get so frustrated when I need assistance as I can't find anybody. It is always in the lighting and window coverings that I want help and can't get it. It is like I am bothering the employees when I ask for help. When I finally did find someone, he was hurrying to get away from me! Anyway, I got my part and the guy told me that I need to call the company since it went out after 2 years. Hopefully my Dad can come over later this week and help me install this back into my ceiling fan.

Then my Dad and I raked all the leaves in my front yard. I am glad that is done and I wore a face mask for my allergies and it helped! One year when I was raking my leaves, I went into some sort of allergy attack and coudn't breathe. I never thought raking leaves would bother my allergies but I learned different that year. I am a little sore from raking leaves and that just shows me how out of shape I have gotten . . . need to get back with my personal trainer and get back into shape!

I was really hoping to scrapbook, figure out digital scrapbooking and play my sims a little more while I was on vacation but I am also glad to get some of these things done! I have two weeks off till I have to go back to school so I hope to do some of the fun things I want to accomplish.

I am going to include a picture of a friend of mine that stopped by today and he was having me take silly pictures of him! He is a fan of Micheal Jackson and was doing poses like he would do! I keep laughing when I look at these pictures! I will have to scrapbook these crazy photos! (He doesn't even know that I have posted this! SHHH!!) :-)

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Cookie Crop

I have had quite the busy week but I am done with the semester!!!!!! I am just waiting for my grade in English II to show up on the website. He said in class that he had to have them in by 4pm Tuesday. I might be Tuesday before I know. I got "A's" in my other two classes!! I really hope I end up with a "B" in English II, we will see! :-)

I have been so exhausted this week and can only sleep a few hours at a time. I know that has to do with me working night shift for so long. My body is confused!! I had to do a case study earlier this week regarding an older adult is having sleep problems and she had asked me for advice. In doing this assignment, I found a website that has some good info that I need to go back and read. I have worked nights for 5 1/2 years now. I don't think adding school to that helped me any. :-)

I still haven't gotten my tree up yet but I did get insulation for my house a week ago today. I think I can notice a difference but not 100% sure. I have a thermometer in my bed room and it has been 2 degrees higher than what it used to read. :-) This thermometer used to tell me the outdoor temp also but Felix, one of my cats, chewed the cord in two!! I need to get me a wireless one now! I have noticed he has chewed on my AC adapter cord to my computer. Not good!!! I am unsure why he feels the need to chew on things but electrical cords are the wrong thing to be chewing on!!!

Last night, my sister and I went to a cookie crop. A friend of mine that I meet on one of the MB that lives in the area told me about it. It was fun and it was good to see my friend from the MB again! I didn't get to much accomplished but that is okay. I brought some of my scrapjammie kits that I hadn't but together and got one put together, just need to add journaling. I started another LO scrapping my dog we all when I was little. I finally finished putting together one of SEI scrapbook kits together and I am hoping to put pictures of my family when we were little and give that to my Grandma for Christmas. I love going to crops in a scrapbook store because if you are doing a LO and then need something, you can go get it!! :-) I might just need me a spot at the store to scrapbook and shop! :-) That might get me in too much trouble!

My parents are coming over today and my dad is going to help me put a new kitchen faucet in. I have no water pressure from my kitchen faucet but the sprayer thing works fine. I am hoping that changing the faucet will help this problem. If it doesn't, then I need a plumber! It will have to wait awhile! Tuition and new insulation is enough for now!

I am hoping to get to Petsmart this weekend as Santa is going to be there for the pets! I would love it if I could take my Grandma's dog to see Santa! Last year, santa was grumpy! I don't think he was very thrilled with me coming in with 3 cats! I hope that he isn't grumpy this year!

Blogger is up to its old tricks again and won't load pictures!!! Anyway, I need to start getting ready for my day!

Monday, December 11, 2006

English II is over!

I am so glad that I got my paper written and then did my final today which was writing a paper. I am soo excited to have this out of the way! Today when we started on the final, I went to the computer lab as I find using the computer easier than hand writing an impromptu paper. It took me almost 2 hours to complete the paper, printed it out and headed back to the classroom. I was the last one to turn in my paper!!!! My teacher told me that he was getting ready to leave as he thought everyone had turned their paper in! We laughed about that for a while since it didn't happen. I am glad that he was still their so I didn't have to figure out how to get my paper to him! :-) Glad to have that out of the way!

I now have to finish up my online class, Gerontological nursing. I have to type up my journal, do a case study which is due tomorrow. I am also still working on the study guide for the final. I have till Thursday to take the final. I am hoping to get the journal and case study done tomorrow and then fully concentrate on the study guide for the final. I am trying to work on this now but I have had very little sleep all weekend and I am falling asleep at the Mudhouse tonight. I think I just need to get some sleep and then wake up fresh in the morning and finish everything up! :-)

I am on vacation from work mainly so I could concentrate on my finals but also to relax!! The first few days will be studying and then I can do what I want! So nice! That won't last long either as I am taking a winter term course but I can just see that I am almost done and can't wait!

I guess I should try to get back to my studying! :-)

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Crazy busy . . . .

I have been sooo busy with the last bit of school work to get done. I am ready for my English II class to be over but I am having problems with my paper that is due on Monday - and I have to work the next two nights. I am unsure how I am going to get this paper finished! When class is over on Monday, it will be over! But then I have another class that I have a bunch of stuff due on Tuesday and then I have to have the final done by Thursday.

I am going to bring some of my resources with me to work tonight regarding my paper and hope something comes after I read them again and I can finish it in the morning when I get home. I have hardly had any sleep so this is going to be interesting! I am going to be going to my English II final half asleep and we have to write a paper in class for our final. Uhhhh.

The good thing is that I am on vacation next week and I can hopefully get some much needed sleep! I am going to be too busy but one week from now I can relax a little! I really can't wait for that! :-)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Kinda freaky . . . .

After class today I went to Barnes & Noble to get me some of that Passion Fruit Tea! YUM!!!! I decided not to hang out like I like and left. As I was leaving, a guy opened the door for me and then all of a sudden said, "You cut your hair!!!!!" I wasn't sure who this guy was so I asked him how I knew him. He told me that he had seen me before in the cafe and remembered me having hair all the way down my back and now you don't. I found that kinda freaky that he had noticed me and remembered my hair. I am sure that I will remember him now but that caught me off guard.

Tonight I had my English class and I got my researched movie review back and I was happy with my grade. I am ready for this class to be over as writing papers isn't my strong point but I do feel like I have improved. I have a paper due on Monday plus in class we are to write an essay for our final on Monday. He has told us what the paper is going to be about so we can get our notes together and then write it in class. I have ended up getting behind in getting my paper written because the day I was going to go to the library was when we had all this snow and then the library isn't open on the weekend. I was able to talk to the teacher a little more about the assignment and he helped me with some points of the books he has on reserve in the library so it will all work out! After my final on Monday, I will be able to wrap up my online class and hopefully enjoy the vacation that I will start on Monday! I am so looking forward to that!

I still haven't gotten my tree up! I thought I would this weekend but I was tired! I need to get the Christmas decorations and my tree out of the attic so that when they come to install more insulation, it will be out of the way. I will then also have to make more room in the smaller part of my attic to store these items. That might be a little bit of a job! :-)

I feel like I need to get some sleep and then wake up early afternoon to start organizing my paper, finish an assignment that is due, and work on the study guide that is for my online class. Yeah! I am ready for a break and it is soo close! :-)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

The end of the semester is soon!

I can't wait till the end of the semester as I am tired of writing papers! I have been sitting here at the Mudhouse trying to get some homework done. I have done some research, saved it in a word document and also started my journal. I should have started my journal a lot sooner and realized today that it is due in one week so if I do one entry a day, then I will have it done before the due date.

