Friday, November 03, 2006

More computer problems!

Ohhhhh . . . . . well, I accidently slept all day and through the alarms and woke up at 1700 tonight! I was determined to get my homework done for my online class tonight. I get ready and head for the Mudhouse, my studying place.

I get to the Mudhouse and order a sandwich and my usual coffee drink and I am enjoying reading my scrapbooking message boards when all of a sudden my mouse pointer won't move. I thought the batteries had went dead on my wireless mouse but after checking it out realized it the light was still on so it wasn't the mouse. Then all of a sudden, my computer screen flashes and has this huge message telling me their has been a serious error and your computer is going to restart - and a bunch of other stuff but the computer had already started to reboot. When my computer came back up, I decided to back up my school files - just in case! I continue doing some surfing on the web and enjoying my sandwich when this happens again!!! WTF!!!!! I thought this time I am going to back up more files but for some reason this time my computer won't reboot. It just stays at a blank screen. I turn it off and turned it back on and the lights are on the keyboard but nothing is on the screen and it never goes anywhere else!!!!

It was only 8pm and Best Buy is open so I pack my stuff up and head for the geek squad once again. This time is the fourth time that my computer has done this so I should get a new computer. I get to Best Buy and talk to a geek squad member and they told me since this is the fourth time that this has happend I should get a new laptop BUT they have to send it in to the service center and they make that decsion! I was aware this was going to happen as I asked last month when my computer did this. He told me that if the service center doesn't consider it a lemon this time that I can talk to the manager. He told me that this process can take up to a week! If it wasn't for school and ONLINE classes I wouldn't be so inpatient about this. I am glad I have my old laptop but it is old, heavy, and slow. I hope that they get my laptop quickly and make quick decsions! I finish up my current online class Monday and start another on Tuesday next week. I just want a computer that is going to work and I don't think that is too much to ask!

When I got back home from dealing with the laptop, I relaxed a little and then left again to get groceries. When I got back home, I decided that I was going to clean out my fridge before putting the groceries away. My fridge looks so much better now and everything in it is edible now! :-) I finally got the boxes in my car to take to recycling! Yay! I also put clean sheets on my bed tonight! I am going to watch my Three's company DVD and then go to sleep! I really hope I don't sleep the day away tomorrow as I am going to pick up my nieces tomorrow to spend the night! Yay! :-)

2peas challenge: Favorite holiday movie

My favorite holiday movie is "National Lampoons Christmas Vacation"! I finally bought it on DVD and watch it every holiday season! It makes me laugh everytime I watch it! :-)

For some reason I can't get pics to load. Whenever I get pictures loaded from Halloween, I am going to post pictures of the evening! Later!

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Anonymous said...

Saw your info on Geek Squad. I am the founder and if it is not taken care of in a timely manner - contact this person on my team to help: anthony dot cardozo AT geeksquad dot com

Hope this helps.