I was really hoping to get a head start on a research paper that is due in one week this weekend. The snow ruined my plans on that as I had planned to go to the library at school to make copies of this book our teacher as on reserve. Since the weather got bad, I decided the less driving I do the better. Of course, the library doesn't reopen till Monday so I will be there for class that day. I have too much to do in one week!

I am contemplating on what to do the rest of the day. I would really like to have some passion fruit tea from the Barnes & Noble cafe. I have really gotten addicted to that tea! So good! I am wondering if I should go to Lowe's to see if they have a snow shovel but wondering if they will have any. I also need to work on more homework so I can concentrate on this paper this week. Only two more papers left! :-)

I did bring my camera with me today but haven't taken any pictures yet. The parking downtown is difficult, esp. since the majority is parallel parking! The parking areas are packed with snow.

I do believe that I will make a list of what I need to accomplish this week and make me a schedule. I still haven't gotten my Christmas tree up yet. It just might be next week unless I somehow find time tonight to do this. I had better get going . . .

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Too much snow . . .

and not enough snow shovels in Springfield, MO!!!! I almost bought a snow shovel before the snow storm but thought it might not snow like they said. Well, I should have bought it! I now can't find one because they are sold out! I just hope that it warms up soon and melts the snow off my driveway as it is causing me to get stuck . . .

I think I am going to have to take some pictures of some of the snow around town. I will have to remember to put my camera in my coat pocket and hopefully I will be able to get some fun pictures!

I ended up having to work when the storm was hitting and I always hate that! I seem to have to drive in the worst of it before they have time to clear off the roads. I made it to and from work safely. On Friday morning, it had snowed more during the night and when I got home I got stuck in my driveway. I was wishing that I had bought that snow shovel a few days ago at that point. Someone that was driving by stopped and helped me get unstuck. I am glad that she came along as I was unsure how to get my car unstuck! :-)

Tonight when I was at Wal-mart, I almost fell in the parking lot but I was able to catch my step and not fall. A couple of ladies that was walking by told me that I would be good at surfing! It made me laugh and then I wished I was at a place that I could surf as it would be warmer!

Anyway, I had better get to bed - but I have to play the Sims2 first! :-)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Locks of Love

Today is the day that I get my hair cut and I am excited for a new hairstyle! I did find out that I will be unable to donate my hair as I was hoping. I have highlighted my hair 2-3 times in the last 5 years. You are allowed to have your hair colored but if you have your hair bleached, they can't take your hair. I even emailed them to ask why and I got a reply saying that hair that has been highlighted, bleached, disintegrates with the wig solution they use to make the wigs. I wouldn't have grown my hair out as long as it is if I knew that I wasn't going to be able to donate. I will be getting about 12 inches cut off today! More later . . . .

Monday, November 20, 2006

Ironic . . . .

That Friday is National "Sleep In" Day but it is also the day that the stores open at 5 am for the start of Holiday shopping! I guess this is a commercial that is being put on TV for Ebay. I am all for the sleeping in and missing all the crazy shoppers! I did that one year and that was enough for me!

I actually woke up at a decent hour this morning and have stayed up all day. I am getting tired now but glad that I got some things accomplished today. I need to get laundry started though so I will have something to wear to work tomorrow!

I called my hair dresser and got me a new appointment so I can donate my hair to locks of love! I am excited about getting a new haircut and even got me a hairstyle magazine today of a hair style I think I will get and then for my next hair appointment, I will get me a different cut again! I love having my hair long but their is only so much you can do with it. I am just ready for a change and something I can do more with! I wasn't able to get in till next week and I even have to wake up early!

I went to the Mudhouse today and it was too busy! I was even there last night and it was even busier. I am not sure if the cold is bringing people in or what it is. It is getting to the point that I can't concentrate! I have learned that going in the early morning is the best as you can have the place almost to yourself. I am normally getting off from work and to tired. Maybe I will go to the Mudhouse Friday while everyone is shopping! :-)

I have been trying to teach myself digital scrapbooking. When I went to the crop at my sister's church, I went to a digital dynamics class and got some pointers on how to digital scrapbook. When I went to this before, I didn't have the proper program. I do know since getting a pen tablet that came with photoshop elements 3.0. I started working on my first layout last night! I am going to work through more tips I have found on 2peas and learn even more!

I am going to go learn some more on digital scrapbooking and then play the Sims before going to bed. :-)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Finally, some Halloween pics!

Oh my! I was ill on Friday. I felt fine when I got home from work and looking forward to my hair appointment that afternoon. I woke up at noon and had a horrible stomachache! It wasn't long after that I was vomiting and that continued the rest of the afternoon and had to cancel my hair appointment! I was feeling better by Saturday morning but I have been sleeping the majority of the weekend. Glad that I am feeling better! I had to leave a message with my hairdresser so I am going to try to get ahold of her again on Monday to make a new appointment. :-)

I have a funny geeksquad story to tell. They called me last Wednesday and told me that my 1GB of RAM that I had put in my old laptop was in but it wouldn't work in my new laptop. He told me to bring my new laptop in and they would replace it with one that would work in my laptop. When I got there, I found out that my laptop wouldn't have been considered a lemon because it was my 1 GB of RAM that went out in my old laptop!!! But since I had already gotten a new laptop, that I could keep what I had. :-) I am soo glad that I went in for a loaner laptop! I never pressured anyone to make my old laptop a lemon, it just happened. So far my new laptop has been doing good! I just hope it continues!

I have been busy with school and work and just haven't taken time to blog. I have some pics of Halloween to post! I just hope it works. The last few times I have tried to post pics, it wouldn't work. These are pictures of my nieces and one of their cousins. Shilo is a Christmas present, Jasmine is a princess and Sidney was an 80's drama queen! They were all so cute!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

The results are in . . . . . .

Chloe was voted the prettiest cat! That didn't come with some drama though . . . . I am glad that the drama is over! All because of my cat getting so many votes, they are changing how you vote. Other members thought that I was cheating because my cat had so many votes. All I did was spread the word that Chloe was in a photo contest. Nothing wrong with that. Her winning picture has been posted on the catspace website. Here is the picture:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I am a little behind in keeping up my blog this week. I have been enjoying the last days of my vacation and I have to go back to work tonight. I had made a list of things I wanted to accomplish when I was on vacation and I hardly got any of them done - except school related items. I am ready for the semester to be over so I can get caught up with housework and other things that I have neglected since school has been a little too busy.

I am getting rather sleepy so I will have to recap on my week later!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Busy days

School kept me busy Sunday into Monday! I was working on homework since Sunday evening till Monday when class started! It was 23 hours - with 3.5 hours of sleep in those 23 hours! Phew!!! All because I was playing catch up since my computer died. I started my next online class tonight and I am excited about starting with a working computer and hope that continues!!!

I voted today and I didn't understand what I was voting for the way things were worded. I hope I voted the way I was trying to vote! :-) I hadn't voted for two years and they have changed the way the ballots look. When I was trying to vote, a family was sitting in front of me and they kept talking!!! I wasn't able to concentrate very well. I am curious what the election results will be.

Today is my Dad's birthday and I went over to my parents house before going to school tonight. When I was over their, I noticed that my parents house at 68 degrees is warm. My house at 68 degrees is freezing!!!!! Which my Mom did have the gas log going which might have had something to do with that. I am going to have to get my insulation put in my house. My Dad told me that I can get a 20% rebate on my utility bill by increasing the instulation in my house so I need to call and have an estimate done! I hope to be a little warmer this winter or I am going to go south for the winters!

I talked to my advisor after class tonight and I should graduate in Spring 2008!!!!! She told me that I could possibly finish Fall 2007! I got excited when she told me that but that all depends on how some classes are offered this summer. In December, I am going to send off to take a correspondence course, either history or government. I haven't decided which one to first. I will have 6 months to complete each course.

I haven't been able to get blogger to post photos for the last few post. It says that a picture has been added but then their isn't a picture. Hmmm. . . . . . . . .

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Vote for Chloe!!!

I entered Chloe into a contest on myspace for cutest cat! Please vote for her!!! She is the cat that is looking cute on my bed with zebra printed sheets! Check it out!

Please click her to vote!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Computer problems are hopefully in the past . . .

I have awesome news!!!!! Last night I decided I was going to check out what the loaner laptop would be at Best Buy. I haven't checked into this before now as I have had my other laptop but it is heavy, old and slow. I am soo glad that I did this time!

I had my geek squad paperwork with me that showed that I was approved to get a loaner and told the salesman my story on all the replacements my old laptop has been through. He had to keep checking with the manager because they had changed some things and I guess they used to give open items for loaners but they no longer sell open items. He came back and said that I could pick out any laptop they had for sale. I asked him if I could pick a loaner computer that I would most likely be able to keep when they decide my old laptop is a lemon. While he was talking to the manager, I was making a list of the features I remembered and was most important. They didn't have any laptops that matched my old laptop but he showed me one that they would most likely trade it out with and it would be a down grade of what I had. I was nice, but firm, that I don't want to settle for anything less than what my soon-to-be lemon laptop features had. He kept looking around and we saw another HP that was an upgraded version of what I had but told me it would be possible that when they did consider my laptop a lemon I might not get to keep it. I decided to go ahead and get it as my loaner computer and I was lucky that it was in stock.

We fill out some paperwork and he has to get the manager approval for me to have the loaner. He was talking to the manager for a while and he came back and told me that the manager has decided to make my old laptop that has been sent off to service a lemon!!!!! WOOHOOO!!!!!! I couldn't believe it!!!! I didn't even have to ask! I was playing by their rules and trying to be patient. :-) They decided I could go ahead and get the upgraded laptop for the exchange! Another WOOHOOOO!!!!! I mentioned that I had upgraded the memory in my old laptop and would like to have at least equal memory in this computer. At first he wasn't going to since I had a better laptop but he talked to the manager and they are going to call the service center and have them send me back my 1GB of memory that I added. I was happy with that! I also bought a new service plan for the new computer - just in case! So far I have needed the service plans on both of my laptops. I

I have been working today on getting my computer back in order and hopefully I can get some homework done now that I have a working computer. I have to get it done tomorrow as my homework is due Monday! I still have to read the "Old Man and the Sea" before Monday which I also will have a quiz on too. Phew! I am ready for the semester to be over with!

I had better get something accomplished!

Friday, November 03, 2006

More computer problems!

Ohhhhh . . . . . well, I accidently slept all day and through the alarms and woke up at 1700 tonight! I was determined to get my homework done for my online class tonight. I get ready and head for the Mudhouse, my studying place.

I get to the Mudhouse and order a sandwich and my usual coffee drink and I am enjoying reading my scrapbooking message boards when all of a sudden my mouse pointer won't move. I thought the batteries had went dead on my wireless mouse but after checking it out realized it the light was still on so it wasn't the mouse. Then all of a sudden, my computer screen flashes and has this huge message telling me their has been a serious error and your computer is going to restart - and a bunch of other stuff but the computer had already started to reboot. When my computer came back up, I decided to back up my school files - just in case! I continue doing some surfing on the web and enjoying my sandwich when this happens again!!! WTF!!!!! I thought this time I am going to back up more files but for some reason this time my computer won't reboot. It just stays at a blank screen. I turn it off and turned it back on and the lights are on the keyboard but nothing is on the screen and it never goes anywhere else!!!!

It was only 8pm and Best Buy is open so I pack my stuff up and head for the geek squad once again. This time is the fourth time that my computer has done this so I should get a new computer. I get to Best Buy and talk to a geek squad member and they told me since this is the fourth time that this has happend I should get a new laptop BUT they have to send it in to the service center and they make that decsion! I was aware this was going to happen as I asked last month when my computer did this. He told me that if the service center doesn't consider it a lemon this time that I can talk to the manager. He told me that this process can take up to a week! If it wasn't for school and ONLINE classes I wouldn't be so inpatient about this. I am glad I have my old laptop but it is old, heavy, and slow. I hope that they get my laptop quickly and make quick decsions! I finish up my current online class Monday and start another on Tuesday next week. I just want a computer that is going to work and I don't think that is too much to ask!

When I got back home from dealing with the laptop, I relaxed a little and then left again to get groceries. When I got back home, I decided that I was going to clean out my fridge before putting the groceries away. My fridge looks so much better now and everything in it is edible now! :-) I finally got the boxes in my car to take to recycling! Yay! I also put clean sheets on my bed tonight! I am going to watch my Three's company DVD and then go to sleep! I really hope I don't sleep the day away tomorrow as I am going to pick up my nieces tomorrow to spend the night! Yay! :-)

2peas challenge: Favorite holiday movie

My favorite holiday movie is "National Lampoons Christmas Vacation"! I finally bought it on DVD and watch it every holiday season! It makes me laugh everytime I watch it! :-)

For some reason I can't get pics to load. Whenever I get pictures loaded from Halloween, I am going to post pictures of the evening! Later!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

To early to be up!

Last night when I got home from doing a little shopping, I thought that I would start getting some boxes packed up in my car to take to recycling. I guess since I only slept about 5 hours, I was feeling quite tired! I was relaxing a little trying to catch up with Days of our Lives and at about 2300, I thought I would lay down in my warm bed and read a magazine. I ended up falling asleep and woke up about 0400 - still had my contacts in. I got up to take them out. I hate it when I fall asleep in my contacts because they get stuck to my eyeball and I have to keep putting rewetting drops in my eye to get them out. When I got back to bed, I kept thinking about things I wanted to get done and couldn't get back to sleep!

I have been trying to upload the Sims2 Pets onto my laptop but for some reason it is freezing up before it finishes. Ohhhh, computers . . . . . I hope to get a little bit of sleep before the alarm goes off.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Fun day!

I decided today to see what is going on at the message boards I like since I am somewhat caught up with my homework. I have things due on Monday but I am on vacation so I am relaxing today! It is needed! :-)

On one of the message boards today, someone posted about a reality show that is doing casting calls in my area. I am curious on who they get to be on the show! The reality show is about a farmer looking for a wife. Makes me curious on what the show will be like!

I went to bed at 0500 this morning as I was up doing homework till 0300. I set my alarm to wake up at 1000 this morning so I can get on a more regular schedule while I am on vacation. I did pretty good and didn't feel to tired till later in the day.

I went shopping today at my fave scrapbook store and got me some new goodies! I can't wait till I can organize what I got and come up with ideas for the paper I bought! I got some new cat stuff to scrapbook my cats! :-) I also went to Hobby Lobby and they are reorganizing their scrapbook section. I thought at first they might be downsizing the scrapbook section! I also went to Best Buy and got the new expansion pack for my Sims2 - Pets! I am excited to load this on my computer but unsure when I will have time to play the game.

I also checked on getting more insulation for my house. I need to get in my crawl space to see if it is insulated or not. Then if it doesn't, I am not sure who is going to insulate it for me as I can't see me crawling around under my house! My crawl space scares me! My furnace is under my house but I don't have to reach in too far and their are always spiders and I don't want to know what else! Then I found out that installing insulation in my attic will be a little difficult because a previous owner or maybe when the house was built has the attic with flooring. I was told that I would have to take all that up or have blown in insulation on top of the floor. I am going to consult with my dad about what he would suggest. I am unsure if that will help me from freezing to death this winter but I am sure it will help. My windows aren't energy efficient and they do play a big part in my house being cooler. I have some of this film you can put on your windows with a hair dryer so I hope that helps me some. I need to go south as it is too cold here! :-)

Monday, October 30, 2006

Vacation time!!!!

I am sooo excited to be on vacation for 12 days!!!! I have some fun things planned, and also things that aren't so fun but need to be done! My time has been so limited with work and school that I haven't been able to keep up with housework and I need to work on my yard too. I am really excited about the scrapbooking event with my sister too!!!!! :-)

I was having some issues with blogger on Saturday. I made two entries and I finally got them to post today. I kept getting an "There are errors" message and it would tell me the error but it just jibberish to me. I am glad that I am able to post to my blog again!

I got off from work approx. about 0730 this morning and needed to get in bed as I had to be in class by 1600. I finally went to bed about 0930 and maybe got 3-4 hours of sleep. I didn't sleep very good because I was afraid that I was going to sleep through my alarm! I have done this several times before when I am tired enough and I felt that way today. I was nodding my head in class quite a bit and then my instructor had us start reading "The Old Man and the Sea" in class today. Reading when I am that tired isn't good! I wasn't comprehending what I was reading and I kept nodding off! Then I wasn't sure where I left off. I somehow got the first 28 pages read like he asked us to do but I wasn't able to recall very much! I need to start reading from the beginning! I hope to get started on that on Wednesday and maybe even have time to read it a second time as we are having a quiz on the reading next week. At least that is my only assignment in English this week.

Tonight I checked Blackboard and their was a message from my Transcultural Nursing instructor on when things are due. I have to have my annotated bibliography and discussion 4 done by Wednesday and the journal is due next week!!! I was happy to see this. I can start on the journal Wednesday and not cram so much in! :-) I also have to do a reassessment of cultural awareness which is due next week. Phew! I am so glad!

I haven't been to productive tonight with the homework thing. I am at a small table and can't spread out which seems to slow me down. I am hoping to be able to get good rest tonight and get everything done before I am meeting my sister to go celebrate Halloween! I will have to bring my camera and make sure the batteries are ready to go! I actually don't know what my nieces are going as so I am excited to see the little cuties! I had better get busy so I can do some much needed relaxing tomorrow!

Saturday, October 28, 2006


I think I am done with my English II paper! :-) When I return back home, I am going to print it out and review it to see if their is any changes that I need to make. I am so happy that I finally got it done! I sat at my computer for almost 2 hours this morning at home trying to figure out how to start my paper but once I got over that, it went okay. Getting started to me is always the hardest part!

I am enjoying some iced tea and a sandwich then I am going to go home and get a nap to get ready for my 13 hour night at work! I can tell that I am getting tired. :-)

Getting closer . . . .

to getting things accomplished! I have been working on my research review for my English II class this morning and decided to move it to the Mudhouse when they opened. I tend to be more productive when I am away from home. I am hoping that I will be able to get this finished in a few hours and then go back home to catch a nap before having to be at work tonight. I really would like my paper done before Monday so when I get off from work, all I have to do is get some rest and then get up early to go to class. That would be wonderful! :-)

Since I work the night shift tonight and the time is changing, I have to work an extra hour tonight. This could be a a bad thing since I haven't sleept like I have been lately. I am going to bring my homework and work on it on my breaks. I normally don't take my 2, 15 minute breaks but I might this weekend as it will help me accomplish my goal of getting the rest of my homework done by Tuesday afternoon.

I got an email from my instructor for my other class that I start in a little over a week. She was letting us all know that we can access the class on blackboard and to read everything over. She wrote, "This is going to be a fast paced course and we are going to hit the ground running." Ohhhh, can we please walk? :-) I haven't taken the time to look at the syllabus yet as I want to concentrate on my paper before it gets cluttered with other things I will need to get done in the future. I will peak at it on Monday as I do need to start the search for cheapest text books for the class!

I decided this week that I am taking a short break from the message boards that I read. I am doing this as I am a little busy with work and school. I don't feel like I am taking the time to really read everyones post and I rush through it. I hope to start back up next week when I am on vacation.

I am excited for my vacation that starts Monday morning! I have a list of things I would like to accomplish. I am looking forward to Halloween night and to go with my sister and nieces to a harvest party at a local church. I am also going to take some much needed time to organize my house and scrapbook stuff. I think I am going to start packing my tote next week for my scrapbooking crop that is in two weeks! That way if my new class requires to much time that week, I will at least be ready to scrapbook!

I really enjoy coming to the Mudhouse early in the morning. It is quieter and not so many people. There are a lot of people here reading the morning paper or just sitting enjoying their morning. :-) More later.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Slowy progressing

I am slowly but surely getting my homework done. I was excited that I actually fell asleep at 0200 and I woke up at 0800. I fed the cats and went back to bed to sleep till 1000. Well, I happened to wake up at 1330 when my second alarm went off! I was a little disappointed but I will just go to bed later then. I still should be able to get a good dent put in my homework.

I am sitting at the Mudhouse and it is a little chilly in here today. It has been cooler outside but I am unsure why it is so cool in here. I ended up running into my dentist tonight here! He is such a cool guy! I love having him as my dentist. I just wish that my dental insurance was better! :-) The good thing is that I get it for free through work since I have been there longer than 5 years. I can't complain about that.

My break is over, gotta get back to the homework!!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Stressful week ahead

My friend did call me tonight at 2145 to let me know that he wasn't going to be able to email me but would like to do the cultural interview over the phone. I have to give him credit that he did at least call and didn't blow me off. So I had told him that I had already interviewed someone else but was interested in what he had to say. He said he would be happy to answer the questions that I had. I now have a comparisions of two cultures!

Tonight I realized how much I have to get done in one week! Way to much!!!!!!
1. I have to type up and attach nursing dx to my cultural assessments by tomorrow!!!
2. I have a research review paper due in English II next Monday.
3. I have to write a weekly journal for my Transcultural Nursing class.
4. I have to find 10 journal articles on a particular culture of my choice and write a short paragraph about each by next Tuesday! (Forgot about this till tonight!)
5. I have to work on my discussion question on blackboard - Due Wednesday morning.
6. Then Wednesday, I get a new discussion board question that will be due by next Wednesday.
7. I have a short novel to read, "The Old Man and the Sea" by Nov. 6 and haven't had time to even think about reading. At least it is kinda short, 127 pages to be exact!

The bad thing about all this is I work 12 hour shifts Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. I have to get all this done Tomorrow and squeeze what I can in before work on Wed., after waking up on Friday and before work on Saturday. WOW!!!!! When Monday comes, I will be sooooo ready for my vacation!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Relaxing evening

I slept the most of the day and got up and decided to hang out at Barnes & Noble and sit in the cafe. I ended up floating last night but was lucky to get to float to our sister unit as they have patients very similar to what my floor has. I made the 3rd nurse and we all had 8/9 patients. It started out okay and then admitting started calling and I think we all ended with 9 patients by morning! Phew! I was glad to give report and go home. :-)

While I was at Barnes & Noble tonight, I went on a hunt for the Creating Keepsakes special edition "Hall of Fame" without any luck. According to Creating Keepsakes website, it was release on September 26 but I can't find it any where. I asked the information desk regarding this and they took my name and number and someone that works tomorrow might be able to let me know if they will have it soon or not. I did pick up the newly formatted Memory Makers magazine. I have always wanted to do genealogy and there are all kinds of website listed to help so I had to get it! I am not sure what I think of the new format yet. I will have to sit down and look at it in more depth.

I have all kinds of homework to do this weekend. I have four days off from work and I am hoping to get caught up and maybe work ahead in my classes so I can relax on my vacation instead of doing homework! I need to get ahold of a friend of mine as I have to interview someone of another culture and time is running out. I hope that I can sleep tonight so I can spend most of the day working on my paper and getting this assessment thing done.

I am actually watching a movie "Tuck Everlasting" tonight. I am ready to send the dvd's back to netflix to get more! I love netflix! I don't feel rushed to have to watch a movie and love that fact that there aren't any late fees!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

2peas: Thoughts on blogging

Blog about how you feel about your blogging.
Is it too time consuming? Do you love sharing? What are the benifits of blogging? and the negative things of it? With Rhonna's and Cathy z's blog ending, I am wondering why both of them are doing it... it's just interesting to me. how about you??
blog about it...

I enjoy blogging and actually have been surprised that I have kept it up for the last 1 1/2 years! I tend to use it to vent about school anymore though! I love being able to add pictures and make it my "own" style! I enjoy sharing pictures with others and getting comments. You can use blogging to keep friends and family in touch with what you are doing. I don't find blogging time consuming, it is a nice way to organize thoughts. I enjoy being able to go back later and see what I was doing and thinking at a certain time. I love sharing pictures of my cats and nieces! I have become a blog addict and have quite a few blogs saved in my favorites that I check every so often.

I am disappointed that Cathy Z. and Rhonna F. are closing their blogs. I really enjoy reading them! Reading blogs that are scrapbooking related helps give me inspiration! I wonder also what has prompted them to close their blogs and around the same time.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Crazy Mudhouse night

I woke up this evening and went to the Mudhouse to work on my "to do" list for my classes. I decided I would get soup if they had good selections. The board said the soup was mushroom bisque which is my new favorite! I ordered a small bowl but when I got it, they had given me something with corn and potatoes. I told them that wasn't what I had ordered and they erased the wrong soup off the board so I had ended up with corn chowder. *sigh* They actually gave me my money back for the soup since that was there mistake. I am just not a chowder kind of a gal.

Then, I am also having a hard time staying connected to the internet at the Mudhouse tonight. I finally connected to the cities free internet but it is so slow and I have a low connection. I don't understand why the wireless at the Mudhouse keeps going out. It is very frustrating when you need to get school work done and it happens to be online. So I have been using copy and paste features into Microsoft Word of the stuff that I need to do and then I can later copy and paste it into blackboard when I can be connected to my own internet at home.

I don't feel like I am getting much accomplished tonight. I am also sitting at a table with no light and it makes reading a little difficult. If I position just right I can get the light of the table behind me! :-)

My laptop that I just got back from the geek squad has been much cooler since they also replaced the fan/cooling system. I wonder if the cooling system wasn't working properly and the heat was burning something on the motherboard. It would get pretty hot on the keyboard and now it doesn't It has also been quieter and not as loud as the previous cooling system. Maybe I am done with the geeksquad! I can hope.

It is time for me to depart the Mudhouse and there crazy internet connections! I just can't concentrate unless I can get on the internet. Strange but true. :-) My napster music keeps buffering with the slow connection and will only play a few seconds and then it is buffering again. This is about as bad as dial up! Later . . . . . .

Monday, October 16, 2006

Rainy, cold day

I really hate this cold and rainy weather! I would have preferred to stayed in bed with my cats today. I ended up sleeping through my alarm since I went to be at 5 am and was planning to get up around 10 am. I just happened to wake up at 12:50pm! All I had time to do was type up my works cited page and head to school. I was hoping to get all my homework for my other class done before my English class tonight so I could go home and relax. I am sure that I needed that extra few hours of sleep!

I got my movie review back today and I got another "B"!! I am excited! Today in class he kept talking about our paper of researching the professional movie reviews and I have a feeling it will be a little challenging. I am not very good at quoting things. I think did it correct but there is always something that I didn't do. He wrote all the places in our handbook that will help us. I have a stupid schedule the next two weeks so I am going to have to get busy on this ASAP!!!!

I am at the Mudhouse getting some studying done. The table in front of me is for two people and there is 8!!!! Okay, now there is 9. It is a little distracting to me. It was nice and quiet when I first got here. Oh, well. I am getting things accomplished tonight.

I don't like my work schedule this week as I work one day, off one, then work two. One day off isn't enough when you end up sleeping it away! *Sigh*

I can't wait till my vacation and also the scrapbooking event! :-) I am looking forward to making kits for the scrapbooking event! I should have time if I can cram just a day of so of studying and then a day or so of gathering scrap stuff! :-) I have a few idea books that I would love to use to inspire me! :-)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Feeling better :-)

I am finally feeling better! My rib pain is feeling better and I am so glad! It still hurts but nothing like it was. Work it is kinda hard for it not to bother me a little bit with the lifting and pulling on patients that I have to do. I have been drinking lots of hot tea to help soothe my throat and it is getting better. I just hope that after I finish my prednisone dose pack that I don't get sick again! The last time I was on a dose pack, I ended up with a bad sinus infection! Working in the hospital isn't the best place! :-)

I also got my laptop back and they didn't consider it a lemon. I was a little upset about this since I have had such bad luck with this computer! The next time I will get a new computer! They replaced the motherboard for the third time and replaced the fan system. They didn't restore my computer so I had all my information still there!!! I am so glad! I have transferred my school files to my flash drive and need to back up my pictures and such and start doing this on a more regular basis so when this does happen again, it won't be as bad.

I am working on my English II homework tonight which is fairly easy. I just need to make a works cited page on my professional movie reviews that I found. I also need to be working on my transcultural nursing class too. The internet has been flickering tonight at the Mudhouse but I think that it is finally fixed. :-)

I am soo ready for my next vacation which will be in two weeks! :-) I am hoping to be able to get my house a little more organzied and then make a day trip to Branson. I just hope I don't have some big assignment that is due during that time. I need to check my syllabus and see what I can do ahead of time just in case!

I will also be going to scrap camp at my sister's church with her in November! I can't wait! I haven't had the opportunity to use my big cropper hopper organizer so I need to start planning my layouts and pictures now so I will have lots to work on!

I have included a cute picture of Felix when I was cutting ribbon for the ribbon swap I am in! I finally gave him his own ribbon and then he took a nap with his ribbon! To cute!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lazy day

I have been sleeping like crazy. I think part of it is the muscle relaxers - which so far I have only taken one! I guess with me being tired from working nights and taking the muscle relaxer, I have been sleeping! After I took my shower today, I was feeling tired and cold so I curled up in my bed for a while and slept from 2pm to 6pm!!! I am still tired and could sleep some more! I feel like my back is feeling better, still sore though.

I had plans to go scrapbook shopping today at a couple of stores since I have a cingular gift card. I guess depending on how I feel tomorrow, I might do that before work! I still need to finish organizing my scrap room but school has interfered with me finishing that.

The weather here has turned a little bit to cool for me. I woke up this morning and my house was 63 degrees! I hate this time of year and refuse to turn on the heat this early! I hate those heating bills! I also need to change my filter before I turn on the heat. I wish I could head south for the winter!

I haven't heard anything from Best Buy yet regarding my laptop. I am wondering what is going on. It has only been one week but I am anxious! My old laptop is heavy and I like my new one as it is light weight and easier to tote around. I also would just rather have a new one and hope that they consider it a lemon. I was told that they were going to do "hardcore" testing on it so I am unsure what that means. I am just am anxious to hear some news!

I suppose I should get back to my researching for my English class. :-)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Crazy week

The last week was a little crazy to say the least. I had my laptop die for the third time this year, I have been a little under the weather with a sore throat and muscle aches and to top it all off was the chiropractor trying to help my rib pain and made it worse!!!! I have been having muscle spasms in my upper back and I really think that he pulled more out!

Yesterday I went and saw my primary care physician and he told me that I had some disk irritation and that I my muscle were tight and had spasms in my upper back were my rib pain is. He gave me dose pack of steriods to take for 10 days and muscle relaxers. I wasn't able to take the muscle relaxers till I got off from work though. By morning, my back was in such a spasm that I ended up putting ice on it at work when I was able to sit down which helped. I have been taking the ibuprofen like crazy too. I am sure that all of this will be better by next week and I can slowly recoperate from this. No more chiropractors for me!!!! When I have talked to other people about the treatment they were going to do on me, I got told that they were trying to rip me off. No one else that has had treatments as much as they wanted to do on me. My doctor even made the comment to me that everyone that goes to a chiropractor was diagnosed with almost the same things as I was.

Well, on a good note, I finally got a "B" on one of my papers in English! I was so happy! I will just keep working hard and hopefully improve on my papers! I got my movie review done and now the second part of this assignment is to find professional movie reviews and then write a paper on what they said about the movie compared to what I thought. I have started some of my research.

The weather is getting cold and gross here. While I was at work last night, it started raining and it was quite chilly when I got off from work! I am not ready for the cold weather! It made for a good sleeping day!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Feeling iky . . . .

Last week I woke up one day with a sore throat and then I started having achy muscles. Finally, my sore throat and achy muscles are better but I still feel tired and I have developed a stuffy nose. I ended up sleeping till 4pm today and my mom called me to ask how I was doing and if I got my paper written. I haven't gotten my paper written put I am going to do that next. I finally got my printer loaded onto my old laptop so I am now ready to be able to get my work done for both of my classes! I hope that Best Buy calls me this week to tell me that my new laptop has been considered a lemon and you can pick up your vocher to pick up a new laptop! :-) We will see!

I am going to watch "Born into Brothels" again and write my movie review! I think this is a fun assignment! I just hope that he doesn't tear it apart! :-)

Hmmmm . . . . . .

I had been typing and then all of a sudden everything disappeared!

My laptop died again so I have been out of commission for a while. Of course, I started a new class this week which is online so I have gotten behind in this. I have a paper to write for English II and all this stuff to do for my online class which I hope to get done on Sunday. Best Buy told me that they don't consider computers lemons till the fourth incident but they said they would but in a request and it would be the decision of the service center. I hope that I get a phone call this week telling me that! I am tired of this game and losing files every few months.

I started seeing the chiropractor last week and I am unsure if this is the right thing to do. I have had two adjustments so far. From the xrays they took I have a tilted pelvis and vertebrae that has rotated. They say that they can get my spine realigned but I am unsure how popping things realigns things. Just doesn't make sense. This stupid rib thing that started it all, they aren't really concerned about. I am not sure this is all worth it as I am in more pain now than I was when I started.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A little scared of chiropractors

I called my insurance company today to find out about coverage about the chiropractor I have an appointment with. It wasn't good news as he isn't included in my network so I am unsure what I am going to do. There are only 7 chiropractor's in my network! I have to ponder this issue more but I have to make a decision fast as my appointment is on Thursday morning. It would be nice if I could get my rib back in place.

So I call the office that I have my appointment with and try to cancel. She proceeds to tell me that I don't have to worry about them being out of network as they accept my insurance meaning that they will write off the 30% that the insurance won't pay. So I kept my appointment. I am just a little scared of all of this!

Monday, October 02, 2006

There are too many rules . . . . .

in English and writing! I got my second paper back tonight and thought I had done better. I used my first paper and then made all of those corrections - so I thought! I keep having problems with writing in present tense. I have to work on this! The next paper I am writing is a movie review which I think will be an easy paper but then again . . . . . . .

The movie that I am going to review is "Born into Brothels." I had never heard of this movie before till I was reading elsie's blog one day and she made a comment regarding this movie. I was curious and have fallen in love with this movie. Tonight I have found Zana Briski's website! To cool! I need to take a class in photography!

I found out on Friday that I have a dislocated rib! I really think I have had this for at least 2 years, if not maybe longer. I have occasional pain near my shoulder blade and I have been told it is from to much computer use. If I happen to be on the computer to long, it does make the pain worse. That made sense to me because I do computer charting at work and I am also on the computer more since going back to school. I happened to go to the mall last Friday and there was a home show and a chiropractor had a booth in it. I was telling him about this pain and he had felt up and down my spine and told me that I had a rib out of place!!!! He said that is easy to fix so I made an appointment for this week. I am scared about going as I am unsure what they do to put a rib back into place. I also need to see what my insurance will pay too. If my insurance won't cover this then I will just make an appointment with my doctor to see what to do.

After class today, I decided that I need to just hang out at the Mudhouse for awhile before going back home. I have all kinds of fun things to be watching on my DVR at home and hope to view one or two programs I have saved tonight. I have gotten caught up in the Amazing Race 10 and Survivor. I also have almost a weeks worth of Days of Our Lives that I would like to watch. I saw a preview today of things to come and realized alot has happened this week! I also think that Sean is a different actor. I also have Grey's Anatomy which I have never watched before but would like to start watching. I also have ER to watch! I don't have the time for this but I look forward to being able to watch them!

Tomorrow night I start my new class, "Transcultural Nursing". I just hope that it isn't going to be too much work but I have a feeling it is! This is a 5 week class that they normally taught in 16 weeks. I was told by my advisor that it will still cover everything they did in 16 weeks but in 5 weeks! I will find out tomorrow night what kind of a mess I have gotten myself in! :-)

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Loft walk weekend!

Today was the loft walk on commercial street. I always love going to the loft walks and seeing all the awesome decor! There is normally one two weeks from today so I hope to be able to make it to that one too. I haven't been able to find any information regarding it though. I had wished today that I had remembered my camera as there are tons of awesome objects down commercial street as it is part of the historic district! I might have to walk down commercial street again someday.

I am sitting in the Mudhouse getting ready to write a theme essay. I just need to get my theme statement figured out and then get the first paragraph wrote. If I can get that done, I won't have any problems finishing it. I am begining to think that I was taught English in a different way than my instructor is teaching us. I am sure it is just the fact that I haven't had to remember these rules in such a long time! I am glad that I am taking this class now so I can hopefully write better papers in future classes.

Yesterday I had some family in from Seattle, WA and Kansas City, MO. It was a nice visit - though short. I finally got to see my grandma's new apartment and I think it is nice and cozy! I didn't walk around the apartment but the living room is a good size which I always like!

My sister and I went to the Fair Grove craft festival. It was fun and lots of crafts! I never bring that much money so I won't be tempted. My sister and I each got us a bamboo plant. I have had one in the past but it didn't survive for some reason. I can't remember the details now but I hope that this one does better! I just hope that the cats don't bother it to much but I did find out it is non-toxic so if they do they should be okay!

I had better get back to thinking of a theme statement and writing my essay! :-)

Friday, September 22, 2006

Interesting . . . . . . .

All vehicular traffic is restricted in the capital city of Mexico City to reduce air pollution. The restriction is based on the last digit of the vehicle license plate. (This applies equally to permanent and temporary plates. Cars with license plates ending in letters may not be driven on Fridays.)

Monday: no driving if license plate ends with 5 or 6.
Tuesday: no driving if license plate ends with 7 or 8.
Wednesday: no driving if license plate ends with 3 or 4.
Thursday: no driving if license plate ends with 1 or 2.
Friday: no driving if license plate ends with 9, 0 or a letter.
Saturday and Sunday: All vehicles may be driven.

I was reading some travel websites today and happened to run across this about traveling by car in Mexico. I thought is was interesting and wonder if they do this anywhere else in the world.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Thoughts of the day . . .

Ever since I woke up, now yesterday morning, I have had adventures on my mind. I am not sure what really made me think of adventures but it was when I was making breakfast.

One thing that might be making me think of adventures is the fact that I am overdue for a vacation. I was really hoping to go to St. Lucia this year to go hiking and biking in the rainforest but decided I really needed to use this money for other things. I am sure I will take that vacation in the future.

I have had thoughts of going on a mini vacation to see the ocean again . . . . . . I truly love the ocean and wish I didn't live so far from the ocean. I asked my parents once why they decided to stay in this area as there doesn't seem to be much here and definitely not the ocean!

Today when I was sitting in the Mudhouse, a HOT guy sat down at the table in front of me and he was filling out an application for a passport. The only reason I knew that was what he was doing is because I have an application for a passport! I haven't taken the time to fill it out and get pictures taken. I need to fill mine out and get my passport so I will be free to leave the country whenever I feel!

Tonight I was at my sisters and one of my nieces is selling things for a fundraiser for school so I ordered two magazines - at a dirt cheap price! They are Travel + Leisure & Coastal Living! I am going to use them to dream! I really hope that someday I can have a beach house to go to whenever I want! After I get my MSN and make the big bucks, maybe I can make that happen! That is if my MSN degree is a better pay raise then getting my BSN!!! :-)

Anyway, I need to get to bed.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Trying to save the Sims

I have had the Sims2 game since it came out and have had to restart my game several times because of my old laptop and then I get a new laptop thinking I was safe and it crashed and had to be restored.

Since March when my new laptop had to have the motherboard and hardrive replaced, I haven't played my Sims. When I was at Best Buy with my sister, I saw the glamour life stuff pack and bought it and decided to try to get my Sims game back that I had saved before my computer had died. When I had tried once before to reinstall my saved game it messed up the whole program and I had to uninstall and reinstall it. A friend of mine was going to help me but we can't seem to get our schedules to match. I found a tech support phone number last night and called them today!

I learned from my phone conversation with the tech support that I had saved my game wrong. He stepped me through how to save it correctly in the future! I am excited about that! When I was talking to him I remember that I had all those DVD's of stuff that was on my old hardrive that Best Buy saved for me and he said I should get it to work with that! I was sooooo excited! I found those DVD's and found the files I needed and was copied them over. It was taking awhile so I took a shower and was all happy when I was taking my shower thinking about how my Sims might be back!

Well, after I got out of the shower I went to reopen my Sims game and it didn't work. I am a little confused on why it didn't work. I wonder since I had started playing it and had saved it that maybe it wasn't going to work. Not sure. I might have to call or maybe email tech support to see if this might be the issue but I might just start over and save it the way he told me to and hope that works! I really hope that I don't have to go through another computer crash! I want to be ready just in case!

I really don't have time to be playing games with school! I have even gotten myself addicted to this fish tycoon game on yahoo also! For some reason when I was sleeping last night almost all my fish died. Not sure what went wrong but I had 4 fish left.

I had better get back to my reading for class tonight! :-)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Busy, but fun weekend

I took this weekend off for work so I could attend my family reunion on Sunday. Also this weekend is Cider Days and my employee picnic. On Saturday, my sister and I took my nieces and one of there cousins to go to the picnic. They have lots of stuff for kids to do so they had a blast! I even got sunburned! I didn't even realize it till later that evening when I got home. I have a funny "U" shaped sunburn on my chest from my neckline and then my forehead, checks and nose got it. I got a tan on my arms and legs though. I even have a tan where my flip flops where! He He!!!

I was planning to go to Cider days that afternoon but ended up spending the rest of the day with my sister. She had gotten a new computer a few weeks ago but didn't load spyware and virus protection and of course it is infected now! She had bought a service plan so I went to Best Buy with her. I have gotten to know the geek squad quite well because of my compuer malfunctions this year! They tried to tell her that it was going to be $260 if she had her data backed up or $160 to have the security issues taken care of. Well, we finally got it down to $30 + the software which I am going to help her install when she gets it back. It is crazy all the stuff they try to sell you that you can very easily do yourself!

I was looking forward to waking up early on Sunday and going to Cider Days but I woke up with it sooo dark outside! I was wondering if I set my alarm wrong since it was so dark but I hadn't. I went ahead and got in the shower and when I got out, it was boring down rain and thundering! I kept thinking it wouldn't last long but it has rained all day!

I bummed around till it was time to go to the family reunion which I was surprised of the turn out since it was outdoors and it was raining. We were under the pavilion so we did stay dry! It was a good time and I got to see relatives from Arizona that come into town! I can't seem to remember everybodies name since I see alot of my family members only at the reunion once a year! I am getting better at it though. I am going to have to ask my mom for copies of the pictures she took. I took some but I think she got more than me!

I decided to try to go to Cider Days after my family reunion but it was pretty much packed up. missed it! Bummer! I don't blame the people with booths shutting down since it would ruin there art! Oh, well. I will try to get there next year!

I am trying to get some of these short stories read for my class tomorrow but I am so tired that I am going to have to go home and take a nap! :-) It is hard trying to be on a normal schedule with my body thinking it is supposed to sleep during the day!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

My celebrity look-alikes

At least according to!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Just random stuff

I got my paper finished today - not sure that I really like it but it will have to do. English has never been a very good subject for me so I hope he is nice when he grades our papers! :-)

I only got four hours of sleep and I am starting to feel sleepy and have to be in class in 45 minutes. YUCK!!! 3 hours of English is boring. I am looking forward to my after class fun. I am going to make a trip to Hobby Lobby and foam lettering stamps are only 3.99! I am going to see if I feel the need for any. I am also going to sit in Barnes & Noble and just sit and read for a bit too. I might be falling asleep by then though!

I am hoping to get my Scrapjammies kit in the mail today. If I do, I might have to do some scrapping later if I can stay awake!

I had been following the show Design Star on HGTV and was excited that David won!!! I really like both David and Alice and it was hard to choice. I had liked David's style since the beginning so I voted for him! :-) I am going to watch his show whenever it airs!

Well, it is time for me to part my relaxing time at the Mudhouse and head to class.

Okay, pictures won't load currently as my connection keeps timing out and my time is up!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Paper blues

I have a paper due tomorrow in my English class and can't seem to get started! It is a comparison paper on the two literature readings I had to do. He tells us to write in present tense like the stories happened now. When I think of my paper of what I might write, I don't feel like it is in present tense. Sooooo . . . . . . . I am scared of this and hope that I do end up with a good grade. English has never been a strong subject of mine and hope that I can survive this class!

I am sitting in the Mudhouse and there are a ton of people here. That doesn't help my need to concentrate! I am going to do the best that I can! Trying to drown all the noise out with my Napster music!

On a fun note . . . . . . I am excited about my family reunion next weekend! It is also my companies employee picnic and cider apple days on Walnut Street. I am going to have big fun next weekend! My mom told me that my uncle that lives in Arizona is going to be there! I have to remember to bring my camera! I would love to do a family history album. Last year there wasn't that many people that normally come so I wasn't able to get good pictures. I actually don't think I took any!

I had better get busy! I am including the 2 page LO I did for the dog swim! I wanted the paper to show through but there was so many pictures that I wasn't able to make that happen. It is still fun and I felt those pictures needed to be together! :-)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Dog Swim!

Yesterday I picked my nieces up from school and took them to the Dog swim! I had never picked them up from there new school and it was confusing. I will know now how to pick them up in the future now!

I packed us a picnic lunch and then we went to the dog swim! The dog swim is at Fassnight Park the day after labor day for the dogs to swim in the pool! The batteries of my camera went dead and I was wanting to run home and get more batteries but didn't. I did get some good pictures before my camera went dead! I think I need a dog so I can take my dog there next year!

There were dogs there jumping off the diving board and others would get to the end and go back! There was a small dog that didn't have any fear of the diving board! Some of the bigger dogs weren't sure of this! There was one dog that kept trying to swim around and but all of the tennis balls in his mouth! He finally figured out that he wasn't going to be able to and just brought the one. Some of the dogs had life jackets. One girl had a pug that was only 13 weeks old! It was so cute! I will post pics!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Funny quote

When I was cleaning out my bonus room the other night I found this quote that I found appropriate in regards to me taking English!

"I speak two languages: English and bad English." ~ Fifth Element

I don't think my English teacher would like that but after my first paper, he might agree with it! He He!!!

I was at Target today to get some more cubes and they only had one cube left with the different slots and they are out of the cube with three drawers. I asked someone if and when they might be getting more. She scanned the barcodes on the shelf and showed that it is still active. I will be checking back hoping they get them in soon!

I have been making good progress in getting my scraproom more organized and I am excited to be able to go upstairs and scrap and not have to hunt for things! :-)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Scrapping thoughts

This blog challenge is all about scrapping with others. :-)

What is your most fave part about scrapping with a group of others?

I have only been to 2 crops and one scrappy weekend getaway with my scrapjammie friends! I enjoy scrapping with other people. It is fun to see the creations of others and to meet new people that enjoy the same thing you do. I don't always get that much done but it is always a fun time! I have only been to one crop at my LSS and really liked the fact that I was able to shop for what I needed for a layouts that I didn't need. I really need to make a habit of going to more crops! In November there is another crop at my sister's church that we are hoping to make it too!

What is your least fave part?

I don't always get the journaling done as I like to do that on my computer. I have homework when I do get home and sometimes it will take me awhile to get things done at home. The packing for a crop can be tedious. I do have a tote now so I am excited to pack for a crop to see how it goes! :-)

Today before class I was browsing through various galleries to get ideas on how to organize my scraproom. I found this peas scraproom and I believe this would be a good solution to my scraproom! I went to Target after class and hunted everywhere for these and even asked for help and they told me that since they remodeled, they didn't carry everything they had in the past. So I was disappointed. I decided to go see the scrap isle to see what was there. At the end of one of the isle was the cubes! There isn't as much as there used to be but I am excited! I decided to measure first and decide how I was going to organize them before buying any. WOOHOO!!!!!! I can't wait till I have some organization in my scraproom! It is really hindering my scrap time. :-)

I had class tonight and all during class I was excited about going shopping for ribbon for a ribbon swap I am in! I think that was what got me through this class. I find my English class kinda boring and I am feeling a little overwhelmed since I am out of touch of all the rules that go along with writing! I got my short stories both read and I learned that I didn't "read" that much into the stories like others in my class did. I found it interesting the things that they were thinking of the stories and how these things came about in the story. I also got my index card today of things that I need to look up to help me refresh my memory of things I have forgotten. I have to write a comparison on the two short stories I read and even wrote some ideas down during class on how to do this. I hope it won't be that hard once I get started!

I am going to do some creating before going to bed! :-)

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Blogger slacker :-(

I have been a blogging slacker, as well as an email and message board slacker lately. I don't know if I just need a break from the computer or what it is. My neurotic behavior of checking my email has been sliding. I do know that my myspace activity has increased. Maybe that is the reason that I haven't been as up on my other activities.

I have lots of reading to do and questions to answer the literature I have been assigned to read for my English II class. So far the first short story I have been reading is "The Most Dangerous Game" by Richard Connell. The other short story I need to read is "The Child by Tiger" by Thomas Wolfe. I have found the first short story interesting and curious how it is going to end! I need to set by Fatboy up in a well lit area in my house so I can get cozy and read these stories! :-)

Tonight I woke up and was going to go shopping for ribbon for a ribbon swap I signed up for. When I got out of the shower and was cleaning my glasses the lenses popped out! So I only had time to go to the mall and get my classes fixed which I thought was a priority since I wear my glasses at home. When I got done getting my glasses fixed, I decided to walk through the mall till it closed - which was 15 minutes. I noticed that they finally got done remodeling Victora Secret's and they have new makeup and they are getting a new line of makeup starting in September! I went in and bought some new eyeshadows and lip glosses! So fun!

I also went to Barnes & Noble tonight and found out that I was "caught" by a Barnes & Noble employee at Borders! I didn't see him as I would have recognized him but he was teasing me tonight about being going to the other bookstore! :-) I have to say that Barnes & Noble is my favorite but Borders had emailed me a 25% coupon and couldn't let that go to waste!

I am going to try to organize my house a little and try to finish reading my literature. :-)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

School is back in session!

First day of school was on Monday and I wasn't sure how awake I was going to be since I got off from work at 0700 and had to be at class by 1600. I did okay, was a little tired but was able to listen to my instructor without dozing! I am taking English II to start with this semester which last for 16 weeks. I pick up another class in October that last 5 weeks and then another in Novemer that last 5 weeks. I was told by a previous student that has had these classes that it would be an easy semester so I hope she is right!

In my English II class, my instructor decided to give all of us the final for his English I class. He told us that it isn't for points and that it was just to let him know what he needed to teach for the semester. After I got the final and looked at it I didn't remember much of English I!!! I took English I in 1991, my very first semester of college. He said he would grade them and give us an index card of things we should review in our "Little Brown Handbook". I am curious on what he is going to but on my index card and wondering if he is going to need more than one! :-) I am looking forward to improving on my writing skills and hopefully be able to write better papers for my other classes.

A friend of mine was over at my house one night and he told me I needed more art in my home. When I was renting, I always had minimum art so I had less holes to fill in when I moved. Since owning my own home, I still haven't gotten more art. My friend told me that I should take an art class and make my own art. The university I go to is an hour away and I go to the local chapter which is just a building just for the nursing programs. I wouldn't be able to take art @ my present university unless I drove an hour. I have decided that I am going to try to get some books from the library and see what I can do from them. I might also look into this drawing class that they have at Hobby Lobby. I also found a cool website tonight that is an online art gallery. Click here to visit! I made me an account and maybe someday I will post art in my gallery!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Not so sneezy day

I saw the pollen count today and it is high with Ragweed as the culprit! That is the biggest allergy that I have and not happy that it has made its appearance. I was hoping to go back to Moonshine Beach today. I even went out and got me a pair of water shoes, a spring float and sunscreen. I didn't wake up till 2pm and I was still stuffy so I thought I probably shouldn't expose myself to more allergens. I might have to next week when I am off from work when the allergies aren't bothering me so much!

I was going to go ahead and pick up my English books today so I called the bookstore and they were closed today! I get off from work at 0700 Monday and class starts at 4pm. I am going to have to wake up even earlier and get my books. I was bummed about that. I wish I would have went ahead and did that yesterday.

I have been having some difficulty with my CD player in my car with not wanting to eject CDs and then it thinks it doesn't have a CD when it does. I went to the place that installed it and they got my CD out but told me it most likely needs cleaned. But they don't do that and told me of a place that does. I called the other place today and he told me it might end up costing more than the radio is worth. He said that it normally runs $40 to $80 to clean them and told me I could most likely just get a new one. My stereo is about 10 years old and doesn't play my burned CDs very well so I think I am going to go shopping for a new one to see what is out there.